WOW Token EU Available April 21 for 35K WOW Gold or 20 EUR

Blizzard has announced that WOW token goes live in the Europe game region on April 21, 2015, with 20 EUR from the Shop and 35,000 gold starting price in AH. After it launched, it valued over 40,000 wow gold for sale fast delivery abruptly. Why did WOW Token’s price increase that abruptly? Should it be adjusted in RU region?
World of Warcraft Token available on EU region

The wow token in EU region is available for 20 EUR (15 GBP) from the in-game Shop and set at a starting price of 35,000 gold in the Auction House across the whole Europe region. Similarly to WOW Token US, players can exchange wow gold to game time. You can click here to learn more details about US WOW Token.

Why is WOW Token EU starting at 35K gold while 30K in US?

As we all know, wow tokens started in NA at 30K gold, and the price dropped pretty dramatically. This time, the devs initially want a large supply, so they’re jacking the amount of gold way up for the early buyers. Although the price may drop in future, people knowing that will compel them even more to buy them early.

Why is WOW Token’s price in EU increasing more than in US?

Basically, it is about supply and demand. Low supply and high demand make high prices. Wow tokens are just launched on EU, so once more people buy and post a lot and then the price will drop. Look at the price of certain farmable wow mounts. A lot of them plummet once the market becomes saturated enough.

Will wow eu tokens plummet, especially in RU region?

Will wow eu tokens drop lower than 30k? Maybe not. Take RU region into consideration. Wow gold in RU region is like 4 times cheaper than on the rest of the EU currently. For example, blue spectral and rooster value 400k-500k on EU while on RU they’re over 800k. And on US they’re like 200-300k.

Besides, Token’s price is 1100 rub, which is three times as big as monthly subscription, and you can buy around 100k wow cheap gold on Safewow for that price. That means, majority of Russian players will never tend to buy Tokens for real money, which will lead to bigger demand than on US servers.

Maybe Blizzard should set up different price for RU region, like a starting price of 50k, but who knows?! But it is certain that you can get cheapest wow gold for sale on Safewow 0 Profit Sale in May. Stay tuned!

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Buy RS Gold to Train Construction and Enjoy Aquarium in Player-owned House

A unique aquarium comes to player-owned house to showcase your fishing skills! To build your aquarium and unlock a variety of fishes, you have to level up your construction to level 63. Check more about how to train construction and fishing with cheap rs 3 gold for sale.

What are the Requirements?

1. To be a runescape member

2. Reach at 63 construction level

3. 20 fishing required

What are the contents and rewards?

1. Details of aquarium

The Aquarium update is in fact two rooms: a surface dry room, and an under-water aquarium sits below the surface room. The surface aquarium is POH fare, including hotspots, floor decoration, prawnbroker, diving suit, and bathysphere allows you to add fish to the Aquarium.

2. Rewards of aquarium

From 20 fishing, you can have a chance to get golden fish egg, which can introduce a fish of the type you were catching. Besides, you could get prawn balls (opened by one player) and prawn crackers (opened by two player, and both will get a reward) containing lots of rewards. The prawn rewards can also increase the chance of gaining golden fish eggs. Take the egg into the bathysphere to unlock an animated fish.

Besides, when get golden fish egg or prawn balls and crackers, players can acquire prawn perks to unlock a benefit or reward, including ability to fish without bait, cook sushi and other abilities.

A new fish type-the great white shark is also brought, which requires level 80 fishing and can be fished from any shark spot. Players can keep the shark as floating pet, cook it, or use it to make sushi items.


How to level up construction?

Construction is an expensive skill which requires you to pay much on material. Building mahogany tables (requires 6 mahogany planks) is currently the fastest way to train construction. So if you want to level up quickly, you need to buy a great mount of cheaprs3 goldfor the required mahogany planks.

1. Purchasing a house

To get started, pay estate agent for a house. Once you have your house, simply go to the Rimmington portal and enter your house. Then, build bookcases and oak chairs until you reach at 24 construction level.

2. Building a dining room

Make 39 oak tables and 10 carved oak tables in your dining room to reach at 33 construction level.

