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We are pleased to announce that the upcoming deployment of Australian World of Warcraft game servers ahead of the games next expansion, Warlords of Draenor. This new infrastructure will support Australia and New Zealand and should provide a significant smoother gameplay experience for player in the region.

Players currently on an Oceanic realm-Barthilas, Frostmourne, Thaurissan, Saurfang, Caelestrasz, JubeiThos, Khazgoroth, AmanThul, Nagrand, DathRemar, Dreadmaul, and Gundrak-should automatically experience improved latency once the new game servers go live. To help those currently adventuring on North American realms, such as Blackrock and Proudmoore, optional free character and guild master realm transfers will be offered for a limited time.
The primal forces that forged the lands of Draenor are still in conflict to this day, and in no other place is this more evident than Gorgrond. A land of contradictions, Gorgrond features barren rocky plains and dense overgrown jungles. Everywhere one looks, there’s evidence of a realm at war with itself and monstrous creatures as dangerous as they are ancient.
Slender, deliberate, and calculating, these enigmatic living trees single-mindedly tend to the wilds of Draenor. Wise in the ancient ways, they seek lost artifacts of bygone ages to empower the explosive growth of their territory… often at the expense of Draenor’s other sentient denizens. The botani wage an eternal war against the creatures of stone, and the natives of Gorgrond do their best to survive in the midst of constant conflict between the botani and the goren, gronn, magnaron and others. Since the Iron Horde and the creatures of stone began working together, the botani have become even more aggressive – orcs and draenei both have been disappearing of late into dense botani enclaves.
Between the creatures of stone and flora, and the Blackrock Clan looking to expand their domain, Gorgrond is a place you won’t forget easily…. assuming you make it out in one piece.

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build a tank build in group battle and melee/ranged build

You must always expect that you can build a tank build in group battle and melee/ranged build. Today I will show you an Abolisher tank build.

The main feature of Abolisher is that he will be the attacking focus in most group battle. He will be the strongest tank character in ArcheAge. His tanking will let more players can do the damage freely and safely. In this build, Abolisher will put emphasis on the Defense. Although Abolisher also can be the damage output class with main talent of Defense, as a core class in group battle, defense as the main skills will fit for Abolisher and whole team more.

First of all, see the skill sets
Skill combos description
Healing skill: Refreshment + Toughen + Health Lift + Absorb Damage + Revitalizing Cheer

Movement skills: Charge + Teleportation
Controlling skills: Triple Slash + Charge = Crippled, Whirlwind Slash + Sunder Earth = crippled

Damage reduction mechanism: Absorb Damage + Defense + Conversion Shield + Sunder Earth
Hatred: Lasso + Bull Rush + Boastful Roar + Mocking Hoar

Equipment Recommendation
Weapons: sword + Shield (+ life + strength
Armor: plate armor (use equipment set crafted by life skills: + maximum life value / percentage reduction effect)
Attribute preference: maximum HP/ physical defense / mana defense

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Which is the best way for world of warcraft gold trade?

Buying wow gold is kinda risky action for some people who worried about their wow accounts. Account might got banned or suspended or disabled because of gold buying. So is there anyway that make it safe to buy wow gold online?
There’re 3 methods that gold sellers use for wow gold trade.
1.Face to face trade. This is the most common way to trade wow gold, person to person trade in game. It’s easy, safe and instant. You can get your wow gold fast delivery within 5-20mins. No more wait if they have it in stock on your server. (Recommend)
2.Auction house trade. This is the most safest way to trade wow gold. It is buyer who need to put an item in AH buyout price for 48hours, and then delivery guy will buy that exact item. After delivery guy bought the item, the gold will be sent to you by mail in about 1hour. So it’s not instant, you’ll have to wait at least 1hour before the gold come. You don’t need to worry about the AH fees, gold sellers will stand that fees (Recommend)

3.Mail in game. This is the most risky way to trade wow gold in game. It is wow gold delivery guy mail the gold directly to your character. The gold will be removed mostly. So although you buy cheap wow gold, but you still need to think about choose the safe way to receive them.( Not recommend)
So the safest way is to trade through Auction house, but you just need a little patience.

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Swtor2credits: SWTOR Las Vegas Cantina Tour Date Change

SWTOR Las Vegas Cantina Tour Date Change
SWTOR Las Vegas Cantina Tour is being pushed back one weekend into Nov 15. Eric Musco explains the sudden date change.

We’re happy to announce that the next stop in the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Community Cantina Tour will be happening on Saturday, November 15th, 2014! 8% discount code for cheap swtor credits at - SEP8OFF, don’t miss!

This is your chance to join the Star Wars: The Old Republic community for a development team Q&A as well as complimentary drinks*, food, and giveaways. Every attendee will be receiving a highly coveted M8-3R Astromech code.

