Buy RS 3 Gold to Gain Elite Woodcutting Outfit in RS Treasure Hunter

What do you want to gain from cheap rs gold this week’s treasure hunter? Kindly reminder that Elite Woodcutting Outfits and more awesome benefits offered in game this week. Never hesitate to buy cheap runescape gold for sale with up to $10 cash coupons to gain the benefits.

What benefits you are able to gain from this treasure hunter?

The benefits maybe your first concern about this Treasure Hunter. Wear five matching pieces of any of the basic outfits to enjoy the following:

1. 5% increase to woodcutting success rate

2. 5% increased chance to obtain bird’s nests

3. 5 daily teleports to a selection of woodcutting locations

4. An option to automatically burn logs when cut (25% chance)

Wearing the elite Nature’s Sentinel outfit in its entirety gives an expanded list of benefits:

1. 7% increase to success rate

2. 7% increase of obtaining bird’s nests

3. 20 daily teleports to an expanded list of woodcutting locations

4. An option to automatically burn or fletch logs when cut (25% chance)

5. The ability to contact evil trees (similar to the Easter crown)

6. The ability to place one miniature evil tree per day. This scales with your level and works like a divine location, but doesn’t count against your cap.

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