Tip to Level up from Level 90 to 100 Quickly with cheap wow gold in WOD

Plenty of reports read that just hours after new world of warcraft expansion release, some players has already hit the game’s new level cap. Except for guide to gear up quickly in WOW Draenor, here is a guide for you to level up to 100 within several minutes from a level-100 player.

Required Items:

Cracked Talisman – it is necessary and useful for negating fall damage that would kill you.

Water Strider allows running across water.

Battle Standard of Coordination, Standard of Unity, and Banner of Cooperation increase EXP from treasures.

Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning increase EXP from treasures, monsters, quests, and bonus objectives by 20%.

Potion of Slow Fall from a treasure in Shadowmoon Valley

600 Archaeology

Main EXP Sources:

Quests: you have to complete 25 daily quests before heading to Tanaan Jungle to make this route work. If you don’t, you should add more quests at the end of this zone in order to get 92.

Treasure: most treasure give experience, equal to 80% of a quest completion. Obtaining treasures can give you gear, usable items, pets, and vendor trash. Besides, items with a purple glowing outline around them are worth to collect. Note that treasure can only be looted once. If you forget to lot it after clicking it accidently, it will disappear and give you the experience. The item will then be placed in your mailbox.

Bonus Objectives: This is an alternative to completing quests. You don’t accept bonus objectives or turn them in, but show up to the area marked with two crossed swords on the map, complete the requirements, and get rewarded with experience and wow gold fast. Bonus objectives can only be completed once.


Potion of Accelerated Learning for Level 91: it will increase experience gains from bonus objectives, treasures, mounts and pets by 20%. So buy it from innkeeper with 100 garrison resources.

Guild Banners increase experience gains from monsters and bonus objectives by 5 – 15%. Remember that banners have a 10 minute cooldown and a 100 yard range. There are a couple of places where treasures are within 200 yards of each other and you can drop the banner between the two of them to greatly increase the experience you gain from obtaining them.

Garrison Abilities: You can choose from 2 abilities in each zone. This route requires that you get specific garrison abilities in all zones except for Nagrand. You can always change your garrison ability for a cost.

Daze: It is very common to get dazed and dismounted when running by an enemy that attacks you. To keep you from getting dazed, please never allow enemies hit your back through strafing and hopping and turning in the air. Besides, you can also get dazed while being dismounted and standing completely still.

Nitro Boosts(Engineers only): These are a quick way to get around with a high failure rate. A cracked talisman is helpful to immune from fall damage, along with Goblin glider and certain class abilities.

Goblin Glider(Engineers only): It can be used to cover large distance without any obstacles blocking you If you do not take any precautions against nitro boost failure, then you should keep this off of cooldown.

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Changes of Sorcerer in Swtor you may want to know

Previously, as many of you know, there are changes heading to Commendations in
3.0. We intend to unveil the myth under these changes to let you know what
happened to them and what you should confront with, so here we go!

Gain swtor basic commendations and refund timers

1. Surprisingly, all Basic, Classic, Planetary, Elite, and Ultimate Commendations
that you have will become Basic Commendations.

2. Importantly, any items that you have purchased prior to 3.0 that have a refund
timer will become bound to you with the 3.0 update.

Classic and Planetary are removed from swtor Commendations

1. Note that the Commendation types “Classic” and “Planetary” are being removed
from the game.

2. Note that Warzone and Ranked Warzone Commendations are remaining exactly as
they are now, and any Commendations you have will carry over to 3.0.

The conversion rate of each Commendation will vary a lot

Catch a glimpse of all of the PvE Commendations collapsing into Basic. It is most
likely that the conversion rate of each Commendation will vary a lot. “We are
stil working out exactly what these conversion rates are but we will get you that
info before 3.0” said swtor team.

One of the concerns is what the Basic Commendation cap will become. The plan
right now is that the cap will remain 1,000, however, when the conversions happen
in 3.0 that number will be allowed to go higher, temporarily.

Once we get more updates we will let you know so you can make a plan accordingly.
Have fun and thanks for your attention.

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only large plot on your level 1 garrison blueprint wow

cheap wow gold Horde players create their personal towns in Frostfire Ridge, with Alliance players set for Shadowmoon Valley. All players locate their garrisons in the same place in the game world, but when you enter, you see only your own town (unless you’ve been invited to visit someone else’s). Each character you play has its own garrison, and they develop with you as you level up.

In addition to the main garrison, every Draenor region/zone has outposts. You choose from one of two buildings to put in each zone (each of which offers specific bonuses). You can change your selection once you reach level 100 if you’ve completed the zone’s quests.

“It should feel like an essential piece of your gameplay, both at leveling and max level,” he said. For example, “the biggest change to professions that I can remember is here, in the garrison.”

