The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – Returning To An Expansive Fantasy World

Day two of my latest adventure in the lands of Tamriel on PlayStation 4 begins with me dodging town guards – apparently stealing every loaf of bread has drawn the ire of the city. It didn’t help that I “accidentally” launched a fireball blast at a citizen that was napping on the docks either. If the guards catch me, I’ll have to pay a hefty fine, but I can deal with that – my coffers are overloaded with all the pickpocketing and stealing I’ve been doing, so I have more than enough to purchase a mount and some nice gear, even though I’m only around level 10.

My lawbreaking adventures are just one aspect that has been added to Elder Scrolls Online since its PC launch last year, and a noticeable feature in the newly released Tamriel Unlimited on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In addition to adding more of the freedom we have all come to know and love through other Elder Scrolls titles, there’s a hefty endgame component, essentially an alternate advancement system, that lets players continue to grow and develop after level cap. As always with an Elder Scrolls game, it’s up to you to determine the direction of your character through item use and exploration – if you want to be rogue that wears plate armor, or a two-handed cloth wearer, you can create a template of your very own as you explore the vast world.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s control scheme lends itself well to controller mapping and for combat. Because there’s a focus on a few key skills and the timing of basic attacks, you have a full range of powers at your fingertips without having to worry about overbearing and overloaded hotbars. The sparse UI does an excellent job allowing you to see what abilities are available without taking up valuable screen real estate. The game’s controls feel fitting for console, and the combat seems to have bit more weight behind sword strikes and offensive actions than my trip to Tamriel last year. On the subject of crafting, it’s incredibly satisfying to load your pack up with dungeon loot, and then break it all down to craft fantastic equipment.

Ability morphing lets you hone your powers by adding special features to skills that may seem basic at first. Each class line contains ultimate abilities that can only be used for additional complexity and fun to combat. For my time on console, I piloted a heavily armored storm mage, who essentially turns into Emperor Palpatine, capable of electrocuting packs of enemies.

Voice chat is easy to access and use, though you may wish to turn it off in heavily populated areas. The game’s dungeon grouping system has improved some of the issues I had with risk/reward ratios during my first trek through ESO, but it’s still slightly frustrating that the group finder doesn’t simply match players and dump them directly into an instance – you still have to port around a bit to get to your final destination.

The crown shop contains a motley assortment of consumables and cosmetics for those that want to continue supporting the game after initial purchase. Things like pets, mounts, jester outfits, and other assorted items are available for a price. Players can also opt to sign up for “membership plus” which is essentially a subscription that provides crowns each month, and presumably other content offerings down the line.

Due to a comfortable control scheme and a buy-to-play model that takes the pressure out of being forced to “get the most efficiency” out of your playtime, Elder Scrolls Online is a solid fit for console – it’s far more fun to wander aimlessly, farm gobs of consumables and craftables, and spend thirty minutes trying to steal a goblet undetected if you’re not constantly thinking about a subscription fee ticking in the background.

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Making Credits with Crew Skills Guide

Credits are an essential component of SWTOR. Having lots of credits allows you to buy the finest weapons, the most useful gear, and the fastest vehicles. Players also are always in need of as many credits they can lay their hands on as that you need them to purchase any new or upgraded abilities as you gain levels. Without having ready access to gobs of credits, you’ll be questing on planets with shabby hand-me-down gear and antiquated weapons while traveling on foot to your destination while other players, loaded with credits, whizz past you on their fancy speeders, fully decked out with state-of-the-art stereos and rich Corinthian leather, with the glare of their shiny, new armor dazzling your eyes. Facts are facts: every player needs lots of credits and there are multiple ways to get your grubby little mitts on them, such as daily quests. One overlooked area to make some  SWTOR credits is by using your crew skills, and is here to show you how.

