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Ever imagined what it would be like if the hero never existed? Bosses have won, cities have been taken over because you just weren’t there to stop them. In an alternative version of our history, Zemouregal rules “New Varrock”, an ominous city filled with the living corpses of all your previous allies, friendly shopkeepers and the poor old Varrock guard.

In total there are 5 parts to this ridiculous and comical adventure, each a humorous take on one of our existing Varrock quests, with increasingly difficult requirements to access. You’ll also need to make some cash since you won’t be able to access your bank in this new world, dealing in Zemomarks to earn the gear you need to succeed… aww, it’s just like being a noob again.

To help you with this there’s a task set to complete with a few special assignments to, once again, rescue poor old Gertrude’s cat! The content is full of that nostalgic buzz you’ve told us you want, with familiar music, hidden rewards and celebrations of all things RuneScapey. The content is jam packed full of rewards for completing each part of the quest, the task set, and from Gypsy Aris’s special shop.

Boss Practice Mode – Members Only

Are you one of those players that looks at a boss monster in the news and thinks ‘That’s cool, but I’d just get owned’? Perhaps you’re an experienced boss fighter but would love a way to try out different tactics without the threat of death? Well, we have the perfect solution for you – and it’s called boss practice mode.

When you enter a boss lair you’ll see a practice option, which will mean you can die safely, but not earn XP or loot from the possible kill.

We’ve also added rewards for players who take new boss killing players into their groups. If you earn a kill with players who’ve killed the boss less than 10 times, you’ll earn kill points to spend on some awesome cosmetic gear to show off your helpfulness.

In other news

There’s lots of other great stuff going on this month, like changes to the instancing system for bosses, making it easier for you to re-join rentals after restocking, and a result from months of discussions on the forums we’re finally ready to release our new look skillcapes, so keep an eye out for those.

The outfit on Solomons Store this month is something really special, A Dark Lord Pack featuring crazy animations and a fearsome looking costume, plus we’ve got a few new potions to give your character some unique skin tones.

The BETA servers are getting some new content to try out and feedback on too, like the rework to the death system, a crazy mash up of legacy interfaces and EOC action bars and a new “Drop pickup” system that allows you to grab multiple piles of loot in one easy click. The BETA servers are there for you to try things out, so do let us know your feedback after you do. Have fun!

Plus, keep bunny ears open for news on our eggciting Easter content.

In our latest podcast, the RS-DOS (Dukes of Scrumbridge) team reviews the release of the new quest Dishonour among Thieves! Our very own Mod Osborne quizzes Mod Tim, Mod Ollie and Mod Chaose on many aspects of the design, development and release – as well as have a Quest Name Dropping competition.

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Buy WOW Gold from safewow to Join WOW 6.1 Patch with New Frostboar Animation

WOW 6.1 has been available with its new features, especially twitter integration and Selfie camera. But have you seen the animation of Frostboar in World of Warcraft Patch 6.1? Some people think it is silly, but others insist that it never undermines wow warlords of draenor.

New content in wow 6.1

With lots of changes on character and class and bug fixes, patch 6.1 brings something new in game, like new Blood Elf models, twitter integration and heirloom collections tab. Generally, you should know that:

1. Fidelity and texture resolution for new Blood Elves models have been increased.

2. Characters can send Tweets for items, achievements, and screenshots in the game by the share command. Before that, you need to enable and add a Twitter account from Social options at first to activate this feature.

3. New Heirloom collection tab can upgrade Heirlooms wow items to the maximum level that the item scales up to. Heirlooms with no upgrades can scale up to level 60; those with 1 upgrade can do to 90, and those with 2 can be to 100.

Frostboar animation in wow 6.1

If you have seen the Frostboar animation, you will find that this mount runs mechanically. It seems that it uses the same run animation or skeleton as the Direhorn mounts. Its body is static, but its little legs move like pistons. Is it that hard to make a really fluid running animation for that beast?

As we all know, there are already other boars in the game that do not run like that. Maybe Blizzard aims to distinguish Frodtboar from others with this animation. But it is really hard to accept the fact that such an animation passes through QA already.

What do you think about the Frostboar animation in wow 6.1? In fact, it doesn’t have any effect on the actual game, but on visual. You can buy wow gold us cheap to experience wow 6.1 new features now.

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RSorder 7th Anniversary Party with free runescape 07 gold coming!

