What should features in FIFA 14 be carried over FIFA 15

With the approaching of FIFA 15, every fan has created a FIFA 15 in his mind, and what features in FIFA 14 do you want to add I FIFA 15? Given the increase of the demand for cheap FIFA Ultimate Team coins for sale, gold4fans will spare no efforts to meet your needs.  Gold4fans have full stock of FIFA 14 coins for sale: http://www.gold4fans.com/

What should features in FIFA 14 be carried over FIFA 15?


1. No formation cards. Without formation cards, fans can be able to change formations on whim. Before this, some people claim that EA should carry this policy to FUT 13.


2. Ability to see player’s stats for your club. With this ability, you can decide which player is more suitable to your club.


3. Trading through the official mobile app and web app. Using web App and mobile App is more convenient to trade. But it seems some people have a bias for Web App. They think mobile app is ok for FIFA 14 trading, but web app has been broken by auto-buyers.


4. Career mode. Career mode in FIFA Ultimate Team is very popular, so in FIFA 15, more focuses should be fixed on it. For example, a better functioning GTN and more financial control of the club should be added in FIFA 15 career mode.


What features should be cut down in FIFA 15?


No more auto recording clips. A number of people reflect that the auto recording clips bother them, because the clips they want to view are usually hidden by others.

Even someone spent about a half an hour in going through and deleting it, but there is nothing to change. Sometimes, when your goalkeeper makes a diving save, it just gives an opponent a chance to score an open goal. Ironically, it will automatically record the moment when your opponent runs around to celebrate it.

Given this situation, more people think it is better to cut down this function.


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Learn The Best DPS Build for Wildstar Stalker and enjoy cheap wildstar platinum

In the Wildstar PVE, the Stalker single damage is the best. I have experienced three classes, one is Esper, the another is Spellslinger. On the speed of leveling up, Stalker would be the fastest! Now, i’m glad to share my Build share with you.

First, if Stalker want to maximize the DPS need the continuous Suit Power to support it. This build today i shared is about recovering Suit Power as the first point!

Shred: The only one AP skill which is no cooldown and never consume Suit Power. When lack of Suit Power, you completely should depend on this skill to create dame.

Impale:The main damage skill has great effect if behind or in stealth. After upgraded to T8, it will cost reduce to 30 suit power.

Analyze Weakness: cost 15 suit power, after upgraded to T4, when the mark is consumed, regenerate 10 suit power every 5 seconds.

Neutralize: The necessary AOE skill for group monsters. After upgraded to T4, it costs 15 Suit Power at first, then use it again within 8 seconds it would increase 5 Suit Power.

Punish: No consumption, can use it after landing a critical hit. When Suit Power under 50%, use it can regenerate 30 Suit Power.

Assault: The AMP Point of increasing 30% Brutality and 12% AP are the necessary
Hybrid A/S: Stealth Mastery, after Stealth, the cooldown of all skills reduce 3 second. Unfair Advantage, under Stealth, the first attack cost reduced 8 Suit Power.

Utility: Assassin, after 3s, taking damage will no longer break you out of stealth.

R (Stealth) ->Analyze Weakness (Mark) -> Impale (second times attack) -> Punish (recovery Suit Power) -> Impale (attack once) -> R, AMP (cooldown skill) -> Neutralize (critical damage) -> Shred (critical hit) -> Punish (recovery Suit Power) -> Impale
1.When you use stealth, the enemies in the front of you can notice you, while if you at the behind of enemies, you can create critical hit!
2. Don’t use Impale after monster8, although there are 50% extra damage, there is less damage at early stage.

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How to Farm Bounty-only Legendary Items and diablo paragon level the Quickest Way on Diablo 3 RoS

Aside from the great gold rewards from Diablo 3 RoS bounties, there are some awesome Legendary Items found in Horadric Caches. One of these is the Ring of Royal Grandeur that reduces by 1 the number of items you need in a set to activate the set bonus.

Another awesome item is the Pauldrons of the Skeleton King, which acts like a monk’s Near-death Experience passive. When you die, you can proc back to 25% life and instantly make your enemies flee.

But completing Horadric Cache quests can take quite a while especially if you don’t know how to optimize your runs.

1. Play with a party that has killed the most monsters in the least amount of time. You’d need a set of players with enough skill to go through mobs and monsters on their own. If you plan to play in a party, make sure that you all have roughly the same skill, level and gear setup so no one feels left behind or dragged down.

