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In 2017 ,the RuneFest project is here, we published the Deadman Fall Invitational and Deadman Winter’s required changes for runescape 2007 gold you.Please read the following details carefully.The Deadman Winter Season is starting nowThe Deadman Winter Season is now live! Play now and qualify in the top 2,000 by 26th October for your chance to play in the Deadman Winter Invitational! So catch the good chance and read the following details carefully.It’t has made a lot of changes,wil making it more wonderful, Deadman Winter will become a crazy play and watch experience.If you can’t to wait,You can watch all the actions on Twitch in the next few weeks.

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RuneFest shields

RuneFest hit us on Saturday, September 23, and we released a new make-up shield this year. This gorgeous shield does not provide defensive statistics, purely for fashion. Shields are for those who attend RuneFest, as well as those on runescape to adjust the flow all day (although I’m sure the project code will not be found in the public domain at any time!). Those who get the code will be able to exchange with Diango in the village of Drayo.

This year’s RuneFest is the oldest of the old school. We are directing more stage time and old school – especially the next 12 months not to be missed! More information about RuneFest can be found in this newspaper, please refer to the following schedule information.

Dead fall and winter

Today we have implemented a mechanism to promote the last hour. For all the information about the autumn invitations, check out this newspaper to clarify the insider that may be our most ambitious final.

Winter will start at the end of the fall invitations. Will make a series of changes to ensure that the season remains fresh and competitive. More information can be found in this newspaper, and further clarification later today.Please also note that in order to prepare Deadman winter start, many new worlds will emerge in the world. They will show off the line, which is intended as they will be at the beginning of the season.

Halloween skin vote

This year we have try our best to design Halloween activities. Although we will put the story of the event together, we hope to provide a new color, as the completion of the activities of the reward.You can choose from blue, green, or a purple? So give your choice on this strawpoll.

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Golden Glow

From now on until Monday 16th October at 23:59, only just win yellow rarity prizes or better on Treasure Hunter.

This week the Golden Glow has settled. you will see all white prizes on the ticker be replaced with yellow prizes. You can see all the prizes on the ticker have reached the minimum of orange rarity, even the lowest red.


Now, you can enjoy NovtumberFest and the event will last four weeks. There are plenty of prizes waiting for you.

What is NovtumberFest?

NovtumberFest is the way for Lumbridge residents celebrate.Russet leaves are falling when the Beach Party once thronged.and the inhabitants are taking their gloves and scarves out of storage for another brisk,spent the autumn.How wind or cold can not dampen their spirits. They’re ready to celebrate,it is NovtumberFest.

The most special is no limit, you can participate in the random, you can also participate in the upper limit. The most special is no limit, you can participate in the random, you can also participate in the upper limit. If you also can join with your friends, RS will provide a range of NovtumberFest theme pets, animals, clothing, equipment and ” party animal “title. Therefore, you need more Cheap Runescape Gold on Rsorder.com, we give you the most smooth service.

At the end of Halloween, this year’s focus is on storytelling. You will find sad stories around the world and fix them to help them rest.Novemberfest is the theme of Oktoberfest. May be able to join the latest epic bars around the world. The most important thing is a lot of rewards waiting for.Do you look forward to be in October? In the future will certainly continue to update,in order to play well in the game,You need to prepare more Runescape 2007 Gold , you can check rsorder ,whenever you need to buy safe Rs Gold, our live chat is 24/7 online.