If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by and hang out with us!

Venue: Mandalay Bay North Convention Center

Date: Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Time: 7-10PM PST

Address: 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Space will be limited, so be sure to arrive early! You can RSVP on Facebook here (Facebook RSVP is not required for and does not guarantee admittance).

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Cantina Tour Arrives in Las Vegas, Nevada! | 10.17.2014, 06:55 PM

Hey folks,
First off, I want to apologize for anyone who’s travel was impacted by the date announcement of our Las Vegas event. It is always our goal that we can have as many people as possible coming to our Cantina events, with a special nod always to those who are willing to travel extra to get there, the last thing we want to do is put someone out of travel expenses.

I understand that there is some frustration around the date being different than what we had initially listed. I have to reiterate that those dates were merely possible targets and were not at all intended to be an announcement of the event date. As we stated previously, our date is never considered final on these events until we have announced it formally in a blog which would include date, time, and location.

I also want to apologize for the timing of the announcement. I realize that one month out is closer to the time of the event than intended. It is our goal that we will tend to announce events 60 days out from each event. In this case, we were working on securing a venue, and also factoring in what staff would be able to attend as well which made it later than usual.

As we move into next year and start talking about Cantina locations, I will likely remove the date specifics and talk only about locations. Although I want to give everyone a target as best I can, I would hate to repeat this situation where folks have looked at that initial schedule and booked travel. We will continue to work on getting event details out to you 60 days prior wherever we can.

I want to take this time to also mention another change in our schedule, this one for our Texas event which was previously slated for Austin in late November. With the launch of PAX South next year in our neighbor city of San Antonio, we are going to do our Texas event there in January! This will mark the first Cantina Tour of 2015.

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WoW Blacksmithing Guide to help you to the most

cheap wow gold instant delivery This Blacksmithing 1-525 guide is as complete as I can make it but players may have to purchase extra Blacksmithing materials due to sometimes not getting a point from a yellowed item. Some players may also find that making different items is cheaper depending their server’s economy. In total, expect to spend 4,800-6,000g leveling Blacksmithing 1-525 (Note: Players should be able to recover around 3,100g or more by selling on the Auction House or disenchanting the items depending on the server’s economy). Please enjoy this Blacksmithing 1-525 Leveling Guide and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them on our forums.
Blacksmithing Guide 1-525 Leveling: Updated for 4.0.3a – Cataclysm
Expected cost leveling Blacksmithing 1-525: 4,800-6,000g
Estimated time leveling Blacksmithing 1-525: 7 hours
Check out Mining 1-525 Leveling Guide for a great profession to go with Blacksmithing.Leveling both Blacksmithing and Mining at the same time can save you a lot of money and essentially make it free.

Once you hit skill level 200 speak with the Blacksmithing trainer and learn Artisan Blacksmithing. This will allow you to skill up to 300 and requires level 35.

At this point you will want to find a Master Blacksmithing trainer and learn how to be a Master Blacksmither. This will allow you to reach skill level 375 and requires level 60.
A Master Blacksmithing trainer can teach you to become a Master Blacksmither. Some are listed below.

After hitting skill level 335, you’ll want to head to a Blacksmithing supply vendor and purchase [Plans: Adamantite Cleaver] and [Plans: Adamantite Rapier]. They cost about 4g each. The vendors known to have them are listed below. Also, you can try to see if any are on the Auction House.

After hitting skill level 350, you’ll want to head to a Grand Master Blacksmithing trainer and become a Grand Master Blacksmith. This requires level 65. Some are listed below. Also, be sure to learn all the plans you can.

At this point you will want to see any trainer in a major city and learn how to be a Illustrious Grand Master Blacksmith. This will allow you to reach max Blacksmithing, skill level 525 and requires level 75.
425-455: Craft 161 x [Folded Obsidium] – These are used for crafting the next items; save them.

The recipes below are bought in Highbank, Twilight Highlands after completing some introductory quests at level 84 or above. You can buy them from Kuldar Steeltooth Dragonmaw Port if your Horde or Brundall Chiselgut at Highbank if your Alliance with using different metals as currency. To make the items below you will need, 20 x [Elementium Bar] and 4 x [Hardened Elementium Bar].

Be sure to disenchant or sell all items on the Auction House to recover some of the gold you put into leveling the Blacksmithing profession. You can also use the items for alts to help them level easier.
Congratulations WoW Gamer!! You now have 525 Blacksmithing and are the Illustrious rank! Check out Blacksmithing Epics Gold Guide and Blacksmithing General Gold Guide for written and video guides detailing several ways to make gold with Blacksmithing. Check out Mining 1-525 Leveling Guide for a great profession to go with Blacksmithing. Leveling both Blacksmithing and Mining at the same time can save you a lot of money and essentially make it free. Finally, you can check out the forums for more tips and tricks as well as ask questions about anything you wish to know.