3. Building a kitchen

For levels 33-74, the fastest and most efficient way is to build a kitchen and make a total of 2,246 oak larders. If you have a butler bring the oak planks from you bank, you can make around 200k xp an hour.

4. Build a dungeon

This is the last stretch need to overcome to reach at 99 construction level. Firstly build a Fancy Garden and continue to build a dungeon. Make a total of 19,897 oak dungeon doors. Then you will achieve an amazing feat and reach 99 Construction!

How to train fishing?

1. Buy useful items for help

RS items could always help players gain much experience in runescape. Similarly, for fishing, you could buy swordfish fishing gloves and shark fishing gloves, both of which could increase the experience gained per fish caught by 100 exp.

2. Drop fishes rather than bank them

The fastest way to train fishing is not by banking the fish but instead dropping them. When you catch more than one type of fish, you need to drag each specific type of fish onto the action bar. And when the inventory gets full, just drop the fish you don’t want.

3. Catch the best fishes

Catching best fishes will help you level up more quickly. Lobster is probably the best one since it can be caught fast. Once you get to a certain level, you would find it easy to catch fresh lobsters full of inventory. Besides, monkfish is also a good choice. There are a lot of monkfishes since few players catch them. At the same time, fishing monkfish can also make some money. Finally, fishing shark will help you to gain much experience.

Join in to stock your favorite lobsters, sharks, and other fishes now! If you need to train your construction, don’t forget to come to RS3gold, which provide lots of cheap runescape gold for sale. We always promise the fastest delivery and help you to enjoy the game in maximum!


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Win safewow cheap and fast wow gold and catch WOW Patch 6.2 Neuer Worldboss Supreme Lord Kazzak

It is report that 17/04/2015 at 18:10 clock: Another old friend awaits us with Patch 6.2 in the jungles of Tanaan. Now, let’s follow steps to reading detail:

Another old friend awaits us with WoW Patch 6.2 in the jungles of Tanaan. From the top of the former Mount Doom Lord Kazzak commands a vast army of demons and also is not afraid to attack the enemies of the Legion personally.

Right at the beginning of the new chapter of Warlords of Draenor drives the Burning Legion big guns and sends her best general – Lord Kazzak – into battle. The Lord of Doom marched at the head of this force that threatens not only Draenor, but also Azeroth. Again, we have to jump the gap and stop Lord Kazzak and his demons at all costs!

Supreme Lord Kazzak we already know from the second expansion to World of Warcraft: The Burning Crussade. In Hellfire Peninsula of Doom Lord waited as World Boss on intrepid adventurers who offered him and his army forehead. However, the place still appears once in the Kazzak in the week were only accessible with a flying mount, which at that time was for most players a costly affair. His counterpart Draenor not hiding while on a plateau, but the road to it is no less dangerous. Countless elite Felguards and myriads of elves guard the road to the top of the mountain, the Gul’dan renamed Kil’jaeden’s throne.

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Madden NFL 16 Released Date Revealed & New Features Remain A Mystery

Madden NFL 16 LaunchingEA Sports has officially announced that Madden NFL 16 will be launching on August 25, 2015. Gaming fans that are passionate about it could now mark August 25 down on their calendar and focus on further information about the new features.

Madden NFL 16 is confirmed to release

Although “Madden NFL 15″ has been regarded as one of EA Sports’ best games, a sequel will be “imperative,” considering the idea of expected add-ons and features. As usual, the timing of Madden NFL 16 continues the series’ recent trend of launching at the end of August, a couple of weeks before the start of the real-life NFL season.

New Features are uncertain now

However, now there are not many details about Madden NFL 16. And we haven’t known what features the new edition will offer. Besides, the supported platforms of new release haven’t been specified so yet. Those usual platforms of Madden NFL 15 seem like a safe bet, but that’s no guarantee of continued Xbox 360/PS3 support yet. But now, you can buy Madden NFL 15 coins PS4 and Xbox one from Fifapal to make your current adventure smooth

Further information will be published in May

The good news is that EA Sports will publish something of substance in May. Then fans can see if your long-awaited features will come true at launch! Of course, Fifapal will also follow up new information and provide football fans with further details. Gamers can expect the Madden developers to take some tweaks and further refine some of the game’s rougher edges before the official word.

