What is your ideas about EA Removes Trade Offers from FIFA 15 ?

Trade offers were a way for users to exchange items with one another directly rather than relying on the game’s auction mechanism. In theory this allowed for barter deals, but in practice most people used trade offers to share items with friends stuff like coins and players that would otherwise take the second player a long time to obtain. On the surface of it, then, it seems like a frustrating change for friends who like to innocently pool their resources.
However, EA’s decision to remove trade offers has more to do with a third category of user.

“Although some honest players used this feature to trade with friends, it became one of the methods used by coin sellers to sell and move coins,” the developer said in a forum post announcing the change. “Account phishers also abused Trade Offers by moving stolen players and coins after wrongfully gaining access to unsuspecting FUT player accounts. “This will also address ‘bid bumping’, where people would try and trick others into bidding far more than they wanted for a player item.”

In other words, the move is part of EA’s concerted campaign to cripple the coin-selling black market that has grown to great prominence in recent instalments of the game and which is closely linked to account hacking. Starting this year, coin sellers will have their accounts banned and buyers will be subject to a ‘three strikes’ system, with punishments ranging from a warning to full account ban for persistent offenders. The collateral damage to honest trading caused by removing trade offers in service to this campaign was obviously seen as a necessary evil.

“It was a tough decision,” EA wrote, “but this is the right step towards improving security, showing cheaters the red card, and keeping FUT safe for all FIFA fans.”

Coin sellers also use “Buy It Now” pricing options to distribute coins to their customers. After paying upfront via a website and providing a PlayStation Network or Xbox Live username, the coin-buying user then puts a cheap, disposable item (like a bronze player) up for auction at a Buy It Now price that matches the number of coins they have purchased. The seller then buys the item, thus depositing the purchased coins with the buyer. Removing trade offers won’t actually stop this, although it will presumably make it much easier for EA to identify coin-selling activity and take action against the accounts involved, since it will be more obvious in the developer’s activity logs.

In related news, EA also announced that the maximum number of transfer targets in FUT 15 after unlockable EA Sports Football Club boosts are applied would be 50, meaning you can only ever bid on that many items at once. Furthermore, the FUT web app, which relaunches this week after many months of operating with reduced functionality as EA sought to tackle the bots used by coin sellers, will require Origin login verification from this year onward.

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swtor gold with Four Times Reward Points and free 10% bonus now cheap for sale

In the first part of our great gold guides for Star Wars The Old Republic, we prompted to learn as many manufacturing jobs as possible and to level up even twinks. Previously, you needed them but only the enchanter and the buy swtor credits jewelcrafting, namely for the third part shown Obsidium Shuffle, in which you make of favorable ore valuable enchantment materials.  Swtor gold with 8% discount code for Swtor Credits at http://www.swtor2credits.com/  - SEP8OFF. The Obsidium Shuffle in WoW has many advantages and few disadvantages, but only to serve a market. If the collapses suddenly, perhaps because China flood Farmer Your auction house with a lot at cheap Cataclysm enchantment materials, you are stupid because, your only source of income is gone. To prevent this, you should be expanding the production of Enchantment materials and also produce materials for level 60 to 80.

There are in virtually every profession in Star Wars The Old Republic relatively good recipes. The best we have listed in the second part of this article. The time required for the cuts specified therein, however, in some cases very high because many older recipe has up to 20 seconds preparation time. They are still profitable. NOTE: We have not specified the quantities in the graphics, but only the nature of the required goods. The reagents for the dealer trade goods we ignore. Alchemy recipes appear not because the brewing potions and bottles to depend heavily on the server and just before the start of Swtor most promises no more big wins. When you calculate later whether the production of goods and disenchantment brings something, you need to include these additional charges however.

What we are aiming at, remove the recipes in your craft window. By the way: For auctions, you must always einrechen the setting swtor credits and the auction house fee with. The latter you pay when an item is sold, it is always 5 percent of the final sales price. But already before you pay the listing fees:
15 percent of the discount price for 12 hours
30 percent of retail price for 24 hours
60 percent of retail price for 48 hours

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It’s quite simple! First of all, you need to log in your swtor2credits account to do a business with us on swtor credits or CD Keys or swtor items. If you aren’t a swtor2credits yet, spare one minute to register one right now.During our activity period, each product you purchase from us will grant you four times reward points.For example, if you pay for $20.10, you will get 80.40 points, extra 60.30 points were given for free.

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Dragonstar Arena with Update 4 Hit the Shelf of PTS

ESO Update 4 will be available this September, and now this update with Dragonstar Arena land on PTS. Those who manage to conquer all 10 grueling stages of Dragonstar Arena in Veteran Mode will have a chance to share their suggestions with the developers.


What is Dragonstar Arena in ESO?

