Go for Treasure Map RuneScape in Buried Treasure & RuneFest 2017

Congratulations! You runescape gold can have a new way to pick up rare Treasure Map RuneScape in Treasure Hunter until 15th May, which is Buried Treasure. Meanwhile you can expect RuneFest 2017 on September 23rd, 2017.

What is the time of this Treasure Hunter – Buried Treasure?
You can go hunting for Treasure Map RuneScape and others from 00:00 Game Time on 10th May to 23:59 Game Time on 15th May, 2017.

How can you join in Buried Treasure?
During the period, the Treasure Hunter interface will be changed into a grid-based map and you can click squares in the map to open chests.
You will find at least a normal chest in each square. And there will be a special chest every six square, which includes a batch of 4 or 5 prizes.
There are four types of chests, which are Experience Chest, Protean Chest, Skilling Chest, and Antique Chest. In these chests you can find different kinds of items. What you should note is that in Antique Chest there is at least one of these two outfits “Dragon ceremonial outfit and Dragon ceremonial outfit” until you have both of them. After that, you will get rare tokens from this chest.
If you are lucky, in the above four types of chests you may find a Treasure Chest rest animation, or a held Treasure Map RuneScape item. And if you are much luckier, you even can get a lucky item, including retired items.

When and where can you participate in RuneFest 2017?
On September 23, 2017 at Battersea Evolution in London, UK you can take part in the the most fantastic RuneScape fan gathering – RuneFest 2017. And there is more information about this gathering coming on RS3gold.

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