2. Once a bounty starts, separate and finish all the Bounties you can at the same time. If you have the same skill, gear and level, you’ll finish roughly at the same time then meet up for the last missions. This cuts down the time spent getting the cache at the end of the Bounty.


3. Do not open any chests or destroy urns, jars or vessels. Keep in mind that you’re farming the item in the cache and not anything else. Unless you’re required by the bounty to open the chest, leave it alone. This tip relies on a theory that the longer you go without a Legendary item drop, the chances of getting an item in the cache at the end of the Bounty rises. While this hasn’t been proven, I’ve acquired the item I wanted from the cache within three full Bounties playing with this theory in mind.

4. Do not open the caches at once. While the items are rolled when you receive the Horadric Cache, it’s better not to waste time opening bags and instead wait for at least 5 loot bags. This way, your Legendary Item drop is still high when you open them and you may get two rings or Legendary Items to choose from when you open a lot of bags.

I have used this method and was able to farm a Ring of Royal Grandeur from just three bags. I got my ring just under 2 hours of farming with my non-DPS monk.


Try this method out and leave me a comment on how it works! I just have to remind you that RNG may not always be on your side and this method was determined mostly by Diablo 3 RoS theory crafters.


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Will Araxxor Boss cause Price Increase of RS Gold?

As we have waiting for such a long time, Araxxor boss is finally going to meet with us. According to Jagex, Araxxor is going to arrive the week after next with a bunch of drops for you. There is no doubt that a new releasing can influence many things in runescape, such as Legacy Mode. Well, Araxxor is certainly no exception. Do you think the release of Araxxor will cause the increase of runescape gold? many rs 3 gamers buying rs 3 gold for legacy mode at : http://www.gold4fans.com/Gold/RS.aspx

How to fight Araxxor in runescape?

One of Araxxor’s attacks include the spider engulfing the player in a cocoon, dealing rapid damage (around 175-200 per tick) until the player is able to free themselves.
For fighting against it, you may able to burn a web to cause Araxxor to run away, which also causes spiders to run away from the player. However, this does random damage and has an unknown effect yet. Beside, Araxxor can also have minions aid it in its battle against the players in rs.
Therefore, since Araxxor is allowed to fight alone or with a friend, you are suggested to join the fight with your friends.

What drops can you get by fighting Araxxor in runescape?

This new boss can drop some truly awe-inspiring loot, including new level 90 two-handed weapons, one for each combat style, which will be dropped in parts, along with a new pet.
Excited? Also, do you know that Araxxor even has 23 various mechanics, which is much more than Vorago’s. You will be able to find it in deepest, darkest Morytania.

Will the release of Araxxor causes the price increase of RS gold?

Each of the little updates in runescape can make a huge change, let alone Araxxor boss, which we have been waited for months.
As we can see, the drops from Araxxor are really attractive, which means the boss will be really difficult to defeat. Based on that, lots of players will start right now to get themselves ready with sufficient runescape gold. Based on a large number of demands, will the price of rs gold increased?

Obviously, it’s now hard to say whether the release of Araxxor in runescape will cause the price increase of rs gold, but it’s always better to prepare in advance. Besides, we can now offer you an extra coupon especially for runescape 3 gold. What are you waiting for? Preparing sufficient rs gold to get ready for Araxxor!

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Why not to get 10% off wildstar gold no profit sale on safewow.com