The Dragonstar Arena is a planned group-based dungeon in Upper Craglorn. It is like Trials in Craglorn, but not a Trial, because it is planned for groups of 4 players rather than 12. There are 10 arena stages, which players can choose one from Normal and Veteran mode to complete. It is PvE content but pretty difficult.


Chance to share your experience with developers

The Dragonstar Arena is a completely new kind of group challenge in the coming ESO update, and the developers are eager to get the feedbacks from players. Now it is available on Public Test Server. Whoever manages to conquer all 10 arena stages of in Veteran Mode will be invited to communicate with the developers and ask questions to them.


How to get this chance to communicate with devs

You should earn the achievement “Dragonstar Arena Conqueror” on the PTS and post a screenshot of your character with the unlocked achievement in this thread. If you can manage to complete the arenas, you’ll receive an electronic invitation to the Q&A session, which will be held online before Update 4 launches on the live server.

Besides, character templates are available on PTS, which allow you to quickly create a VR 14 character with appropriate gear to begin the arena challenges. After you log into the PTS, you should click “Craglorn” from the menu in the upper-left corner of the charcter selection screen to create your VR 14 character.

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week in training a lot of it buy fifa 15 coins ps4 showed

fifa 15 coins Danny Fifa coins Welbeck is confident the goals will flow for both Arsenal and England if he is given a run of games as an out-and-out attacker.

The 23-year-old begins a new chapter this week after swapping Where to buy fifa coins home-town club Manchester United for the Gunners in a £16m move on transfer deadline day. Welbeck had been with the Old Trafford giants since the age of eight, but dropped down the pecking order and grew increasingly frustrated at a lack of opportunities to lead the line.

It was a position he shone in for England on Monday evening, netting a second-half brace in Switzerland to secure a winning start to their UEFA EURO 2016 qualifying campaign – goals he is confident will continue to rack up if he is allowed to play in his favoured role.

“It is well known I prefer to play through the middle so when I get my opportunity I just want to show what I can do,” Welbeck said. “Once I get into the box and get the opportunities I have got faith in my ability.

“Before I wasn’t getting into the box because I wasn’t playing too much as a striker and I had to worry about my defensive work. Listen, anyone can say what they want to say but I just know once I get the opportunity and a run of games up front I will do my best.

Once I get into the box and get the opportunities I have got faith in my ability.England and Arsenal forward Danny Welbeck
“That’s definitely what I need. It is good for any footballer to get a run of games. You become more confident and play much more at ease and to get a run of games would be absolutely perfect. That is my first 90 minutes this season so it is just the start of things and really looking forward to it.”

Welbeck says he has not had a decent run of games since Christmas last year, suggesting Monday’s display in Basel could be just a taster of what is in store for Arsenal and England. The forward impressed up top alongside captain Wayne Rooney, with his goals helping the Three Lions to a much-needed 2-0 win after the FIFA World Cup? debacle.

“It was important,” Welbeck said. “It was good for me to get the two goals but it was more important for the whole team to get the win and off to a flying start and to get three points from scratch and that was the most pleasing thing.

“I think what we have worked this week in training a lot of it buy fifa 15 coins ps4 showed and that is very pleasing because it showed your hard work is not going to waste and that is what we have got – players in midfield who can break on beyond the attackers and we know if they get behind us we are going to sit in for them.

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cheap swtor credits for sale: 10% free bonus for swtor fans

Swtor Credits is on the way to provide the exact same
Gaming fanatics are on the standard foundation wanting to locate an perfect technique to ensure which they earn some cheap swtor credits and getting a result, are typically wanting to locate a provider who is on the way to provide the exact same. one inside the principal methods by suggests of which a participant can enhance the probabilities of acquiring options that satisfy these expectations is by acquiring a gaming internet website that’s in a location to provide options that auger properly using the avid gamers will need. You will uncover many different buy swtor credits components that should be perceived as and also this broad range through the fixtures offered toward type of send techniques been utilized.

Prior to some participant will get satisfaction from this nevertheless, they should produce a Swtor account. regardless of the reality that there are really numerous web-sites producing his provision, it’s advisable to think about into concern acquiring one that will provide you with the opportunity swtor credits to produce an account that guarantees a increased level of safety. offered that this could be most probably one of the most significant aspect, it certainly must acquire kept safe. This may call up for that should be good the fact that password is altered quickly after your purchase have been positioned as well as the companies are through with producing the transaction. this could make particular that you simply do not should fret about safety and as such, ensure it is straightforward to meet your needs to relaxation easy.