Overall, there are three ways to make credits in SWTOR by using crew skills, and they are by crafting, gathering skills, and mission skills. Right now, you’re saying, “But, Jeffprime, those are the three skill areas that make up crew skills in SWTOR!” Well, the short answer to that is…you’re absolutely right. Each differing aspect of crew skills can make you credits inSWTOR, with some bringing in more credits than others. However, to make credits with all three types of crew skills, you’ll need to be intimately familiar with the Galactic Trade Network.

Galactic Trade Network

The Galactic Trade Network is the auction house system in SWTOR and you will be using it constantly to line your pockets with credits. You can access the GTN by using the variouskiosks found in capital cities, your personal ship if you have high enough legacy, or on each faction’s fleet station. Using the auction system is a MUST if you are to make credits using your crew skills in SWTOR for a variety of reasons.
Knowing the Galactic Trade Network inside-and-out is key to making credits.

The first reason why you need to access the GTN in SWTOR is to illuminate the economic law of supply and demand. Look through the various crafting subcategories to see what’s available and what items are selling for. This can vary from server to server and will also change when updates occur that impact materials and gear that players are looking for. This is why I am not going to recommend specific crew skills to take as that what is considered the best ones can vary depending upon the server, demand, and any changes. Look at what’s in demand by players and what is selling for a high price and then fill that niche.

Once you’ve identified a need, then the other reason for using the GTN crops up, which is selling your goods on the auction house for lots of credits. You should never sell the fruits of your crew skills to a vendor. Put them up on the auction house for the maximum return you can get and start planning how to spend all those shiny new credits you’ll be getting. Now let’s look at using your crew skills to put stuff up for auction on the GTN in SWTOR.

Hint: When using the GTN to research prices, make sure you select a rarity level for the item type you are checking up on. Just leaving the rarity level to “any” does not enable a search, but by selecting a specific rarity level will allow you to do a search of the category and sub-category.

Gathering Crew Skills

There are four different gathering skills in SWTOR: archaeology, bioanalysis, scavenging, and slicing. All four skills can easily make you credits, but gathering skills do provide the lowest amount of return in credits. The reason for this is that most players have a gathering skill and any one that has a gathering crew skill can gather materials just by traveling across planets or defeating enemies. Since everyone can do it, the materials gathered by these crew skills tend to have the lowest demand. Still, you can make decent credits by selling gathered materials on the auction house, especially to high level players looking to quickly raise their crafting skills and not wanting to waste time running around gathering the needed components.

Hint: Archeology and slicing are two good gathering crew skills to generate credits. Archeology is useful in that most players on a server tend to be Force users. Slicing was recently nerfed, but is still a good crew skill for generating credits as you can easily sell lockboxes gained from missions for more than the cost of the mission required to get the lockbox.

Mission Crew Skills

The four mission skills in SWTOR are diplomacy, investigation, treasure hunting, and underworld trading. Mission crew skills can generate credit revenue in that you can acquire materials that can only be found from doing the missions and not found while questing across the galaxy. These materials tend to be rarer and are needed for the higher quality crafting recipes. Thus, these materials tend to sell for a higher price on the Galactic Trade Network. While it does cost money to send your companions on the missions, you will get a good return on your investment. As the old adage goes, you have to spend money to make money.
Make sure you send your companions out on missions for rare items to sell for big profits.

Companion gifts, which are not used for crafting, are a good item to sell on the GTN for a good amount of credits. While there are companion gift vendors, they only sell rank 1 and rank 2 gifts, so you can sell higher ranked companion gifts for a tidy profit. Rank 5 and above gifts sell for the most probably because lovelorn players are trying to hit that maximum affection level for a little romance.

Crafting Crew Skills

The biggest credit revenue generator is by using your crafting crew skills. There are six crafting skills in SWTOR: armormech, armstech, artifice, biochem, cybertech, and synthweaving. However, to make crafting worthwhile, you need to know the market and what players are looking for. Your best bet is to concentrate of end-game gear (armor, mods, augments, weapons, stims, medpacs, etc.) as that most players are able to keep current gear leveling up due to quest rewards and drops. However, once players hit level 50, then they really start looking to the auction house to equip themselves (and their companions) as best as they can while they’re grinding out recommendations for named gear. Plus, level 50 players tend to have a good amount of credits to spend on items.