After months of coyly playing with our emotions, Carbine revealed the final two races in wildstar gold at San Diego Comic Con today. The Chua will join up with the Dominion, and the Mordesh are siding with the Exiles. Read on for more information and pictures of each race.
Nearly as brilliant as they are sociopathic, the Chua are mischievous inventors of advanced weapons and technology for the Dominion, and join the previously announced Cassian, Draken and Mechari races. The Mordesh are the newest addition to the Exiles; cursed with a degenerative disease, these space zombies have become masters of artifice and deception, plying their dark arts to wreak vengeance on their Dominion enemies along with their allies – The Aurin, Humans and the Granok. The lore behind the Chua and Mordesh offers players greater insight into how these two races are also part of the ongoing power struggle between the Dominion and the Exiles, and their intentions for the legendary planet Nexus, the setting for WildStar, and the secrets left there by the ancient Eldan civilization. Chua Discovered by Mechari observers in the early years of the Dominion, the Chua of the forest world Bezgelor displayed from the start an uncanny grasp of science and mechanical engineering. Introduced to several examples of simple Dominion technology, the Chua zealously industrialized their home until verdant forests were replaced with factories and tranquil pastures were reduced to dustbowls of ash. The Chua joined the Dominion out of a need for resources that their own ruined world could no longer provide and for the past 1,000 years have created advanced weapons and technology for the empire Wildstar Gold.
On Nexus, the Chua look forward to exploiting the planet’s legendary natural and technological resources while devising new and exciting ways to destroy their enemies. Mordesh The Mordesh of planet Grismara once were the envy of the galaxy. Their refinements in alchemy – driven by the great Grismaran alchemist Victor Lazarin – produced an elixir that was said to grant immortality. Distributed worldwide, the elixir eventually became unstable, causing those afflicted to physically degenerate and lapse into a mindless cannibalistic rage. The destruction that followed put the civilization a hairsbreadth from extinction and caused the Dominion to institute a brutal and uncompromising quarantine. While Lazarin created a vaccine for the disease, the Mordesh turned to the Exiles, who smuggled them piecemeal through the Dominion blockade. Forced by dwindling numbers and a hunted status, the Mordesh resorted to artifice and deception. Now seen by the Exiles as an unsavory, but necessary evil, they look to ply their dark arts on Nexus and wreak vengeance on the Dominion who deserted them.

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WildStar Ulitimate Quest Analysis with cheap wildstar gold

we are here today to discuss the ultimate quests guide in WildStar in various kinds. May it help you enjoy the game better. And welcome to contact us when you need further guide in WildStar. Now you can buy cheap wildstar gold at http://www.wsoplat.com/.

1. Dialogue Quests
The most important effect of this quest is to promote the development of the game, and it is also an original way to farm maps

2. Collection quests.
These quests include two kinds, collection and collection after downing a certain amount of monster. We now need to use some tools and the shortcut key for it is T. it is relatively a new thing in MMORPG. Target at the items you want to collect with the requirements, everything would be just be fine. Most of the quests can be completed according to the map tips. But there are also some quests only offers us a certain area. So, from its details, we can see the efforts that the game developer puts in it is really big.

Such as Wigwalli Treasure, you need to move to where wigwalli treasure proximity is bigger than 90, and then begin the dig, thus we can find the quests items.
3. Buy WildStar Items
When the quest reminder is on the Merchant, open the shopping window and then click the “+” under it, you will see the showing items are those you need to buy there.


5. Team Rrecruitment.
When your level is similar to the quest level especially when your level is still low, you shouldn’t be sure that you can conquer it all by yourself, find some team members to support each other.

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EA FIFA World Cup Tournament on PS 4

Although some players missed World Cup tournament on PS 4, you can buy fut 14 ps4 coins for new round of tournaments. Character Messi and Naymar have been added in the Team of Tournament.

EA FIFA World Cup Tournament on PS 4

EA FIFA World Cup has ended on Xbox one, PS 3 and PS 4, but some players claims that there is on World Cup tournament on PS4. Actually, there is no World Cup mode indeed, there was a separate “Fifa World Cup 2014″ game released for Xbox 360, which has all the tournament modes.
Fortunately, you now have a chance to join in the FIFA tournament with many famous stars, like Messi and Naymar.

The Team of the Tournament

Each week, the Team of Week gathers the best football players all over the world to challenge in FIFA 14 Ultimate teams. Following the 2014 World Cup, a special tournament team has been built, and Messi and Naymar has been added into this squad, and the goal keeper is German Manuel Neuer.
Thus, all fans in Fifa 14 can experience an international football pageant. If you have missed FIFA World Cup Tournament, this is the best opportunity to make it up.

Messi, the FIFA 15 cover star

Except for the amazing Fifa 14 tournament, FIFA 15 will land on September 26 first in UK, and Messi is its global cover star. This will be the fourth time for Messi to act as EA FIFA cover star, after featuring on FIFA Street, FIFA 13, and FIFA 14.
Messi should take this role, because he always perform well. During the World Cup, he won four Man of the Match awards, scored four times and received the Golden Ball award for best player of the tournament.
Looking at the poster of FIFA 15, I believe a majority of fans cannot wait for the launch of FIFA 15.

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Safewow Cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamond For Previewing Scourge Warlock On July 18

Good news for all Neverwinter adventurers, delightful details for the Scourage Warlock will be released on Friday, July 18th at 5:00-6:00 PM PDT on Neverwinter official twitch channel with a Warlock-themed “Play With the Devs” event on the Neverwinter Preview server. Safewow offers players cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamonds without posting fees during July 10-20. Save 10% -12.5 % right now.