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If you are a mid-level player, it’s better to kill the boss General Graardor and get Bandos armour and Bandos Godsword reward. And there is plenty of runescape 3 gold for sale on Rs3gold.com.
Bandos’ Stronghold is situated at the north-west corner of the God Wars dungeon. Before entering, you are require 70 strength and a hammer. Wearing a Zamorakian item, a shard of Zaros or a piece of Torva, Pernix or Virtus equipment can easily defend Zamorakian followers in the Stronghold.
For mid-level players, go to Stronghold where a number of Jogres and Cyclops are located to get killcount. While for higher level players, go outside the entrance to the Stronghold with Bandosian followers. Entering the safe waiting room before defeating Graardor requires you 40 killcount.
General Graardor has three special attacks that can be identified by Graardor calling out before initiating one, they are as follows:
1. Graardor mad: Graardor starts to swipe the area in front of him, causing significant damage to anyone that happens to be there. During this attack it is still possible to attack him from behind to avoid the damage.
2. Graardor smash: Graardor will slam the floor which causes the ceiling to collapse. The best thing to do here is watch for the shadows on the floor and run, getting hit by these will deal over 1000 lifepoints of damage per hit and they can quite easily kill you. If you are in a team, it is a good idea for each teammate to stay away from each other for the duration of the attack to prevent the rocks destined for you, hitting them. Graardor can use this attack repeatedly, leaving little time to recoup any lost health. Players using magic, and to an extent melee, can perform “hit and run” attacks during this attack however it can be risky.
3. Graardor protect: Graardor protects himself and reflects any damage dealt back on the player for half damage regardless of combat style. Players should avoid attacking Graardor during this time.
After defeating General Graardor, you can get a piece of Bandos armour or a piece of the Bandos Godsword. What’ more, you can also unlock three abilities through the Bird and the Beast world event by killing Graardor.

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Hello Men! Just this particular week, we are here for that new players in order to introduce a tome content material value added, such as Fletching, tasks, armor and so forth. You can additionally join our brand new seasonal games. The Russian foliage that were exploded by the actual beach party had been falling, and the occupants of Lumbridge had been taking their mitts and scarves from the store, one after another for that autumn season.

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Regardless, there is very little wind and chilly can suppress their own spirits. They will be ready to celebrate again – this really is NovtumberFest! In the most recent feast of the most recent art, the next a month, a lot associated with pints and eye-catching ledshosen are readily available.

What are the activities of the adventurers?

You can train the abilities of the collecting – from murder to prayer, harvesting to summon — no entrance charge, no xp loath. More roaming, solitary wolf type Look out for Gunther’s shopping trolley, and trouble each and every three hours within the free game region. XP will circulation for adventurers as well as help him away!

Will there be any reward for this event?

Of course you will see reward! In addition to using the opportunity to utilize your friends, we will provide a variety of NovtumberFest theme domestic pets, animals, clothing, equipment and “party animals” for individuals who give it all totally free. We are opening lots of content to release the ball player. RuneScape is really easier to share something. Lastly, we wish you best of luck! rsorder have safer, cheap RS 2007 gold, RS 3 gold along with other products, you are liberated to buy!

From October 16 onwards, there will be a new free game mode. In two weeks of zombie festivals, they focus on fighting, making and collaborating. In the game, everyone can get points from killing various zombie types or finding unique devices. And finally get more points, you can invite a unique end. October 28 will host the grand final. Only one player will stand out and get a unique prize and glorious recognition

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Content and Environment

Hurry up to buy neverwinter astral diamond to experience the new Patch Notes, The first one is Chult

  • Heart of Darkness: Players who disconnect or change maps during the “Continue through the Chultan Jungle” objective no longer become stuck.
  • House of the Crocodile: It should now be more difficult for this quest to become stuck.
  • House of the Crocodile: When playing as a group, the “Gather your party” circle to enter the fight against Ras Nsi now properly functions.
  • Hunt targets now drop lore entries when defeated.
  • Repeatable Adventure quest map transitions now state the name of the quest on their interaction tooltip.
  • Templar Rescue: Rescued templars no longer seem to stutter in their running animation.
  • Volo no longer gestures while still holding a book open in one hand.

Port Nyanzaru

  • Mounted guards no longer attack training dummies.
  • Known Issue: While they wait for their mounts to return from training, the guards on either side of the Merchant Prince’s Villa are currently sitting on the ground.
  • Players can no longer get stuck between the entry door and invisible collision.