Players need to be aware of vendor prices. If you’re selling stims or medpacs, make sure you’re selling them cheaper than a vendor. You also should also take into account of the supply and demand for particular items. As most servers have lots of Force users, there will be a greater demand for Force items. However, since there is such a high demand, chances are that there will be lots of people supplying items to fill that demand, which means that your selling price will be lowered as there will be lots of competition. If an area is being neglected, such as heavy armor, then it might behoove you to work in that field as the competition will be less and you can charge more for your items.
Poppa needs some fancy new duds! Keep crafting, minions!

As you can see, players can make lots of credits in SWTOR by using their crew skills to maximum advantage. The vital component of generating such credit revenue is by having a familiar knowledge of the Galactic Trade Network and recognizing what is in demand and what is not. Players can use their gathering crew skills and mission crew skills to make a nice profit. The biggest profit maker is by crafting, but in order to make gobs of credits, you’ll have to craft items that high level players are looking for. Keep an eye on the auction house, see what’s hot and in demand, and react accordingly. If you do so, soon you’ll be sipping drinks on your very own pleasure planet surrounded by a bevy of beautiful minions.

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Best time to buy safewow 10% off eso gold and learn ESO PvP Changes

Now, the Elder Scrolls Online is released on multiple platforms, but at the same time, most players lose their interests in Cyrodiil, because of the lack of fresh and winnable skills for players. In the coming days, there will be PvP overhauls and additions, including jump-to-friends option, Emperor System and more.
1. Address campaign guesting or jump-to-a-friend option

The upcoming update for ESO PVP will address players to take advantage of loose or nonexistent limits on things like Guest Campaign Reassignment and jump to a friend option. For the former, the cooldown on requests will be extended to four days. To switch the Home campaign, the cost is increased tenfold, and the cooldown will only be 12 hours. As for the latter, players will be able to bypass some of the restrictions on campaign guest assignments. But to return, a new cost of 150,000 AP is not just a drop in the bucket for all players. If you need, you can buy eso gold on Safewow then.

2. Address the problem of Emperor trading

In the past, the Emperor can be able to score a permanent set of buffs. But with this change, those buffs will now only last until the person is resigned. And players will still get the skill line but this won’t cost points. In some degree, Emperor will play fewer roles on PvP in the future ESO than before.

3. Address Forward Camps being set to return in some form

As we all known, forward camps dragged out battles and made death in PvP so trivial. Some people fear their return. So Zenimax should take its time and make sure the old issues are solved before re-implementing them.

In a word, Zenimax intends to give players more options in PvP of ESO. It is worth for you to test them out now. In your adventure, you can buy eso gold xbox on Safewow if you play on Xbox and need xbox eso gold in game. Have fun!

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The End of Swtor Season 5 Will Come with Ranked PVP Rewards & Game Update 3.3

The swtor season 5 is closely approaching. During the last short period, seize chance to prove your ability. Learn more about the rules of rewards and hop into hunting with cheap swtor credits. You may reach a hand to the Gladiatorial Nexu Mount at the end of the season, which will come with the game update 3.3!

Rules on the ranked rewards for Swtor Season 5

In early May, Bioware had announced that Gladiatorial Nexu Mount would be rewarded in Swtor Season 5 PvP, and you can click here to visit the original post on Swtor2credits for more details. Now here it is mainly about the rules of Rank. Basically, the rewards will be given based on the top ratings. Your highest-earned rating in the end of this season will determine your tie, and the higher your tier the more glorious your rewards! You can check the Warzone Rating and Stats page in the Warzone Queue GUI to check your highest-earned rating, but the ratings shown now are Current Ratings, the Highest Earned will be revealed once Season 5 has come to an end.