How do the Scourge Warlock come to be on the continent of Faerun?

As the newest class for Neverwinter, Scourage Warlocks are actually powerful spellcasters who have made bargains with Dark Patrons to fuel their infernal powers. They specialize in decimating and destroying foes with eldritch power.

In the world of Neverwinter, this translates into a powerful damage dealer who focuses on particular foes and uses his Curses to deal decimating blows to the target. Warlocks of Neverwinter are members of infernal Pacts, channeling the power of devils and nine Hells into their foes as well as leaving scorched earth in their wake.

What do the Scourge Warlocks do in Neverwinter?

In Neverwinter, the Scourge Warlords are given Scourge Warlocks several unique play styles and allow them to fill a variety of roles on a team while they are focusing on dealing damage. In particular, they can follow one of three possible feat trees: Fury, Damnation, and Temptation. Now learn more details of each feat one by one.

1. Fury: A Fury Scourge Warlock destroys his foes with fire and death, cursing his foes and then decimating them with his most powerful spells, leaving them a smoking husk.

2. Damnation: A Damnation Scourge Warlock controls a Soul Puppet to empower himself and destroy his foes, eventually making this puppet a permanent part of his arsenal. While his Soul Puppet is active he is a much more potent combatant who can destroy enemies at various distances.

3. Temptation: A Temptation Scourge Warlock binds the souls of his enemies and his allies to steal the very life force from his foes to heal his allies. He also commands several auras that bolster nearby allies or weaken nearby enemies.

With all these features, the Scourge Warlocks can fill roles as primar damage dealers and support casters who empower their allies as well as command a Soul Puppet by their Patron fight alongside them and augment their own combat abilities. Meanwhile, Scourge Warlocks have access to the Hellbringer paragon path, which summons fier horrors and opening Gates to the Nine Hells to destroy and consume all who stand before them.

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Customers’ big day is coming! Here is a really cool news for hot summer: From now on, all our items in wsoplat.com has 10% off promotions! Just prepare some cheap WS gold and gear for yourself with this good opportunity, then go and have a nice wildstar trip!

What’s the deadline about this activity?

For this hot summer’s sake, this activity will last for a month . That is to say, from now on, you can buy anything in our wsoplat with extra 10% discount until to the Aug 10th. Take the time, take the chance, enjoy the cheapest price we offer you.

How to join this activity?

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What is worthy to buy except for the cheap price?

There is a common saying that “cheapest is the dearest”. But we are aim at overturning this traditional concept. We are trying our best to give our customers the best service with cheapest price. It’s including the fast delivery which can deliver the order within 10 minutes, safe wildstar gold which is hand-made by our game experts and 24/7 Online Live Help which can help you to figure out every problem. So the cheapest price is not our only superiority.

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Multiboxing Allowed In D3, Playing 4 Crusader Characters with Safe Diablo 3 item and paragon level

Do you know the act of multiboxing is allowed in Diablo III, where multiple Battle.net accounts that have purchased the game all log in at once? With this function, you are able to play four Crusader characters at once while playing at home. Willing to have a try right now? You can buy safe diablo 3 gold from diablo3star.com to play smoothly.

Multiboxing details from Blizzard Blue Tracker.

The Blue Tracker indicated that players are allowed to have multiple battle.net accounts, and each of them can have a Diablo III Reaper of Souls license. As long as no more than three of them have Battle.net Balance, there’s no limit to the number of accounts a single user can have.

Meanwhile, there’s no restriction to how many of these accouts can be online at once, but the methods to do so may not be suspended. Be careful, you can have multiple accounts, and you can be online with all of them at one time. However, for diablo III, multiboxing walks the strange line of being something that Blizzard technically allow, but fails to support officially.

Why multiboxing for Diablo 3 is technically allowed, but not officially supported?

As mentioned above, players can play 4 Crusader characters at the same time by multiboxing, but Blizzard officially cannot support multiboxing in Diablo III, however, some software can be used to facilitate multiboxing. As long as your usage of these devices are allowed, you can have a try.

Buy safe Diablo 3 gold from Diablo3star to play four Crusader characters.

If done within Blizzard’s rules, multiboxing is a fun change of pace for playing the game. When you choose to multibox, you may need a great many of safe Diablo 3 gold. Diablo3star is a professional online store which offers you with both face-to-face d3 gold and ordinary gold. Now having a purchasing for Diablo 3 gold supports your smooth adventure in game.

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