Tomb of the Nine Gods

  • Avatar of Orcus will now reset in any case where it is pulled out of its arena, or where it takes damage from a source outside the arena.
  • Ras Nsi will more consistently drop loot.? This boss was previously reported to fail to drop loot in cases of high lag
  • Note: There are still reports of seals dropping less consistently than standard bosses.


  • Summer Festival: The profession tasks to make Guild Feasts are now properly repeatable.
  • Portobello’s Game: Artificer’s Workshop: The final Beholder Tank click should no longer become stuck in a non-interactable state.


  • River District no longer doubles up on Ritual Timers.
  • Sea of Moving Ice: A treasure chest beneath an overturned, wrecked sea vessel can now be claimed.
  • The barkeep in Protector’s Enclave once again sells beverages.
  • The frame rate in Fangbreaker Island should no longer take a major hit when the Dragon Turtle uses its Body Slam ability.

Combat and Powers

  • Charm of the Serpent: This artifact no longer double-casts under certain circumstances.
  • Charm of the Serpent: This artifact is no longer affected by cooldown reduction effects.


Classes and Balance

  • Devoted Cleric
  • Empowered Bonuses: Break the Spirit, Forgemaster’s Flame, Sun Burst, and Warding Flare should once again properly apply their Empowered bonuses.
  • Exaltation and Divine Glow: Players should no longer sometimes lose half of their expected Action Point gain when casting these powers on high-Deflect targets.
  • Shared Burdens should no longer cause invalid deflections.
  • Aura of Despair should no longer cause invalid deflections
  • Soul Puppets should no longer disappear as soon as they’re summoned


  • Netherese Warlock: This companion’s Active Companion Bonus no longer deals decreased damage when weapon enhancements are equipped.

Mounts and Insignias

  • Magistrate’s Restraint: This insignia bonus’ tooltip has been shortened to properly fit into the UI.? No changes to the power were made.

Item Powers

  • Chicken Voodoo Doll: This item’s ability now properly displays an error message when it fails.
  • Executioner’s Black Attire: This gear’s powers no longer deal decreased damage when weapon enhancements are equipped.
  • Greater Everfrost Shirt and Pants should not cause players to incorrectly enter combat.
  • Ring of the Curse Bringer applies Partial Paralysis less frequently. (It had previously applied more frequently than expected.)


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For those that have ventured to the new lands of Chult in hopes of fame and riches, Buy neverwinter astral diamond to win the Awards on Port Nyanzaruthis excitement is quickly banked with the knowledge that this isn’t just the lands of wonders, but of darkness and danger.? And in this land of peril, the locals are more than willing to pay adventurers to stay and protect their homes from the dangers that threaten their gates.

One Merchant Prince’s Folly is Another Man’s Profit

Port Nyanzaru is known for its ability to survive any assault or skirmish that comes its way.However, that does not mean it comes away unscathed.? As the beasts and creatures of the jungles send their all to take Port Nyanzaru, only the most formidable defenders will be able to send them fleeing back into the jungles.? In the rush and havoc of battle, the Batiri and yuan-ti alike tend to lose valuable items and even powerful artifacts. Rumors have it that the gravemasters and yuan-ti carry with them ancient Skull Lord staffs, artifacts said to have been lost to time.?

After a skirmish, the more confused and docile dinosaurs and Batiri mounts are left in the dust to be claimed and tamed by the citizens.? Mounts aren’t the only things the Batiri leave behind.? Known to desert their weaker brethren, it is no surprise to find Batiri mindlessly wondering the streets after an attack.? These little guys are quick to find new allies and even make acceptable guides and valuable companions to those that traverse the jungles.