Your first couple of garrison buildings are decisions that will be made based on what you already have going into the expansion. Upon creating the garrison, you’ll be asked to create Barracks for your soldiers — taking up the only large plot on your level 1 garrison blueprint. Barracks are just fine to start off with, because they unlock patrol missions for your followers that will get them more XP and get them leveling up more quickly — which means they can do more difficult missions and bring home more cool stuff for you.

Your second building http://www.wowtoes.com/wow-gold-us is going to be a small plot, reserved largely for buildings that are tied to professions. You’ll get a quest item while you’re leveling that will unlock the blueprints for a building associated with one of the two professions you already have learned. This is honestly your best bet for starting out anyway, because you’ll want to level your professions while you’re leveling out in the world, and a profession building will help you out with that process.

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How to Upgrade Ring to Khadgar’s Legendary in Warlords of Draenor

World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor expansion has been available on North America and Europe already. The legendary quest line in WOD can give you an ever increasing powerful item over time. Follow this guide to upgrade your ring and obtain Khadgar’s legendary ring.

Starting for legendaries at level 98:

1. Quest Call of the Archmage: find Archemage Khadgar in Khadgar’s Tower, located in Northeastern Talador (Zangara). Accept Spires of the Betrayer.

2. Dungeon Skyreach: venture to the dungeon Skyreach (Normal or Heroic) and slay high Sage Viryx. Collect his Pure Sollium Band.

3. Return to Archmage Khadgar in Zangarra. Accept “Khadgar’s Task”. Speak to him once more to receive your item level 640 epic rings, including Solium Band of Mending, Solium Band of Might, Solium Band of Dexterity, Solium Band of Wisdom, Solium Band of Endurance.

Upgrading quests at level 100:

1. Gather 4986 Apexis Crystrals from anywhere across Draenor. The daily quest at your garrison awards 800/1000 Apexis per day.

2. Complete the three cores in Heroic Dungeons:

a. Core of Flame: venture into the Bloodmaul Slag Mines and slay Gug’rokk.

b. Core of Iron: venture into the Grirail Depot and destroy the engine.

c. Core of Life: venture into the Everbloom and slay Yalnu.

3. Quest Tackling Teron’gor: venture into Auchindoun and kill Teron’gor. Collect Corrupted Blood of Teron’gor.

4. Quest Eyes of the Archmage: return to Khadgar in Zangarra and guard him as he performs a scrying spell.

5. Quest Fugitive Dragon: meet Khadgar and Chromie north of the Ring of Trials in Nagrand.

6. Find Kairoz:

a. Follow the trail of clues with Chromie and Khadgar to locate Kairozdormu

b. Perform a role-specific challenge to defeat the Spirit of Kairozdormu.

7. Return to Khadgar and hand in Power Unleashed. He will upgrade your ring from level 640 to 680, including Timeless Solium Band of the Assassin, Timeless Solium Band of Lifegiving, Timeless Solium Band of the Archmage, Timeless Solium Band of Brutality, and Timeless Solium Band of the Bulwark.

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give world of warcraft gold kaufen any support with wow gold

After Northern expedition, Garrosh learned how to ‘sell’his team. He forced the Forgottens
to attack Gil. However, he did not give world of warcraft gold kaufen any support . In the
end,he gave up this plan, but he did not order the Forgottens to withdrawal which made
countless Forgotten died. In the battle, he sacrificed countless tribe,but he still did not
feel guilty. Those so-called to sacrificed for tribe is just an insidious behavior of
weaking the power of allies. When Thunder Bluff coup and Bain was in exile, he refused to
send troops to rescue world of warcraft gold kaufen and left the Tauren alone.

Recently Trion Worlds has uncovered more content for ArcheAge.As to the Conquest of Auroria, it has been released on November 4, including new zones, castles, sieges, new housing and etc. Now almost eight days passed, how about the feeling from the ArcheAge players.When you explore the Auroria, special Archeum Lodestones in Marcala, Calmlands, Heedmar, and Nuimari could be found. The first Lodestone claimed in each zone confers ownership of the zone to the claiming guild and crowns its leader Lord of the zone.

Once you find a zone, you can build a castle to protect their Archeum Lodestone from sieges by another guild.This is a great method which created by the game team to make the game have more fun. When you build a castle, you will find it interesting as you need build walls, gates which are both included in the castle. Of course, you can add defense towers for your castle which you can buy from defense towers. Now you have some knowlege relating to the zone, you can start a new trip to enjoy the game.

We need talk about The Era of the Siege Dawns which means we know some guilds feel like they missed out on the chance to get their castle. But the whole point of ArcheAge’s siege system is that castles can be taken. I think most ArcheAge players have known about it. Another important news is that Trion published a producer’s letter for ArcheAge earlier today. Producer Victoria Voss went on to say that out of “tens of thousands of new, legitimate land owners,” under 20 ended up with “more land claims than would have been reasonable.” The letter also contains bits about ArcheAge’s siege gameplay which the Auroria patch has enabled as well as an update on the much-discussed 10 percent patron discounts.