Game update 3.3 will come along with the end of season 5

It is good news that game update 3.3 will also come soon. During the two months before, Swtor2credits has represented many updates for swtor patch 3.3. For clarify, here we will give a brief summary based on important updates in patch 3.3.

1. Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockbox is an important addition to patch 3.3, allowing players to transfer Commentations to characters. Originally, the lockbox has a limitation on 99 comms, sold for 99 comms and grant 99 comms. After alive on PTS and feedback receiving, the Legacy Lockbox has been updated to be larger as100, 500, and 1000 to provide more convenience.

2. Season specific tokens are given in ranked matches to buy aesthetic rewards. The tier of rating and the number of medals you get will decide the amount of tokens that you get. Here you can see more details on PVP Updates & Ranked Changes for swtor patch 3.3.

3. A new Togruta Race is added, who are quiet and peaceful in usual days but fierce in combat. Besides, the new addition of Yavin stronghold is the biggest stronghold among all, providing players more hooks, rooms, decorations, etc. You can see more information about Yavin Stronghold and New Togruta Race here.

4. There are increased healing on the advanced class of Sith Inquisitor-Sorcerer and the advanced class of Jedi Consular-Sage. Click here to learn more and see if there is any change that you love!

More contents could be expected for Swtor patch 3.3, but now your top priority is to try all effort to reach the top ratings and win the season 5 rewards. For another view, it is also a warm-up for the playable patch 3.3. So take action with cheap swtor credits on Swtor2credits. May Force be with you, good luck!

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New Expansion of SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire

According to the official online website of Star Wars The Old Republic, the developers will glad to claims that in order to claim their brand new digital expansion: Knights of the Fallen Empire. Are you desired to exploring in the new expansion of Star Wars: The Old Republic? Ok, but you should know that to make the game more interesting, you had better buy some cheap swtor gold on the reliable online website, like


Knights of the Fallen Empire represent a totally new focus on BioWarestyle film stories in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Players’ character will become the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War who comes face-to-face with a new threat to the galaxy: the Emperor of the Eternal Throne.

That is not enough, this expansion also raises the Level cap to 65, and includes the option to create a Level 60 character! Developers are also transferring this story content in a way never before done in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Chapters. The first nine Chapters are going to be available at launch on October 27th, with new Chapters delivered in a regular way based on that.
Due to the release of Knights of the Fallen Empire, so almost all of the original eight Class stories will be developed and in a fundament, require a faster and more engaging playthrough for new and veteran players. In addition, many of our existing Flashpoints and Operations are being scaled to 60+, players will have many more Elder Game options when they up to Level 65. If you really need more SWTOR Gold for sale or more information of SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire, you can keep focus on

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They Their Cake & Ate It Too cheap runescape 2007 gold

During the annual cheap runescape 2007 gold RuneFest, RuneScape developers, fans and players celebrated the  game’s tenth anniversary having a cake, as though something different really should be eaten! The 80- pound cake featured a floating Citadel and various images evocative in the  decade-old game.

The castle cake was further enhanced with custom, dramatic LED lighting and real fog  from the hidden, food safe fog machine. RuneScape gold. The nearby environment have also been inhabited by ten, highly detailed characters in the game, like the popular  NPC’s including Blasidar, Grim Reaper, and the Fairy Queen. Once cut the wedding cake served  all 500 loyal fans as well as the Jagex staff.

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Professor pushes for rural doctors

A PATERNALISTIC health system that wasn’t looking after the needs of rural communities was the catalyst for the foundation dean of James Cook University’s medical school to begin a campaign to have the contributions of rural doctors recognised.

Professor Richard Hays was working as a GP in Emerald after an extraordinary series of events in which he was given a rural scholarship but appointed to a metropolitan hospital, when his social justice barometer began quivering.