Heading Back Home to Regroup

One thing learned from Chult is that a warrior is never too prepared.? And as those that braved and survived their time abroad come back to their homes and strongholds, they bring with them the desire to be better.? But that desire isn’t the only thing that came back from Chult.? With the trades opening to Chult, one may find more unique items available in certain traveling merchants’ stores.? And don’t forget that every good traveler brings back keepsakes from their travels, and Chult has an assortment of flags and jungle themed décor to spruce up the walls and halls of the Strongholds.

As the exotic and magical gear of Chult made its way to Neverwinter, some of the armorers in the Trade of Blades have attempted to craft similar magical sets of armor.? Not quite the durability or aesthetic of the exotic gear, this new Strategist gear is better equipped for a good tussle testing skills against other adventurers.? With this new armor in the Blades store, as well as new ‘management’, the Trade of Blades will be full of adventurers attempting to dominate the arenas.? With all these rewards available, now is the best time to find out who the better hero of Neverwinter is.?

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Requirements: level 25 magic,soft clay,lay rune,fire rune,air rune,any lectern.
Recommendations:Air Staff,Duel Ring,House Telport.
About 40k exp,per hour and profit about 240k+GP per hour.

2 Tanning Green Dragonhide
Requirements: no real Requirements.
Recommendations:Stamina potions or energy potions,weight-reducing gear,atleast 1mill. but 500k wil get your by.
Profit:About 400k+per hour

3 Collecting White Berries
Requirements:Regicide,start of mourning’s,ends part 1,level 51 agility,antipoisons and food
Profit: about 600k gp per hour.

4 Collecting Mort Myer Funqus
Requirements:Preist in peril,nature spirit till, the bessed sickle,level 40 magic,60% favour in arceuus house for salve graveyard teleport decent prayer level morytania legs 3 or 4.

Profit: about 800-900k gp per hour.

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Now the Volcano has been playing for a few weeks, and more players have buy runescape 2007 gold unlocked the requirements of Kudos, and we have made some changes based on community feedback.So please read the following details carefullyJagex said early that they only return items due to technical problems or disruption of services resulting in loss of items. They are unable to return any lost items if a third-party gaining access to your account.

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Volcanic Mine Some Changes and Improvements

1.If the volcano is particularly stable, you will find that the number of meteorites and earthquakes is now much lower.

2.Players can now in the moon magic book to solve the “fertile soil” upgrade version, spent 40,000 volcanoes. This spell requires volcanic ash and runes. The players in their inventory without ash will cast the normal fertile soil spells.

3.Now you can purchase a 10,000-point heat-resistant container capacity upgrade from Petrified Pete.

4.We changed the form of debris in the volcano mine. As people go to the final stage, they are increasingly focused on digging the early stages of the rock.

5.In the mining of volcanic rocks found in the boulders before, we greatly improved the chance to get fossils.

6.Will be a boulder dug into the whirlpool of the volcano, and now will give all players an extra 100 points (as long as they are below the mine).

7.We reduced the experience of volcanic mines by 10%.

8.Many items of the volcano mine’s shop are reduced by about 30%.

Next week is the “customer service week”, which means that we are concerned about the security of the account! We have 16 additional bank reserve for the most secure players, you can get 8 spaces to get the bank PIN, you can set up by talking to any banker, and 8 more for Authenticator! This applies to members and F2P.

In the Q & A process on October 4, we will join Mod Stevew, who will test the old school team and test their account security knowledge! For those who are difficult to answer the question, there will be a failure, so you can help them to chat or sit down and watch them suffer – choose yours!Do not forget, you can also at any time through the Lumbridge Graveyard Count Check for account security advice. He can “check” your account securely and provide a one-time free remote delivery to secure cave where you can learn more about protecting your account from online dangers.

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Improved Volcanic Mine

According to the player’s feedback, made some improvements

1. You can lift the upgraded version of the fertile soil spells on the lunar spellbook and get 40,000 points. (note: needs Volcanic ash and the runes to cas)

2. Get rewards with an additional 100 points from mining a boulder to the whirlpool in the Volcanic Mine.

3. Mine XP has been polished by 10% .

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