It is far-fetched to call Alsace Uion of Garrosh. Both their characteristics have a great story and intriguing experience and world of warcraft gold for sale. Garrosh as a figure of WOW have a complex character and rich experience. The story of Garrosh is beginning with Nagrand and end in Nagrand.

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he ignored the world of warcraft gold verkaufen of consultants

cheap wow gold The growth environment determines personality. Garrosh’s growth environment is very similar with Alsace’s. The second similar point between Garrosh and Alsace is that world of warcraft gold verkaufen are self-centered. Once make a decision, they would not easily change,and listen to others. In a sense,their self-centered character directly makes them extreme.

Alsace’s extreme behavior is obvious when the Tarren Mill broke out plague. In order to pursuit the natural disasters, Alsace orderd the troops to look for the world of warcraft gold verkaufen of plague even gave up their rest. In the event of Stratholme.Alsace ignored the advises of Uther and Jaina,and insisted to save Lordaeron in his own way. Because of his paranoia, he lost his world of warcraft gold verkaufen and lover. He lost the power of judgment when the Mel Gaines was conquered completely. After went to Northend, he ignored Muradin’s warning and pulled out the evil sword without authorization which directly made him fall. Can be said that his core character is paranoia and self-center.

When Garrosh http://www.wowtoes.com/ expedited to Northrend, he was blamed by Saurfar for his reckless action. In that time, Saurfar predicted that he would bring the troop to the dark path. Sure enough, after he became the chief ,he ignored the world of warcraft gold verkaufen of consultants and he even forced them agree with him. Once he was surrounded by teh wild Boar for ignoring Bain’s dissuade. When they attacked Theramorem,he forced the tribal leaders subordinated to him. Finally,he he took advantaged of wow gold and associated with the evil God. At that time,nobody would be willing to give him suggestion. What left him was his loyal world of warcraft gold verkaufen and the enemy wanted to chop him.

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time to gain safe 8% off WOW Gold with Warlords of Draenor Released

Finally, the day comes that the fifth expansion of world of warcraft, Warlords of Darenor (WoD) , is about to release a few hours later. In order to experience WoD as soon as possible, what preparation you should make in advance?

Time of Warlords of Draenor Expansion Release

You guys must have known much about the details about the new expansion through their official site or Bilzzcon already. Only one key point that you should pay attention to is that Blizzard has announced when Warlords of Draenor will officially launch in all regions as below:
? North America at 12:00 a.m. PST (1:00 a.m. Mountain, 2:00 a.m. CST, 3:00 a.m. EST) on Thursday, November 13 (Oceanic will launch at the same time as the US)
? Europe at 12:00 a.m. CET on Thursday, November 13
? Korea at 12:00 a.m. KST on Tuesday, November 18
? Taiwan at 12:00 a.m. CST on Tuesday, November 18
? China at 12:00 a.m. CST on Tuesday, November 18
Players in North America and Europe are very lucky to experience WoD at the first moment. But all of you have the chance to unlock an instant character boost to level 90 now before the release by pre-purchasing.

No Need to Additional Downloads

No addition downloading is needed at launch. If players have opened the Battle.net application recently, then WOW should be fully patched and no additional downloading is needed this evening.
Not only current players don’t need to download anything tonight, there is also no need to log off and then log back on at launch. The team will essentially flip a switch behind the scenes at your time zone and the content will be available. Players will just need to pick up the starting quest and head to the Dark Portal.

Login in as early as possible

Since all players want to experience the WoD in the first place, it’s possible that there will be a server issue that you cannot log in. Who has ever attempted to log on to a WOW server during the launch of an expansion can testify to how insane WOW players can get. If you plan to play at the first moment available, we recommend logging in now and saving your spot.

Waiting at the Dark Portal.
The Dark Portal is the place to be when Warlords goes live at 6 PM Eastern in Europe, 3 AM in North America. Gather with your players to join in the pitched battle coming around. Remind that if you are all alone, you’d better stay from a safe spot watching the onslaught first cause lots of Iron Horde corpses are gathering at the portal.

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Swtor Patch 2.10.3 Update with cheap swtor credits

Wanna hunt scoundrel and criminals in Star Wars, the Old Republic? From November 11th to November 18th, as long as you join in Bounty Contract event in swtor, you are given the chance to bring to justice to those outlaws. What’s more, swtor 2.10.3 Patch notes allow you to have more fresh experience in game, do you gear up to join in with a great large number of swtor credits?

