fifa ultimate team – team of the week

Each week FIFA Ultimate Team assembles the best players from international and club competition around the world. This collection of players is available to challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Mehdi Benatia’s 58th minute goal opened the floodgates for Bayern Munich as they took care of FC Augsburg 0-4 on Saturday. Then on Tuesday, the German champs defeated SC Freiburg 2-0 to extend their lead atop the Bundesliga table to 12 points.

In London, Santi Cazorla scored twice to help Arsenal easily defeat Newcastle United 4-1. In 15 matches this season, the 30 year old has three goals and two assists.

Valencia defeated Rayo Vallecano 3-0 on Saturday night, with Sofiane Feghouli scoring the first two goals for the hosts. Valencia are currently in fifth place in La Liga and play Eibar this Saturday.

Starting XI

  • GK: Tom Heaton – Burnley (England)
  • CB: Roel Brouwers – Borussia M’gladbach (Germany)
  • CB: Mehdi Benatia – Bayern München (Germany)
  • CB: Pablo Aguilar – América (Mexico)
  • CDM (CM): Idrissa Gueye – LOSC Lille (France)
  • CDM (CM): Radja Nainggolan – Roma (Italy)
  • LM: Moussa Sow – Fenerbahçe SK (Turkey)
  • RW: Sofiane Feghouli – Valencia CF (Spain)
  • CAM: Santi Cazorla – Arsenal (England)
  • ST: Lima – SL Benfica (Portugal)
  • ST (CF): Stefano Mauri – Lazio (Italy)

Substitutes & Reserves

  • GK: Luka Kruse – SC Paderborn 07 (Germany)
  • CB: Christian Kabasele – RC Genk (Belgium)
  • LM: Jordan Cook – Walsall (England)
  • LM: Archie Thompson – Melbourne Victory (Australia)
  • LM: Demarai Gray – Birmingham City (England)
  • CAM: Younousse Sankharé – En Avant Guingamp (France)
  • ST: Sergio Araujo – UD Las Palmas (Spain)

Time arrangement 1. Comment time: Today to Dec 23, 2014(GMT); 2. Inform time: Dec 24, 2014(GMT);

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Highmaul, the first raid of Warlords of draenor, has been completed by the world famous guild Paragon. We should know that Paragon can be the first guild who cleared highmaul mythic with competence. WOW gold cheap to finish your highmaul right now.

Time spent on Clearing every Boss
Finnish guild Paragon cleared all seven bosses on mythic difficulty in the morning of December 14 and be the first one to do this all around the world. They revealed how often they wiped on every boss as follows:
Kargath Bladefist: 0
Twin Ogron: 0
Brackenspore: 13
Tectus: 18
Ko’ragh: 38
Imperator Mar’gok: 122
The Butcher: 121
Finish Highmaul Mythic Not in Order
Not as we used to think, Paragon finished the raid by skipping The Buther boss and killing Imperator Mar’gok instead. After Mar’gok was defeated, Paragon went back to continue Bucher and finished him in four hours later.
Many WOW players think this is a flaw of Warlords of Draenor design that they should kill bosses in order. But since WOD allows users to do this, it’s really wise that Paragon made this decision. Since their equipments were not that great compared with other guilds, they made a good advantage of their DPS and acquired the first completer of WOD.
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Success equals to Strength and Luck
It’s not the first time that Paragon be the first one to finish raid. Paragon is a famous name among all WOW players. They’ve regularly been among the top guilds in the game for years. They were the first in the world to beat heroic 25-man Anub’arak and heroic Sinestra among other honors.
Besides, it’s not possible for WOW players to kill bosses with order skipped in the past while Blizzard changed the rule in Warlords of Draenor. Other guilds who missed the FD may not notice this adjust but Paragon does. This is the lucky element. So try various ways to challenge is a kind of success.

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Know Your Lore: 2014 Lore in review

The World of Warcraft is an expansive universe. You’re playing the game, you’re fighting the bosses, you know the how — but do you know the why? Each week, Matthew Rossi and Anne Stickney make sure you Know Your Lore by covering the history of the story behind World of Warcraft.

I like to do year end reviews of lore we’ve seen in the past year, but this year’s review is going to be a little odd. A little different. This is largely because we didn’t actually see a lot of lore introduced until November of this year, when Warlords of Draenor was finally released. Patch 5.4, the last content patch forMists of Pandaria, was released in 2013. So we had the majority of a year with little to speak of in terms of lore and story development, and then a massive avalanche of new lore and story delivered just last month.