RSorder 7th Anniversary Party: Free buy rs 2007 gold Giveaways is coming! Ill-Gotten Gains
You can be sure to come away from the heist with your cut:
Jerrod’s cape: a mid-level, hybrid-style cape with passive thieving benefits when worn:
80% chance to note items stolen from bakers’ stalls.
Triple coins and 1-3 noted gems from Rogues’ Den safes
Coshing volunteers in the Thieves’ Guild yield items from the rogue’s pickpocket drop table.
Mask of Sliske upgrade: when worn in the head slot or carried in the pocket slot during combat, the improved Mask of Sliske will occasionally spawn an undead archer, who’ll deal damage to your current target before dissipating.
Tiny Hazeel pet: the pint-sized Ardougne autocrat joins the bobble-headed ranks.
XP in Agility, Dungeoneering, Thieving and a choice of combat skills.
Keep your eyes peeled during the quest for loot chests, which can be opened for XP, coin and resource rewards. Once the quest’s over, you can return to Zamorak’s lair for further XP rewards in three more chests, which can be opened when all your skills exceed 50, 70 and 90 respectively.

“W]e needed to form positive that our players may still direct the form of the sport, whereas not losing any of the standard charm they wanted. Here we have a tendency to square measure, a hundred updates later, and close to launch a brand new business model for old skool primarily based upon the suggestions and feedback of our players. It’s nice to examine such collaboration fuelling the continuing success of old skool Runescape that incorporates a nice future prior it.”
Even some people joked that Achieves were supposed to be early January when they focused on Zulrah instead. Achieves were supposed to be early February, but they delayed it more. Achieves were supposed to be mid February, they’re now focusing on GE and f2p instead. Now it will come early March.

Anyway, all just wish that Achieves comes on March this time. To make all of you convenient, you can buy Old School Runescape items or OSRS mini games at rsorder, instead of spending plenty time in those trifles.

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RSorder 7th Anniversary Celebration


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FIFA 15 coins 10 unbeaten end united 27 years at home first

2014-15 season in the premier league 20 rounds, the Manchester united at old trafford, 0 to 1 defeat at Southampton places to fourth. The 69th minute, Mr Tadic scoring the only goal. A total of 115 times the two sides met Manchester united 60-30-25. Nearly 10 times the two sides met united win 1 draw, beat Manchester united or Southampton last 11 years ago, the last guest or 1988 wins Manchester united, Manchester united after 22 home game against Southampton 18th win 4 grades.

Manchester united blinder returned from injury to the premier league officials to manage Manchester united continue to use 352, play central defender Michael carrick retracement, Wayne rooney and blinder partner defensive midfielder, di maria and robin van persie up front, falcao not into the squad, 28 minutes, Davis on the cross, after some wundt’s header from the top 7 yards wide. The 38th minute, united counter 2 3, di maria area right rib crosses directly to the goalkeeper. 45 minutes, di maria long-range shot wide. The end of the first half, the two teams 0-0 draw against.

The second half began, 49 minutes, prowse right corner, pelle header from the top 10 yards wide. 53 minutes. Wayne rooney midfielder free-kick into the box, phil Jones header from the top 8 yards high. The 69th minute, Southampton, putting pelle to Mr Tadic, Mr Tadic box straight edge, pelle right rib tipped round 8 yards, bounce the ball in the right column, Mr Tadic dummying the 14 yards left foot, united 1-0 Southampton. Mr Tadic after scoring strip celebrate being booked.

The 84th minute, fee lenny, valencia on the cross, no defensive mata 18 yards volleying left-footed shot wide. The 88th minute, Mr Tadic left oblique, pelle the offside trap left rib 12 yards left foot shot corner shot wide. Five minutes of stoppage time Manchester united didn’t create any opportunity, eventually united 1-0 loss to Southampton.

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2014 FIFA golden ball press J van persie puskas award

2014 FIFA golden ball award ceremony has been held, first choose puskas will be. Is the goal of the year award. Puskas prize was established in 2009, to salute to Hungary’s legendary striker puskas. The prize shortlisted candidates this year were Manchester united striker robin van persie, playing for real Madrid’s Columbia core J rosh and Irish women’s athletes.

The Netherlands in the Brazilian World Cup bronze MEDALS, orange azzurri victory over the defending champions Spain, add heavy weights to robin van persie a prize. Because it is no wonder that van persie is confident, though to accept scans, verification of an ankle injury, can’t go to the scene, but van persie is confident about winning.

Hours before the start of the awards, robin van persie by pushing super-large bask in confidence, “I’ll watch the award ceremony in the home, my good friend, gullit will take me to receive this award.” May be too confident with light character, robin van persie tragedy, in the end, after a vote, J Laurie pressure two other players selected, it is real Madrid in the awards the fourth prize winners, top three, respectively is the best squad of cristiano ronaldo, ramos, close.

For real Madrid, it is undoubtedly a good news. And J lo is absolutely worthy of the honor, his impressive performances at the World Cup, in the end with the battle and Uruguay, the astonishing feet turned and volleyed elected. Kathy took back this season, apparently he has been become a thing of the past.