Delivering the keynote address at the 26th annual conference of the Rural Doctors Association of Queensland in Cairns, Professor Hays told delegates his story to bring medical training to regional Queensland was intertwined with one of social justice, to see healthcare improve for north Queenslanders, especially indigenous communities.

"I gained competencies, became very interested in training and asked questions," he said. "I became aware that rural scholarships were not going to solve everything."

His efforts to develop rural generalist training were scoffed at by the medical establishment.

"There were many who argued the approach would only graduate barefoot unemployed doctors," he said. "There’s still conventional wisdom in some quarters that suggests that in order to be a good medical graduate
cheap ray bans of any kind you’ve got to be lectured by Nobel prize winners, and you’ve got to sit at the feet of the scientific experts and attend very narrow specialist centres in the big cities."

Longitudinal studies at JCU show the strategy of locating health professional programs in regional and rural areas, recruiting a lot of students from that pool, and combining that with curriculum, placement and role modelling is having the desired effect.

"We always said we wanted 50 per cent of our graduates to work in rural and regional areas and it’s actually higher than that which is great," Professor Hays said.

The model has been adopted internationally via faculty development in Thailand, the western Pacific and Canada.

Professor Hays cautioned that while a lot of money had been invested and the world was now a very different place, some data was showing
cheap ray bans the rural problem hadn’t all been solved.

"We need to think if the model we
replica ray ban sunglasses want is one of the 40 year veteran or not."

He added that rural workforce reforms were still fragile in the face of a government looking to make savings.

"JCU is the only program that’s been going long enough to show
cheap ray ban outlet evidence of success. There’s still work to be done to defend the expenditure."

Professor Hays believed intern and specialist training needed to be brought to regional and rural areas.

At the moment, doctors are leaving the north to get further training.

Queensland Country Life

Latest News

Kurdish forces accused of ethnic cleansing on Syria northern frontierCharleston shooting: ad underscores tragic depth of America gun cultureGreens Labor rejected Abbott government proposed pension changesWA ice taskforce launched as Waroona Police tweet about breakdancing meth userData tells all on road safety

Editor Picks

Radio hosts arrested for crimes against humourFooty HQ tipsters predict the SWFL ladder and finals resultsSearch warrant uncovers stolen items photoss pavilion, roads and events in Dardanup shire $43m budget Hayward Medal contenders, rising stars and unsung heroesRadio hosts arrested for crimes against humourMore taxis on the cards for Margaret RiverFooty HQ tipsters predict the SWFL ladder and finals resultss pavilion, roads and events in Dardanup shire $43m budget Hayward Medal contenders, rising stars and unsung heroesArticles Connexes:

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Flavelle Sawmill fire cause unknown

The cause of a stubborn fire at the Flavelle Sawmill in Port Moody that took crews more than 12
fake ray bans hours to douse may never be known.

A day following the Wednesday morning blaze, Port Moody fire chief
cheap ray bans Remo Faedo said at this point the cause of the fire was unknown and will be difficult to determine.

"We couldn’t even see the fire, but it was a very
discount ray bans significant fire, it burned for a very long time and it was very difficult to get to," he told the Tri Cities NOW, noting the fire was burning in a confined space underneath the planer mill.

In all, 30 plus firefighters were called in to fight the blaze at the 100 year old mill.

Last year, the company was planning to add a third shift to the mill, with intentions to returning the mill to a 24/7 operation.

While representatives for the company said they are not exactly sure of
cheap ray bans the next steps since investigators are still sifting through the site, the owner does intend to rebuild the damaged area.