That makes reviewing kind of difficult. But at the same time, we do have plenty to talk about, particularly since we’re dealing with a brand new expansion and a brand new world — a world full of new mechanics, storytelling and characters that are just as vibrant and vivid as anything we’ve seen in Pandaria. So what did 2014 offer for the Warcraft lore fan, exactly — and where did it falter?

Books, animated shorts, and written material

Although we didn’t see any new material introduced in game during the first two thirds of 2014, we did see some outside material released. War Crimes, the lead in novel for Warlords of Draenor, was released in May, followed by Gul’dan and the Stranger, a free digital comic released on August 7, and Hellscream, a short story released on August 21. In between all of that was the animated short series Lords of War, that illustrated the origins of the different orc warlords and shed some light on the history of their clans. In October, we got the comic Blackhand, just before the pre-patch for Warlords of Draenor.

The good Lords of War was an absolutely beautiful piece of storytelling, and an amazing follow up by the team that worked on the Burdens of Shaohao – the scripts were fantastic, the voice work was beautiful, the art was incredible. The same could be said, minus the voicework, for Gul’dan and the Stranger and BlackhandHellscreamwas a really good short story as well, and between War CrimesGul’dan andHellscream, we got a pretty good idea of how Garrosh got where he was going, why he was going there, and some fascinating back and forth between him and his father — something we’d never really seen before. It was cool to see Hellscream at last meet Hellscream and have a conversation, even if Garrosh was unwilling to tell his father who he really was.

The not-so-good The problem here is that all of this material was produced outside of the game. While most people that are fans of the lore have no issues with picking up a book, reading a short story or taking a peek at a comic, the game itself continued to simply sit without any kind of meaningful story progression until the Blasted Lands quests were introduced on October 15. And even then, the quests provided in the Blasted Lands were fairly brief, with little exposition or story offered beyond the fact that the Dark Portal had changed colors and a lot of orcs were rushing out of it.

Lords of War was brilliantly done. It told the stories of these orc warlords and filled us in on where they came from. The problem here is that they, along with the comic Blackhand, were almost too good — they highlighted these orcs as heroes of their people. And they were heroes of their people, which is something we probably shouldn’t forget. At the same time, these guys are the villains we’re supposed to be killing — and these tales made them sound so cool, so evocative, so mesmerizing that you really hate to see them die. You hate taking part in their deaths.

Room to improve While I love the written word, and I love written material, the majority of Warcraft‘s audience are paying to play a game, and expect to see the story delivered in that context. It would have been nice to see some sort of reflection of the results of War Crimes delivered in a patch or a cinematic. It would have been nice to see some sort of in-game acknowledgement or statement in regards to Garrosh’s escape, or Kairoz’s deeds. Instead, there was really nothing to indicate that anything had happened, meaning that players who weren’t really into or keeping up with written material were left largely in the dark.

As far as the orcish warlords — you kind of have to wonder what the intent was. Because if you’re going to write a villain, if you’re going to write a character that people are going to have to kill at some point in the future, those stories should maybe be approached from the perspective of giving a player a really good reason to vanquish these guys, instead of wondering why we’re fighting them at all. If you write it from the other direction, people are going to just feel terrible about what they’re doing, instead of basking in what should be a glorious victory. It just seems counterproductive. Alternatively, if this material had been releasedafter we’d already taken care of the Iron Horde, there would have been an excellent opportunity to pause and take stock of what we had just done, maybe even regret that we’d done it, after the fact.Warlords quests

In November, lore and story exploded onto the scene with the launch of Warlords of Draenor. Suddenly we found ourselves stranded on Draenor, an alternate universe version of the world in which the orcs never drank Mannoroth’s blood, and instead united to form the Iron Horde and turn its attention — and thirst for conquest — on Azeroth.

The good Draenor is quite possibly one of the best leveling experiences Blizzard has delivered to date. The story is presented clearly, the voice work is absolutely exceptional and just enough without being too much, and the balance between main story and side quests was perfectly managed. And even the side quests, such as they are, are full of new story and lore as well. The moments in which you’re sent to simply go collect a certain number of items for little to no reason are few and far between. Having the quest experience intertwined with the garrison was an excellent idea that works really well — the thematic element of building a base on Draenor and establishing your own stronghold was well handled.