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Time to buy cheap wow gold from safewow and enjoy the overall game in 6.1

In patch 6.1, you’ll now see new visitors to your Garrison: quest-givers promoting a variety of activities should you’ve reached Garrison Tier 3. For instance ,:

Bounty Quests – Group track of two or more additional players to dig up and defeat an effective enemy and you’ll earn wow gold as well as a chance to receive an heirloom quest item away from the creature you kill to the quest.
Profession daily – Get hold of more Primal Spirits, reduce your surplus reagents, and get the modern recipes for crafted upgrades and transmutes.
Relic Quests– Completing these quests will reward gold and ultimately Harrison Jones being a new Follower.
Daily dungeon quests- Daily dungeon quests will reward Garrison Resources.
Weekly Raid quests – These quests will reward gold and an ilevel 645 or 655 token.

Invasions is likewise going Platinum- You’ll be competent to earn new rank when managing a Garrison Invasion taking your agility in defending it from Gold to Platinum. The final boss within a Garrison Invasion will also have to be able to drop a summonable Raid boss item. You’ll need to get 10-40 players together as part of your Garrison before you activate world of warcraft gold,and have the power to fight the world!
So Blizzard have gone and done two really awesome things with WoW. The first, hinted above has to do with karts, the second, color blindness. The PIG ain’t color blind, but my mate, Jeff is, and I totally sympathize with folks who are, because by and large, the world just doesn’t seem to give to porks. Geddit? Two… porks? Hehe.

Anyway, it’s one thing to haft’a deal with color blindness in real life, but another thing entirely when it’s a game. After all, the dev’s just need to edit a hex value to fix the situation, right? Gotta hand it to Blizzard tho, they didn’t just edit hex values, they went a lot further and allowed full customizability. They’re also gonna add some optional text tips, just in case.

That’s one thing you have to give ‘em credit for, they move slow as molasses, but when they set their mind to sumn’, by jove do they get it right!
The new interface has options for three different kinds of color blindness, protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia. You know what, I don’t even know what that means. I looked ‘em up on Wikipedia, but I still don’t get it. No matter, it’s cool beans.

BUT FIRST~ We gotta talk about the new hawtness that is Darkmoon Faire Karting, Blizzard’s new mini-game. When I read about this, I literally closed my laptop and went to bed, cus I thought I was hallucinatin’.

There’s no goin’ back, I’ll give you all my wow gold, Blizzard, just please keep expanding on this. The company’s on a creative roll, and I dig it. How cool would it be if we could customize and trick out our karts? Spend some cheap wow gold on some nice rims, a killer fender, I dunno. I’d just love to see this whole idea expanded further.

Well, that’s it for now, I’mma get off here and see if I can get a hold of Jeff, give him the good news and play some wow tonight. If you see me, hit me up, always happy to supply some cheap wow gold to fans.

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High Score Page on RS to List RS Top Boss Killers by Killercount

Recently, a list to show Runescape’s top boss killers has appealed millions of eyes, in which player Jamie22b has completed 22,709 QBD kills so far. So most players would rather Jagex create a High Score Page to commemorate this record. Besides, you are able to try it with RS cheap gold buying.

High score page for rs top boss killcounters
RuneScape’s Top Boss Killers by killcount
It has been 175 days since Soul of Reaper update and Jamie22b with 22,709 Queen Black Dragon kills averages 130 kills a day. That’s right around 5 hours of QBD a day assuming about 25 kills an hour. It is a fantastic record in the history of ROS and should be remembered.

It is said that he has been doing QBD for over a year, without upgrading his gear from bandos. And he is using ranged now, royal c bow and dbane bolts, and you can follow suit to manage this boss.

Maybe you believe that this guy has been obsessed with the loot table from the boot so that he abandons everything, except for qbd. However, unexpectedly, he never keeps it, but sells everything all the time.

Shockingly, he never buys ascensions or nox in kills. He thinks that it is not worth to do so according to his test. So he doesn’t do speed kills, but just at his own speed. To be honest, it makes many people confused. Is it worth to using about 4.5b rs gold just at QBD, instead of using 200k gp average per kill?

High score page for killcounters
Some players have also tried to take down Queen Black Dragon, but failed 12 times. So it shows that this guy is really brilliant to complete so many kills for QBD without speed kills. It would be awesome if this is shown on the highscores. For this suggestion, Jagex expresses that the RS team could implement this.

Do you agree with the suggestion to create a high score page for killcounters? Certainly, if you want to challenge these rs bosses, you can buy cheap RS3 gold at Rsorder with Rsorder Spring Sale to save more money.