As there are still about 4 months before new edition launching, football fans could just enjoy the Madden NFL 15 while expecting for the upcoming release. Fifapal still provide cheap Madden NFL 15 coins for players. Just come here any time when you need!

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Guide to FFXIV Heavensward Two Cinematic Trailers Video and fast ffxiv gil offering

Final Fantasy fans who have stuck around even up to the MMORPG incarnations of the franchise are in for a treat. Square Enix has revealed not one but two cinematic trailers for Heavensward, the largest update the online game will be getting since A Realm Reborn. Though it’s still two months away, that is, if all goes according to schedule, the trailers will definitely serve as tasty appetizers to adventurers in Eorzea who have been left hanging with the events that took place in the last chapter of the game.

The trailers were revealed at the 20th “Letter from the Producer LIVE” event hosted by game producer and director Naoki Yoshida. The first cinematic trailer below touches on the last events of A Realm Reborn, the “remake” of the failed first attempt at the FFXIV game. This sets the stage for the upcoming Heavensward update, but do beware of possible spoilers if you haven’t reached that part of the game yet.
The second trailer is entitled “Flames of Truth”. The longer video continues the story and the mystery left unanswered in the opening cinematic of A Realm Reborn. To be exact, it explains, to some extent, what happened in that literally world-changing last battle between archon Louisoix and Bahamut as well as to how the realm was reborn. This video was originally shown only to players who were able to successfully defeat a certain in-game boss. So yes, spoilers again.
If those teasers weren’t enough to whet your appetite, perhaps the revealed feature set for Heavensward will. The update will raise the cap from 50 to 60 and will introduce a new playable race to choose from. There will also be new mounts that will let players fly, like flying black chocobos, dragons, and single-rider airships. And, of course, new raids and new dungeons also await gamers.

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Vote for or against Resizable Mode and Slayer Partner in OSRS

It is sure enough that heated discussion will come alongside new things. There is no exception for the content poll #32 on Dev Blog, which is about resizable mode and more other updates. The thing is that Jagex is going to release some updates and give a plan on blog to collect players’ poll. However, it has caused many different opinions so far. What do you think about it, yes or no?

What updates are planned to release?

Resizable mode

As the name implies, resizable mode will allow players to resize the mode to make it suitable and fit the size of any window. Besides, new interface may be provided to adapt to the size of client. What’s more, resizable mode will be toggleable. Considering that that resizable mode does not allow players to see further into the distance, you can choose not to enable resizable mode if you prefer the same game frame that you always have.

Slayer partner

Do you want to get a friend who can finish tasks together with you? According to the update plan, players would have chance to partner up with friend then receive the same slayer task only when both of you do not have a slayer assignment. Please note that even though you have the same task, it will be independent of each other and only when both of you are on the same world, would it be possible to share.

Other updates

Along with the above attractive updates, there would be more others, including alternative styles of the serpentine helm, new animations, and achievement diaries etc. However, now many players vote against the updates, will you still expect for the new updates and prepare some 2007 runescape gold or items for new exploration?

Why some players vote no to these updates?

Some players said there has been so many bugs that make them cannot trust new contents anymore. For example, pipe is 2ticks for pvm, zulrah and wyvern drop table’s op, clan wars restores, and mlm expansion increased xp rates. Some even are the exact same bugs from the original release years ago.

Some players think slayer partner doesn’t make any literal sense. Instead, it just simply forms a ‘party’ and get a randomly assigned task that will be shared among the two of players, while still being separate. Thus, there is no point for the slayer partners update but only abuse experience and waste time.

According to this problem, some players suggest that updates should be released after enough QA testers. Maybe there will be further improvement. But why not keep hope and enjoy the game before the worrying problem fleshing out? The 5% free gold bonus giving activity of RS3gold will be end on April 20, just seize the day and buy some rs07 gold for preparation!