The arakkoa, one of the more fascinating side notes of Burning Crusade, have been fleshed out in full in Warlords to the point of getting their own zone and their own set of stories and quests. The dynamic between the flightless arakkoa and the ones that are still able to soar the skies is endlessly interesting, and the whole zone manages to answer a lot of leftover questions from TBC, all the while introducing a lot more that have yet to be answered. And the voice acting in that zone is nothing short of superb — there’s just enough seriousness mixed with cheeky irreverence to make the place shine.

For an expansion titled Warlords of Draenor and featuring an orc on the cover, the focus definitely isn’t on orcs alone. In fact, there is plenty going on in Draenor, and not everything involves the Iron Horde. The ogres, the botani, the Sargerai, the pale, and even Khadgar have larger roles this time around — and it’s a welcome surprise to many people who were expecting this to be an “orc expansion” and little else. In fact, the orcs almost feel like a side note at times — there is far more going on with Draenor than just the orc warlords, and it’s almost a certainty that we’ll discover far more as the expansion moves on.

The not-so-good Unfortunately, there are places where the lore just doesn’t make sense. For one glaring example, in Talador, both Horde and Alliance players are barely introduced to Orgrim Doomhammer before he abruptly leaves the scene. Horde players get a little more of an introduction than Alliance, but his shift in demeanor and personality is never fully explained anywhere. Players unfamiliar with the character had no idea who he was or the significance he carried, players who did know the character were kind of shocked to see just how casually he was dismissed from the scene.

In Ashran, Alliance and Horde players have two capital cities built around ogre ruins. There is supposedly a story in regards to a powerful artifact that the Alliance wants to get, and the Horde wants to keep the Alliance from getting it. Each side is obsessed that the other is going to use it against them. Ordinarily this might be a pretty good setup for a story, except that we just finished a war between Alliance and Horde that ended in a tentative ceasefire. Are we really expected to believe, after everything we saw in Mists of Pandaria, that either Horde or Alliance leadership would be behind this kind of conflict? Not from what we saw in War Crimes.

Added to that is the perplexing nature of the story itself. In some cases, we’re told we can’t leave Draenor, that we’re irrevocably stranded. But as far as Ashran is concerned, there are portals to major cities all over the place. We’re told that Ashran’s portals are purely a game mechanic decision, and shouldn’t be taken into consideration with the story — yet there’s clearly a story playing out on Ashran. All of this back and forth is not only confusing, it muddies the story to something that defies comprehension in places.

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safewow 8% off fifa 15 coins for Delivers Special Ultimate Team Packs for Christmas

FIFA 15 might be one of the biggest launches of 2015 already, but the developers at EA Sports are ready to try and make the title an even more imposing presence in time for the Christmas period by introducing an entirely new set of events designed to celebrate the holiday.

A new ad for the football sim features both Lionel Messi, the leader of FC Barcelona, and Eden Hazard, the playmaker of Chelsea, as they face off against one another while a range of Christmas-appropriate decorations and foods come alive to cheer them on.

The two superstars put in some decent performances, but the animated living rooms give off a rather creepy vibe.

EA Sports is also announcing a 15 Days of FIFA initiative, which starts on December 11 and will run until December 25, allowing gamers to win a range of prizes as long as they keep their eyes on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of the game.

At the same time, the studio is planning to deliver a range of special packs, tournaments and offers for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15, which will become available on December 19 and will be delivered to fans until January 2 of 2015.

EA Sports might have some more surprises planned for those who are still playing its football title, which has recently received its third major title update.

Gamers who have not yet picked up a copy of the title can now order the special Holiday Edition of FIFA 15, which is offered only digitally on the Xbox Live from Microsoft, the PlayStation Network from Sony, and Origin on the PC.

The package introduces the core game, 20 dollars (15 Euro) worth of points that gamers can use as they see fit, and a chance to use Lionel Messi in the Ultimate Team mode from the start as a loaned player.

Gamers also have access to more sneakers for their players and three new special celebrations for those moments when they manage to score goals.