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OSR-Dragon defender

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fifa 15 coins cheap with Electronic Art’s mega selling football simulation game FIFA 15

As sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West fifa 15 ps3 coins, September brings the latest version of Electronic Art’s mega selling football simulation game FIFA. This time it is FIFA 15, which EA have promised to be the most realistic yet, a promise made in all previous years of course. This is the second FIFA title to be released on the Playstation 4 and with a full year to get to grips with the new power afforded by the new console, I am hoping for a leap forward over last year’s edition. When you first load up FIFA 15 you are greeted with the usual EA Sports logos and the very slick menu screens which are now synonymous with the various EA sports titles.

Reviewing FIFA tends to get harder as the years pass, especially when there are no new gameplay innovations or drastic blueprint alterations to shout about. Last year’s entry felt like a step up purely because of the graphical and technical improvements that came courtesy of new hardware, but FIFA 15 is obviously unable to enjoy the same situation – unless this is your first foray into the beautiful game on the PlayStation 4. As such, it’s rather difficult to really pin down what FIFA improves upon this time around, especially since it looks just about the same as last year’s entry, despite sporting a few smoother animations and a number of slightly better looking player models. Perhaps the only somewhat obvious change from the previous instalment is that matches seem to have a quicker pace about them.

EA Canada is pairing the on-field emotion with a more lively and responsive crowd, which cheers with behavior that’s authentic to particular clubs: The fans at Anfield, for example, will serenade Liverpool FC with “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” And the multiple commentary teams in the FIFA series have always done a good job of bringing the excitement at appropriate times. But in an interview with Polygon last week, FIFA 15 producer Santiago Jaramillo admitted that it remains difficult for game developers to match the excitement and significance of extraordinary moments like the Brazil-Germany game.

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Primary targets at the beginning of 2015 with cheap swtor credits

As reported, a letter penned by Bruce MacLean was leaked and exposed the upcoming updates of swtor in 2015. The release of Update 3.1 and SWTOR PVP Season 4 turn out that it is not a rumor. And Eric Musco has confirmed that news on Swtor Community, along with the sneak peek of Season 4 rewards.

Primary targets at the beginning of 2015

Eric confirmed that the Producer Letter from Bruce is not a comprehensive list of every piece of content or feature you will see this year. It is primarily targeting the beginning of the year. And more details about the devs have on the horizon will be released in future.

As for the two large updates, one is in the Spring with Zoist while another will be announced soon.

Besides, class balance issues mentioned in Bruce’s Producer Letter will definitely be made throughout the entire year and beyond. And they are still working on queuing issues, but there is no further update at this moment.


SWTOR PVP Season 4 debuts with terrific rewards

Swtor Season 4 Weapons

In addition to the above information, BoiWare has given a peek of Season 4 rewards. Accept the invitation of Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark, and you will get a chance to take home some unique rewards from their personal collection of antiques and prized possessions. So buy cheap swtor credits us to join now.

It is certain that the weapon set on the picture will be offered in this season. Besides, Giradda will be offering decoration trophies, unique titles, a unique color crystal, a beaut of a mount and a Top 96 character reward.

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The German player cross won the 2014 best playmaker IFFHS FIFA 15

German player won the site selection of cross 2014 midfield player of the year award. Cross tops the list with 110 points, and Lionel messi and J lo came a sector with 108 points and 53 respectively. In the past six years, the award has been Barcelona Harvey (2008, 2009, 2010, 2009) and iniesta (2012, 2012) monopoly, in 2014, the cross won the honor.

Cross to the identity of the main players in the World Cup finals in Germany, won the World Cup champion, and won the league and cup champion in bayern Munich. After joining real Madrid, he won the club World Cup champion, it is successful for cross for one year. Lionel messi, the golden globe winner, four times this season has morphed into a good playmaker.

A third of the list is J, the 23-year-old colombians in the Brazilian World Cup, and a move to real Madrid after the World Cup has provided him with a chance to show my ability. Yaya toure in fifth, he came out first in the African players.

1 – Tony – klose (German/bayern Munich, real Madrid) 110 points

2 – Lionel messi (Argentina)/Barcelona 108 points

3 – James rodriguez (Columbia/Monaco/real Madrid) 53 points

4 – andres iniesta 38 points/Barcelona (Spain)

5 – yaya toure (ivory coast/Manchester city football club) 29 points

6 – bastian schweinsteiger because Mr/bayern Munich (Germany), 28 minutes

7 – Omar within 7-21 points (Brazil/Barcelona)

8 – luka modric (Croatia/real Madrid) 21 points

9 – the adzharian (Belgium)/Chelsea 18 points

10 – lucky vidic (Croatia/Barcelona/sevilla) 5 points

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