Delay Updating Swtor 5.2 to Apr 18 & Preview Swtor Patch Notes

At the last second swtor credits just announced they would put off the launch of Swtor Update 5.2 until April 18. And many players are not satisfied with it. Fortunately, we can preview the Swtor patch notes as planned.

Why does Swtor change the release date of Swtor Update 5.2?

As Swtor has been always doing, they just want to show the best quality update to their players, and this time is no exception. They want to improve something that has not been fixed, such as something like KOTFE/KOTET cutscenes with moving cameras, which they want to apply to the very opening cinematic for each Class.

What’s the reaction of Swtor players about the delay?

Most players do not like the delay at all. And they are also very angry, for Swtor announced the delay only ten hours before the release of Swtor Update 5.2. And they urge Swtor to continue the XP/CXP bonus for another week. Some players also want to increase some class balance in Swtor patch notes in the next week.

Will Swtor extend the XP/CXP bonus to April 18?

Fortunately, Swtor has found the way to prolong the period of XP/CXP bonus to the new update time April 18, which needs testing. And if there is nothing wrong, they will be under a short maintenance for about an hour at 8 AM Central April 11.

Can we preview the Swtor 5.2 patch notes right now?

The answer is absolutely yes, which is another lucky thing for Swtor Players. Swtor has released Swtor patch notes as scheduled, but there will be some changes before the final update of Swtor 5.2.

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