Also, you must get an operator swtor credits interface that produces it straightforward to meet your needs to hold out any capabilities you can deem required and essential for ensuring that you simply get Swtor Credits that tickles your fancy. They will should possess a cart that produces it straightforward to meet your needs to place your order. This assures that you simply are in a location to navigate near to the store with ease and come about throughout that which you are looking for. offered that there are instances whenever you can possibly properly should have swtor credits help with one purchasing element or one more, it’s fabulous to select a internet website that provides 24/7 support. this could be produced additional attractive if this could be inclusive of reside chat support. It assures that should you have any questions, it is feasible swtor credits to ask for them and get instant answers. on this regard, make particular which additionally have e-mail support, phone help as well as energy level help that are perceived as to acquire just as vital.

Before developing your Swtor account be particular that you simply understand the booking provisions as well as the unique accounts which could be at your disposal. It’s also crucial that you think about into account if they’ve any membership deals as this could come about in handy for you.

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WOW thief Stealth easily cause ADD

The eye of Kilrogg
Next we will talk about the eyes.First,the eye of Kilrogg warlock, which will couse ADD by wrongly being used.But now it seems to be uesed more safe.Second is the inspection of eyes, some need to kill in the first time, some have to dodge.Otherwise it will couse http://www.wowtoes.com/ ADD.Players need to be careful of these so-called eyes.
Stealth skills
The thief Stealth easily cause ADD,as well as the Druid,hunter.Some strange props have anti-potencial ability,if you close to the enemies will bring the big group into battle.Standing in the end is more safe when encounters a strange situation.
Individual mistakes
Undeniable,players’ mistakes also can cause a lot of ADD.Curiosity has unavoidably in each player’s heart,but if you don’t know much about the unknown land,you’d better not to have a try.If you cause ADD,you will be blame by others.Especially for the green players,playing with a large group is the good idear.

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you’d better buy cheapest swtor credits quicker before 10% bonus end

Star Wars: The outdated Republic is steering to turn out to be among the probably the most well-known substantial multiplayer on-line role-playing gaming titles recognized with the on-line community. Upgrading to higher home appliances will need end users swtor credits he to reach uncover novel secrets. They will be also looking for to raise their gaming experience. Swtor2credits now offers extra 10% free bonus for your needs of cheap swtor credits at http://www.swtor2credits.com/.

just one extraordinarly meaningful electronic commodity for people is SWTOR credits. Credits may be traded for other electronic commodities and belongings, and may be achieved within of gaming play. The imaginary universe of SWTOR as well as the specific world are brought only a tiny little closer collectively with the element that individuals are now in a placement to attain SWTOR credits developing utilization of genuine currency. There are many benefits associated to the purchase of SWTOR credits developing utilization of genuine money. various end users are hesitant to devote money in an extremely imaginary universe granted which they are paranoid concerning the perils of developing on-line buys with genuine money.

However, there are really a few concrete factors why a SWTOR lover really should contemplate getting the plunge and buying some credits. just one key goal why fans really should attain credits may be the reality that spending several hours wanting to rack up and collect credits through the gaming may be dull, repetitive and tedious. Receiving a good offer more out for the electronic gaming information can occasionally show precisely this. end users are no lengthier obligated to consume their time attaining credits and may perform a good offer more pleasant actions within your gaming and at a a good offer sooner pace once they purchase SWTOR credits. game fanatics can dodge throwing apart their time attempting to level up their character by getting SWTOR credits developing utilization of specific money and developing utilization of those credits to purchase advancements. Gamers who are studying or laboring full-time but nevertheless desire to information the gaming will occur on an best plan on this method. The next most essential element to recognize may be the reality that swtor credits are affordable and effortless to acquire. granted that SWTOR credits experienced been presented, the providing price for the credits has remained cheap, which has allow the imaginary fabulous to turn out to be attainable for practically just about every player.

In addition, if end users have a look at probably the most appropriate sites, it is feasible to attain SWTOR credits at a lower cost, which allows game fanatics to much better their on-line information regardless of the reality that sacrificing even much less genuine currency.

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Tips for Walking in wow battlefront of the expedition

Having played in the Beta for a long time and wowtoes simply experienced different occupation,mainly played 5H to prepare for WOD.Now i have basically played all 5H,finished 85%+ . at present i just left 2 boss have not been defeated ,black shadow,King Ner’zhul,Woodland.Here i write a simple strategy to share with everyone.The raiders from the test server,so it is normally that the skill have a change in the future.
Several points:
1.skills and occupation skill may not exactly tell the name, but I will try to express simplly and easily for your understand.
2.Boss and small strange are more powerful, just control it when you playing..
3.Basic equipment for the test server builds (no atheism,bug),into the 615 rings — estimation when WOD opened all into 5H is not up to an average of 615. My warlock no brain with haste, because the skill reading is really too slow.
4.TTeam configuratio:eam configuratio is 1+1+3,DPS configuration is mostly 1 nearly 2 far; to open up wasteland,all boss with heroic occupation/pet.Remember to spend some wow gold to buy some drugs.
5.talent:I use destruction/demon played,not painful. The adjustment of talent mostly be limited to three layer (demon three books,Archimonde,new talent).Because the upper layer is the reduction of hurt which need not talk about(permanent darkness regeneration/anger/blood acceleration/soul connection).
6.the big disaster to show cool effects by change the visual.please tell your tank that is your skill and do not pull the boss have a hide.