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Justice and Valor Will Be Exchanged for buying gold for wow

Recently, blizzard has confirmed that Justice and Valor Points will be replaced by the World of Warcraft currency. As part of the removal of Justice Points the Commendation Badges from Wrath of the Lich King are also going away.

Justice and Valor removed in Warlords

Several days ago, blizzard announced that Justice and Valor would be unavailable on WOW patch 6.0, and all these kinds of points will be exchanged for WOW gold cheap. And even gold may be something for a bonus roll.

Currently, Justice and Valor tokens are used to buy starting gear and awarded from quests, scenarios, dungeons, raids, and so on. In WOW 6.0, all Justice and Valor will be replaced by the original universal currency: gold.

But how much gold is equivalent to one point? For this question, Blizzard has posted that the gold conversion for Justice and Valor Points will be made at 47 silver per point.

Wrath of the Lich King Commendation Badges Removed in 6.0.2

As a part of the removal of Justice Points, the Commendation Badges from Wrath of the Lich King are also going away in Warlords of Draenor pre-patch. So if you want to level up those reputations, please take time.

Buy world of warcraft gold for further use in WOW Patch 6.0

Even though Justice and Valor will be exchanged for fast wow gold, it is still very hard to meet the in-game requirements in Draenor. For heirlooms, old legacy gear, elements of garrison progression, or something like the Seal of Tempered Fate turn-in, gold still works as a universal currency.

Besides, Honor and Conquest will never be removed in WOW new expansion, and you can still earn those through PvP and use them to buy your PvP gear. But after all, gold is the forever currency in World of Warcraft.

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if you are in urgent need to buy swtor credits from swtor2credits

Since Swtor releases free trials, more players get access to the world of Swtor to farm Swtor credits. But you have to meet the requirements, 8% discount code for buy Swtor Credits at - SEP8OFF, don’t miss!

1. Referred one or more of your friends through the Friends Trial Referral Form.

2. At least one of your friends purchased the game and paid for a recurring monthly subscription or redeemed a Game Time Code.

3. You must be opted-in to receive emails from swtor.

4. You and your friend’s account must not be banned.

If you are qualified you will get the Kurtob Alliance Speeder via in-game mail as a reward. The Kurtob Alliance Speeder is level 25, artifact with speed 110%.

What is more, Swtor locks several servers for the purpose of servers merging. That is to say, you cannot create a new account in that certain servers. You are suggested to play on the servers filled with large number of people. Then you should buy cheap Swtor credits to back up you.

Doing dailies is necessary to farm swtor credits fast.

No matter how your curent level is, dailies must have contributed a lot to your swtor credits farming. On the primary, it’s getting basics from flashpoints/dailies/weekies for some earnings. Though credits are not that much, you can meet your basic needs. The problem is that some dailies consume time too much.

Selling some products on the GTN.

Some players have more than one characters in game, then they can make one of them as a biochem crafter. You can have a try of this method too. For instance, once crafts Cybertech parts for reserve engineering to make augment kits that you sell, and has two other characters with scavenging running gathering missions full time to feed the crafter metal. Some meterials are supplied by one other character and can be sold for swtor credits such as Revan’s Mask, several of the ‘Throne’ mounts, bantha and “power” crystals.

The essential thing is that you pick the price you are willing to sell for and then be patient. Don’t keep reducing your price to try and get a fast sale. People will buy it at your price but it just may take some time. Surely if you are in urgent need of swtor credits, it’s not wise to choose to do this for swtor credits farming.

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Led by Blackhand himself wow on

cheap wow gold instant delivery using 8% off code: CHEAPWOW at Frostwolf Clan: Father of Thrall and namesake of the orc starting lands in Azeroth (Durotar), Durotan leads the Frostwolf Clan. Renowned for their prowess as one-on-one combatants, the Frostwolf are a strong, close-knit clan whose bond with wolves only adds to their strength—though their numbers remain smaller than most clans.

Shadowmoon Clan: Led by their chieftain Nerzhul, these orcs make their home within Shadowmoon Valley. They are profoundly linked to the spiritual world and have many seers, astrologers, and speakers of the dead among their ranks. Their strength lies within their mastery of the dark arts.

Shattered Hand Clan: Led by wow draenor expansion release date the twisted Kargath Bladefist, these orcs make their home among the Spires of Arak. These former slaves have been drawn together through a macabre joy of pain both self-inflicted and imposed upon others. It is through this pain that they believe they gather strength, and their reputation as relentless and dirty fighters is well-earned.

Blackrock Clan: Led by Blackhand himself, the Blackrock are a disciplined, organized, and militaristic clan who boast expert smiths and metalworkers. Well armored, they utilize brute strength and weaponry to destroy their foes.

