Guide to Complete RS3 Build-A-Fayre Event for the Mystical Staff

Until April 23, 2017, if you buy rs gold complete Build-A-Fayer with your community every day, you can obtain big rewards, which include the Mystical Staff. And if you need to buy RS3 Gold for tools, please come to RS3gold.

When does the event happen?

It began at 00:00 UTC on 18th April, and ends 23:59 UTC on 23rd April, 2017. And if you miss the beginning time, don’t worry. You still can complete earlier missions while you do current ones.

What you should do in Build-A-Fayer event?

You should assist Menowin to re-decorate his Helter Skelter with two skills every day, which will be the largest attractions you have ever seen. And never forget it’s a team work.

Each day when you log in, you will receive 100 tools, and then you will be teleported to the fayre building ground, where you will need to complete your community mission with two skills. For the skills change every day at 00:00 UTC, please check back every day in case you miss any skill.

You can get XP in certain skills when testing your building prowess, at the same time you can increase your personal and community contribution and obtain other rewards .

How do you get your tools?

Apart from the way “log-in every day”, you can also get them from the Treasure Hunter or purchase them from Menowin and the Loyalty Points store.

How can you get your rewards?

When your personal and community contribution levels come to a certain degree, you can get your rewards. And if you are not quite clear about your progress, you can ask Menowin or use right-click option on the tool boxes.

Among the rewards there is the Mystical Staff which draws much attention of players.

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