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Buy safewow Discount WOW Gold to Test 6.2 PTR with New Quest Zone and Raid

Wanna more World of Warcraft content? Feel pity for anything missing in Patch 6.1? Instead, you can find s significant amount of content in 6.2.0 PTR, which now goes live online. You can take your safe wow gold us to partake in battles. Learn what’s new in new patch PTR in advance.

1. The Invasion of Tanaan Jungle

In WOW 6.2, a completely new questline zone will be available for players with a level 3 Garrison. And these players need to accept the mission called “War Council” that will require the construction of a shipyard. Tanaan Jungle as an outdoor quest zone will be full of rares and hidden treasures, and players can get shipyard resources daily.

2. Dispatch ships on Naval Mission

The Shipyard lets players dispatch shipd on Naval Missions, and there is no further information about it at this time. But Blizzard promises much more as development progresses.

3. Hellfire Citadel

Hellfire Citadel is a new raid, located in Tanaan Jungle and featuring thirteen bosses including Kilrogg Deadeye, Gorefiend, reanimated Mannoroth and Archimonde. There, you need to buy wow mounts cheap before intruding in.

4. Mythic Dungeons

Dungeons have a new difficulty, Mythic, in world of warcraft 6.2. They drop gear up to ilvl 700, and this difficulty has a weekly lockout similar to raids.

5. The conclusion of the Legendary Ring quest

Players will be able to finish the lehendary ring quest line in wow patch 6.2, along with a newly added Adventure Guide that will provide players with information similar to that found in the Dungeon Guide.

Other highlights in wow 6.2:

New Darkmoon Potions and Fishing at the Faire.

Challenge Mode daily quests reward ilvl 680 gear, up from 660.

Lightforge Heirloom plate armor pieces have been added for helm, chest, and legs to complete the Intellect plate set.

Apexis Crystals no longer have a cap.

Glyph of Ice Runes, Aspect of the Fox, and Amplify Magic have been removed.

Wow patch 6.2 is on PTR already. Copy your character and download the PTR client to join in the PTR now, and Safewow will be with you and offer you wow gold fast 30 minutes paypal. Certainly, you can also make wow gold by yourself through working for Safewow. If you are interested, you can conduct Safewow Facebook.

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get Safewow 8% off wow gold and Raise Purchase Limit of WoW Tokens and Fix Conquest Catch-Up Cap

WoW Tokens have been available now, and Blizzard has confirmed all details about these new items, wow tokens, as well. Afterwards, the devs tweeted that they will raise the purchase limit of tokens in future. Besides, changes takes place in Conquest Catch-Up Cap and all players will be able to gain the maximum cap next week.

Purchase limit of WOW tokens will be raised

Several hours ago, Blizzard announced that “we’ve significantly raised the purchase limit on Auction House WoW Tokens within a 30-day period. Shop sales remain at 10 per 30-days.”

Since no more details are revealed about this change, there are so many questions suspending:

1. How many is “significantly raised”?

2. Provided now it were at 28k but someone posted one when it is 30k, how much wow cheap gold will he get? Will he get what he quoted or 28k of the current price?

3. Based on official announcement, the purchase limit will be raised but the shop sales remain at 10 per 30-day. Does that mean, players can buy 10 a month to sell but can purchase more than that from the AH from other sellers?

Conquest Catch-up Cap will completely put into use net week

Yesterday, Blizzard has launched a new way to calculate the Conquest catch-up cap that should result in a 50% increase to the catch-up portion of the cap.

The formula used to calculate a player’s catch-up cap is: <Number of weeks passed in the season> × 1500 – <Total amount of Conquest earned this season>

That number is then added to the weekly total cap of 1700. Warlords Season 1 has been active for 18 weeks so that the maximum possible catch-up cap for a player that has not earned any Conquest points this season is 28,700 Conquest.

Maybe some people who haven’t had their catch-up cap increased yet will get it automatically next week when CD resets.

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Level up to Enjoy the Motherlode Expansion and Other Updates in Old School Runescape

Did you have a full enjoyment in mining area of Motherlode? Are you curious about what pet dialogue will be like? Just try to level up quickly and enjoy the surprises that Old School Runescape brings today! RS3gold consistently offers cheap 2007 rs goldand other items and welcome all players all the time.