Bruce Gibson, a spokesperson for the mill, noted the damage was contained to the basement of the planer mill and didn’t spread to the equipment, but the degree of damage to area and or what is required for repairs is unknown.Articles Connexes:

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Box Office Mom

Sexual Content: MildCamp for a demigod is not all fun and games. Percy Jackson, the half
cheap ray ban outlet human son of Poseidon, and his best friends; Annabeth (Athena’s daughter) and Glover (a satyr)
fake ray bans are back at Camp Half Blood. Initially things were going well, until a mechanical bull stormed into the camp and broke the barrier that protected the demigods from strangers entering into the camp. To save their home, Percy and his friends embarked on dangerous mission to
replica ray bans the Sea of Monsters (Bermuda Triangle). Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, based on Rick Riordan’s fantasy books series, is the sequel to Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief. Great parent/child conversations.

The Percy Jackson book series is very popular with elementary school children. Parents need to be aware of the violent content that may scare young kids.

Sexual Content: NoneLuke, Percy’s friend who turned into an enemy, attacked Camp Half Blood with a mechanical bull. The bull tore up the camp, but Percy stopped the bull by jabbing a sword down his throat.

There were several battles with fist fights and weapons.

A Cyclops attacked Percy and friends, though they escaped without injury.

Percy and another character were eaten by a monster. To escape, they used a special gun to blow a hole in the monsters stomach.

Kronos, Poseiden’s evil father, attacked anyone he could get his claws on, he even ate an innocent victim.

We saw a flashback that involved Percy and his friends as children. They were chased by a monster in the forest; this may scare youngsters.

"D mn," and "b ch," are said.

Name calling such as; "stupid," and "moron."

We saw characters drinking wine.

Overall Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is a wonderful action packed film, one that elementary kids and pre
discount ray bans teens will enjoy. Parents need to be aware of the moderate violence throughout the film.Articles Connexes:

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Best time to Transfer SWTOR Character and gain free 5% bonus swtor credits

Bioware has announced that over 90% discounts will be offered for swtor character transfers for a while from June 23. But is it a big gain for all players to transfer character at a low price, or actually a loss due to failure of transferring contents and decorations of Legacy storage to new server?

Details about character transfers with over 90% off

According to the officials, this promotion is held in honor of the new digital expansion-Knights of the Fallen Empire. To celebrate its’ announcement, over 90% discounts will be provided for all players (including new player, an old subscriber coming back, or a player who has been around a while), on June 23 and lasts for a limited time. Once the discount available, you will pay only 90 Cartel Coins for each character transfer.

Disadvantages of the character transfers promotion

Firstly, according to some players, the promotion will rip active servers, such as PoT5 and Jung ma, due to its low cost to move to new server. “This is not the proper way to give Pot5 and Jung Ma players a better population.” There are 40-70 active players on Pub fleet during prime time, and when players PVP sometimes they still end up with pub vs pub. But this promotion will kill it more, so it would be better if they only encouraged new players to hop on it.

Secondly, there will be more loss if you transfer your entire guild with the 99 cartel coins promo. The database for your character was made long before guildships and strongholds existed. Therefore, guildships and strongholds technically cannot transfer over because no one “owns” the ship and its decorations, you have to take them down and buy a new ship on the new server whereas the same goes for strongholds but your legacy does have the number of decorations, and you just need to re-decorate. Simply said, everything transfers except the contents of Legacy storage and the decoration state of your Strongholds, so you keep unlocked Legacy storage bays and unlocked stronghold. Thus, the millions of swtor credits us would be required to dump into the guild.

Ideas to deal with the problems on servers and guild

Due to the server issue, someone suggests that Bioware should makes servers merged. While considering the guild problem, providing a paid flagship/guild bank transfer would be more acceptable. However, these are all players’ ideas that haven’t been adopted, so the most useful suggestion should be making a level 1 character and asking someone for flagship/stronghold access and check the GTN of servers yourself.

The low cost is still attractive, especially for those who eager to move to new servers with their friends. In fact, there are still pros of transferring it during promo activity. So if you also wait for its’ coming, make sure to know well about disadvantages & advantages, and then take suitable measure to maximize your benefit. For your game enjoy, you can buy cheap swtor credits with 5% free bonus on Swtor2credits!

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