View general changes from Patch 2.10.3 for swtor:

There are a couple of new changes for swtor gaming. Here just lists some general ones. To the highly issued a cap of 3 Missions, more details can be found from Swtor2credits Facebook too.

1.Swtor Guild Flagships will no longer vanish into the inky abyss of space, so players will no longer lose access to them. Safety is very guaranteed for the whole Guild now.

2.The pending mission Reward queue now has a cap of 3 Missions. Here comes this most disturbing question, what are these three Missions; along with the chosen missions, how about the left ones; or mostly confusing, why 3 missions are made, not 2 or 4, etc and so on? Visit Swor2credits Facebook to find your expecting answer.

3.Swtor players are no longer able to accept Shared Missions when at the Pending Mission Reward Cap and can no longer queue for Group Finder when they or one of their party members is at the Pending Mission Reward Cap.

Buying safe swtor credits for smoothing gaming in swtor.

Last but not least, if anyone wants to fully enjoy this gaming smoothly, it’s time for him to prepare enough safe swtor credits now. Swtor2credits, a professional swtor online store for legit swtor credits, swtor CD Keys, latest gaming updates and swtor guides, would like to help you with safe swtor credits buying all the time. What’s more, following swtor2credits on Facebook, players can find extra free discount code and free cash coupon for swtor credits buying.

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“From Nov 27, 2014 to Nov 29, 2014, as long as you buy swtor credits on swtor2credits, you gain the chance to save some extra money for more swtor credits eu http://www.swtor2credits.com/swtor-credits-eu. Three types of savings have been offered for you:

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Wow gold farmen came back to his fortress

cheap wow gold The tyrant dictator, the emperor, and the conqueror, those Thunder King’s titles reflect all kinds of misfortune of Pandaria. Even among the powerful magic ancients, he is still recognized as military genius. His wow gold farmen is not only conquering the mortal races like his ancient, but also establishing a real empire. In order to achieve this goal, he travels to the top of the mysterious thunder to look for the magic gods and the truth of power.

When the fog disappeared, Pandaria wold reproduced under the power of Zandalari and ancient.Wow gold farmen came back to his fortress in which he stared the war of destroying the Panda and his Alliance. What he did is just want to reconstruct his past empire.

- the last empress Monala

Monala is the last magic ancient queen as we know now. He was killed by Thunder King. As the toiling said that she has an unclear relationship with Monala and Thor’s consultant. But the ending is the consultant was captured by the enemy and a lot of wow gold farmen was stolen. While the Thunder King was the one behind this event. This made the unique one who know his secret magic ancient shut up forever.

Su E, Lu Lin

According to legend, the ancient http://www.wowtoes.com/ imperial concubine is the most important treasure of Thunder King. wow gold farmen are the only female magic ancient. Thunder King firmly gripped them and use them to prevent invaders

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How to Get Water Strider for Draenor WOW with No Flying Mounts

New expansion world of warcraft will launch on November 13, with no flying mounts. At that time, water striders become so important to bypass some things or take some shortcuts. Here are some tips for you to get water strider mounts fast in warlords wow.

Method 1 farm as many new water mounts as possible
Since there will be no flying mounts in Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard has introduced more ground and water striders in game. You should learn something brief about these ground and water striders in Warlords of Draenor in advance for future use.

Method 2 Collect reputation in advance before WOD

To get water strider in new expansion for wow fast, reputation plays a great role on mount farming. Here are some ways to collect more reps in game.

1. Do daily quests, daily heroic dungeon and heroic scenario for more reps. It may spend more than 1.5 to 2 weeks, but it is better than nothing. Certainly, you can do it on and off through world of warcraft warlords of draenor buy.

2. Buy the commendation before it is exalted. The commendation, like Grand Commendation of the Anglers, can unlock 100% bonus reputation gain, so do it if you want, and don’t wait until exalted. It only requires Revered to buy, and will double your xp gains for the last push from Revered to Exalted.

3. Go to Darkmoon Faire for 10% rep boost buff, which works on both the Anglers rep and Nat Pagles friendship. You can also get Blazing Wings through avoiding fire ring bug.

4. Do the Nat Pagle Fishies. It is 350 rep per fish, and you can get 3 fish a day to turn into Nat Pagle that will give you rep with The Anglers. So you can get 1050 extra per day minimally.

Method 3 tame a water strider pet for mounts

If you are a hunter, you can tame a water strider pet and get water walking that way that you can do when you couldn’t get the mount in time. But it’s BeastMaster only and it works while you are mounted but turns off in combat.

Method 4 Buy wow mounts or pet in time

Certainly, if the above ways do not work well, you can buy WOW mounts and pets at safewow to make you join in the battle at your ease and successfully. What’s more, you can buy wow mounts at Safewow to enjoy cheapest price and fast delivery.

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