Warsong Clan: Led by legendary Grommash Hellscream himself, this orc clan makes their home in the lush land of Nagrand. The mounted raiders of the Warsong favor speed and maneuverability in battle—they move quickly, strike swiftly, and are away before their enemies know what hit them. Their war cries inspire their allies and strike fear into all those who dare get in their way.

Bleeding Hollow wow buy gold Clan: Led by Kilrogg Deadeye, this clan makes their home in the jungles of Tanaan Peninsula. They are a fanatical and crude clan who fight with a berserker fury and gain the boon of prophecy from their elders, who sacrifice an eye to see into the future.

Meet the Neighbors

There are many more creatures and inhabitants waiting for you on Draenor, including ogres, flying arakkoa, mok’nathal, forelings, sabron, fara, gronn, genesaurs, and other mighty native beasts. Sharpen your blades—a savage new world awaits!

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Are you ready for enjoying free 1200K fifa 15 coins giveaway from safewow on Oct.29?

Now soon to late autumn, the temperature getting lower and lower, and we are not still remember the World Cup in Brazil it? Passionate night to watch the game, and now FIFA15 mobile version finally came.


FIFA15 FIFA previous years are similar speed three lines, style, structure formation, I believe we have to understand this. When the main offensive moves set forward before the market more or coordinate. Midfielder mainly Daojiao or fast forward. After the field is oppressive and stations around the wide tight. There are moves in the front is a good option to own resourcefulness or station location! Post here highlighted defense, oppressive is to decide you still holed up playing high defense without leaving space station front + oppression of the other side can be a good offensive nipped in the midfield but easy to play behind him, after pressing on + not behind the ball but can easily be prevented pressing play.

Width is the defense station is compact or spread, many people do not understand the importance of this point! Compact if you Zhong-intensive, Barcelona type of penetration and long-range hard to punch through your opponent, but you can easily hook the wing, spread can be a good fight but in the wide open sidewalks!

FIFA15 Player Tactical Instructions

Before games: Speed 90, passing 90, shot 80, midfielder: Speed 80, passing 90 defense: defense 20, oppression 20, width 30, fill the seats.

Players then: Costa Zhan Zhuang + defense + standing Road oppression as attacking midfielder Oscar coordinate on the next, when the defense can plug in scattered Azar and William certainly broke the front Endo + walk the other just a forward pass defense will be able to get the ball and a lot of points when the ball far away from the kicker chance! midfielder default method moves plus anti passing lanes, no forward runs plus Matic pure defensive marking, Zhongwei default, the pressure on the two sides back often!

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cheapest swtor credits for you a kind of function that you can queue up

When you are playing Swtor credits, you must have come across many difficulties. For example, if you team up with other players to take on a flashpoint, you may find you die easily. That is because you don’t have good quality equipment. But how can you strengthen your character’s equipment? Only Swtor credits will help. In a word, Swtor credits are the key to solve those difficulties you encounter in game. To get Swtor credits, you can either farm Swtor credits yourself or buy Swtor credits online. Cheapest swtor credits at

Comparison between farming Swtor credits yourself and buy Swtor credits online

Farming Swtor Credits Yourself

Farming Swtor credits yourself is somehow time-consuming. You have to keep on killing monsters to earn Swtor credits. Generally you have to spend 2 hours or more to earn enough Swtor credits. If you continue with Swtor credits farming for over three hours, you will get bored. We strongly recommend that you should draft a schedule how much time you will spend in farming Swtor credits. 2 hours is ideal. Bear in mind that you do not stop to take on a flashpoint during the 2 hours’ farming Swtor credits because it reduces efficiency.

Buy Swtor Credits Online

Buying Swtor credits online is convenient. You can spare only a few minutes to complete your Swtor credits order. If you choose to trade face to face, it can be within 10 minutes. If you prefer to receive by in-game mail, you can get your Swtor credits in the set time. That is to say, within a few minutes, you can become a millionaire in Swtor. There is no need to spend so much time in the boring Swtor credits farming.

Team Ranked Warzones

Open the Warzone queue window, you will find a new button: Queue Team Ranked. If you want to queue up for Team Ranked Warzones, you have to team up with another 7 level 50 players. After you form your team, you can click on that button to begin your Team Ranked Warzones.

Noted that if any player drops out of the queue before a match is made, the team will need to find a replacement and re-queue.

Due Queuing

Due Queuing is a new concept introduced by Swtor. It refers to a kind of function that you can queue up for a normal Warzone and a Team Ranked Warzone at the same time. While you have been in a Ranked Warzone match, you will not receive invites for normal Warzones until you either play through the Ranked match, or leave the queue.

Warzone Group Persistence

Warzone Group Persistence means that you can remain in the group at the conclusion of the match when you queue up as a group of up to four for normal Warzones or as a full team group of eight for Ranked Warzones.

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