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Through the month of November you’ve been showing your charitable side, with 70,000 people chucking Bonds, coins, and items in to the Well of Goodwill.
The well closed on 30th November, so are you wanting to hear how much was raised in aid of three awesome charities?Over 512 billion gold was donated throughout November, and alongside the money raised from Bond donations and tunic sales you’ve raised an astounding $160,158, that is to be sent to AbleGamers, DonateGames, and YoungMinds as your representative.

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In case you’d prefer to determine a little more about these amazing charities and ways in which they will use your donations, examine the main Well of Goodwill post.If you’re still feeling charitable why not help throughout December? You can create donations to Oxfam – another extremely worthwhile cause.
Find Thorvar Crittersmash close to the Lumbridge, Edgeville, Burthorpe or Prifddinas lodestones to give him Bonds, which he’ll almost certainly roll up as a gift and send to Oxfam. All proceeds from the donation goes to Oxfam to back up the excellent work they do.

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Does new World Of Warcraft expansion go back with larger progress?

Blizzard has continued spicing up the quests by weaving in events similar to the Scenarios found in Mists Of Pandaria, where your character is guided through a series of objectives in order to complete a major goal, like defending a mountain pass from the Iron Horde. Quests now can reward not only the typical experience points and gear, but also resources for your garrison and new followers. Those prizes, along with a new system that can randomly upgrade any item you loot, means that Warlords Of Draenor offers more little rewards along the way than World Of Warcraft ever has before.

The new dungeons offer the same complex challenges players have come to expect. You might have to hunker down behind a wall to avoid a ship’s cannon fire or use a series of teleportation devices to defeat a host of invading warlocks. Blizzard has also cured one of the worst problems with dungeons: loot. A boss will never again drop items that no one in your party can use, and you won’t have to fight with other players over who really deserves a coveted piece of gear. Now, all players that help take down a boss have a random chance to receive an item suitable to their class. It’s a simple way to resolve a 10-year-old problem.

World Of Warcraft’s added campaigns have felt more linear than the base game’s grind from levels one to 60, directing heroes from quest-filled hub to quest-filled hub instead of encouraging exploration. That’s still true to some extent, but Draenor brings back the joy of exploration by filling landscapes with optional objectives and elite monsters to stumble upon while traveling. There are hidden treasures to collect and long quest chains that are determined by what you do with your garrisons, making the grind to level 100 a far more diverse one.

One big change is that you can’t do your exploring from the skies, even after reaching the new level cap of 100. Since Burning Crusade, Blizzard has often grounded players in a new setting in order to force them to explore the world, before rewarding them for reaching the maximum level with the chance to spend an exorbitant amount of gold to use their flying mounts again. But in Draenor, your griffins, wyverns, and whatever else you ride seem to have had their wings permanently clipped.

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Christmas Promo- Speak Your Christmas Wish to Win Free FIFA 15 Coins

2014 Christmas is coming soon! What’s your Christmas wish? Now Speak it out and you get the chance to win free FIFA 15 coins! In order to express our gratitude for your support for years, Fifapal will launch a great promotion for our Facebook fans with FIFA 15 coins giveaway.

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Enjoy Safewow Xmas 2014 Party-wow gold 8% discount and free 5% bonus giveaway

I believe it that players who are addicted to the PVP must have encountered or heard about the situation before, that the two parties are of equal capacities and they all have great healing in the team, which lead to the lasting of the game. Since it is too hard to break the tie, both parties may have to suffer deduction on points for the existence of the time limits to the Arena.

Actually, it is not reasonable to use this method to end this game. Even through the killing can not be reached for the combination of the team, there is still difference and distance between the two parties. We can just simply come to that conclusion that the capacity of the two teams’ is equal. After seeing that point, a new buff which is named “The Crowd Chose You” will be added in the Arena in Patch 5.4.


15 minutes after the lasting of the combat, this buff will be added to certain player according to certain conditions. From the picture above, we can see it that this buff can give the player 10 times ability to cause damage and immune to all the damages. What is more exciting is that he can discover the stealthed units as well. This buff can definitely end the battle easily. The party that wins the buff can get the final victory of the combat at last without any question.

While what the players care about most is how this buff works and how to gain the incredible buff. According to the instruction in the Patch 5.4 PTR, we can see that the buff is more reliable to the side which owns the advantages. The system will judge the situation according to the number of survivals in your party and the life value of the enemies’. We believe that the specific rule will be more correct, or according to the rules in the PTR, there are many bugs that can be took advantage of by the players.

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