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FIFA 15 ability value Lionel messi cristiano ronaldo leading with best fifa coins

Not surprisingly, FIFA 15 the fifa coins game will be released officially listed at the end of this month. EA sports today released the top 10 individual skills in the game, messi narrowly pressed cristiano ronaldo has become in the world. In the top ten star, bayern had robben, neuer, schweinsteiger and franck ribery four people. In the last golden globes, cristiano ronaldo push messi visibly, the Portuguese was chosen for Mr Golden ball. But in FIFA15 game, Lionel messi is still the world’s people. Messi’s value reached $93, ronaldo in 92 followed by. The gap between two people, only a minimum of 1. Breakdown, messi dribbling, speed, shooting, passing 96, 93, 89 and 93 respectively, and the technical level for four stars. Ronaldo, pace, dribbling, shooting, passing, the header is respectively 93, 91, 93, 91 and 93, and technical level for five stars.
After Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo, three players tied for third with 90 points, they are respectively robben, zlatan ibrahimovic and neuer. With 89 points, andres iniesta and suarez schweinsteiger, franck ribery and azar is 88 points.
In terms of the club, bayern is the biggest winner. Bayern Munich has a total of four players shortlisted for the top 10, barca contributed 3 people. Chelsea and real Madrid, Paris, respectively have one person in the top ten. In terms of league, bundesliga and Spanish are four people in the top 10, English and French have an only child, serie a is wiped out.
On the top 50 list, bayern also is one of the biggest winners, bayern Munich, a total of 11 players. Real Madrid have 8 people, but not for the last the Spanish champions atletico Madrid player for personal ability top 50 list. It is worth mentioning that as the Brazilian national team’s leading omar, ability value just above the 30th.

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Companion Gifts Coming with cheap swtor credits with 10% free bonus

One thing I have taken up recently is power-leveling crafts for basically free (or even making money in the process). I did this with Diplomacy to change my alignment (to get cheap items) and found that companion gifts of all types usually sell for much more than it costs to run an actual quest.

You can actually profit off your quests this way. For example, Level 49-50 quests nearly always give a prototype-level companion gift, cost 2000-3000 credits to run, and sell for 5000 credits on the auction house. Artifact items often sell for 8000, whereas green items usually allow you to break even (“Rich Yield” quests typically give 2 items, each which sell for about 1500).

The reason this actually works is because players love to do things one thing at a time. They ignore companion affection, then wake up one day and think they really need to max it out. Instead of taking their time, they blow their saved up credits on gifts on the auction house to max out their companion’s affection. Just let these players blow their credits on your gifts instead of someone else’s! Cheap swtor credits at http://www.swtor2credits.com/.

The top-selling items tend to be Courting, Weapons, and Luxuries. Most companions like the latter two whereas more players want to buy more courting items to complete the romance quest lines with their Companion.
Hoarding your Credits

A wise person once said, “the fastest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket”. This is even more true in MMORPGs because you just are not going to be able to invest your credits for interest!

The point is at the release of any MMORPG, you have tons of eager players who want to power-level their crafts, and tons of players who will over-pay to be the first in good crafted gear. You can take advantage of this by using this SWTOR credits guide and effectively set yourself up for the rest of the game.

Again, gather and sell your gathered items early for credits. Once players power-level their professions up and the cost for supplies drops, buy the materials yourself and level your craft of choice (you can only pick one craft in SWTOR). You can then craft and sell high-quality items to players for a lot of money.

With all your credits, save them and use them to buy important things like more materials to make more high-quality items. You always want to sit on a base of a lot of credits, as it makes it easier to buy materials to craft should you see an opening in the marketplace, get a new recipe, or should a new content patch come out and release new recipes and materials.

There is one take-away point to this SWTOR credits guide: do whatever you can to make (and keep) credits as a fresh player at the level cap, and only spend once you have a considerable base of credits to operate from. You will find that if you are richer than the average player, you will be able to stay richer than the average player yet still have plenty of credits to buy items with.

This way, when you do finally decide to start making credits, you can pick one of the crafts mentioned earlier in the article and power-level it up.
SWTOR Credits Guide – Conclusion

Now that the game has been out awhile, I think everyone should pick up a craft (I am going Biochem personally as it is so good) and start to work on making the valuable items in-game. Try to get the best armor mods, weapon modifications, and augments, as these are what will always be in-demand in Star Wars The Old Republic. This SWTOR Credits guide recommends crafting as the key to making a lot of credits in SWTOR.

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