Motherlode Expands from 54 Ore Veins to 64

1. Details of Expansion and Requirement to Access

With the development of Motherlode mine, Prospector Percy decides to expand the mine from the existing 54 ore veins to 64 in new upstairs area. Players with a level 72 mining now could join in to experience the great update. What’s more, players need to pay a one-off fee of 100 golden nuggets for access into the centre of mine with ladder. So the question is, do you reach the level or obtain enough golden nuggets?

2. Gold Nugget Obtaining and Mining Level Up

When zombie pigmen is killed, it may drop 0-1 gold nuggets. And if it is killed by a weapon enchanted with looting, it may drop an additional gold nugget per level of looting used, up to a maximum of 4. RS3gole provides lots of cheap osrs items and hope we could help you to attain your gold nuggets as soon as possible. For players who want to level up quickly, buying cheap 2007 runescape gold is a good choice.

Additional Option and Pet Dialogue Provided

Just like summoned familiars can appears as Companion pets in 03 Runescape, now Old School Runescape provides “talk to” option for boss pet to replace the “pick-up”. Meanwhile, they also offer lovely update for elemental pet, dark core pet and chompy bird petto makes pets dialogue available.

Based on the “talk to” option on left-click, some players suggest that they prefer left click to be ‘walk here’ toggle or allow players to right-click ‘examine’ pet alongside its’ name. And Mod Ash has replied that it would be possible with some reprogramming of the game engine, but since Ian’s currently working on other things, it will still need some improvements. We expect so, however, just enjoy it before new update coming!

Along with two attractive updates above, there are also many other fixes, such as easier purchase on devices, new set of doors for Edgeville bank, etc. There is no doubt that with the increasing demand of players and development of market, Runescape will consistently improve itself and provide more and more useful updates. Just don’t forget RS3gold will offer every help, whether runescape 07 gold, items or runescape power leveling for you any time when you need!


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Swtor2credits extra 5% bonus swtor credits make you enjoy More Update on Sentinel and Marauders

SWTOR developers have released another update on sentinel and marauders regarding some of the feedback they received last time.
Playstyle of Annihilation / Watchman
As many of you know, there were changes made to the playstyle of Annihilation and Watchman in 3.0. This definitely seems to be a contentious change for some Marauder/Sentinel players. The last thing we want to do is to put a Discipline’s playstyle in a place that makes its players unhappy. We will keep an eye on this and look into possible playstyle changes in the future. We don’t want you to think that this is feedback that we are ignoring; it is just not something we will change in the short term.

PvP Data
Our intent behind exposing win rates for Carnage/Combat and Annihilation/Watchman was not to suggest that they are our only data point for decision making. The goal was to express that, by looking at average win rates and overall performance, those Disciplines can be viable. Understanding, however, that in some of those cases it reflects only the best players in that class. Still, it does show that they can play at the top levels.

Now, you all brought up a really interesting fact, which is how frequently you see Marauders/Sentinels in the top of all overall ratings. It is true, in looking at that data point, that Marauders/Sentinels are definitely under-represented, we agree! However, we think the most important part of that data is not who is missing from the top, but who makes up the top. Looking at the top spread of players, almost all of them are spread across only three Advanced Classes: Powertech/Vanguard, Sorcerer/Sage, and Assassin/Shadow. That is the real problem that we are working on addressing right now. With those three Advanced Classes over-performing, all other Advanced Classes (including Marauders/Sentinels) are being pushed into a bad place. This is why you will see that we are actively working on toning down those classes specifically (like we did yesterday in 3.1.2).

We do want to avoid just buffing other classes up, and instead need to focus on bringing down the over-performing classes. If we concentrated on buffing all other classes to the status of over-performing classes, we would create a power bloat that would make PvE decisively too easy and PvP time-to-kill too short.

To reiterate what we said in the last post: We do acknowledge that there are issues with Marauders/Sentinels, especially around Utility and mobility, and we will be working to address these issues in future patches.

I do hope that this gives a little bit of perspective into our thoughts around Marauder/Sentinel balance and how it relates to other classes.

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