Hazelmere Ring NOT Obtainable from Clues, Mod Timbo Confirmed Again

A week ago, Mod Timbo confirmed that buy runescape 3 gold Blurberry special drops are related to Hazelmere’s signet ring which is obtainable through Clues and RDT. So we posted a guide to AFK Abyssal Demons for Blurberry specials. But until now he tweets that this ring cannot be obtained from clues. What’s the truth on hell??

Hazelmere Ring cannot be obtained from doing a clue scroll

At the release of Runescape 4 tiers of luck items, the official post said that Tier 4 rings work with “Elite clues and lower”, rather than all clues. So many players surmise that there may be Tier 5 rings on master clues, like Hazelmere’s ring.?

Afterwards, Mod Timbo confirmed on Twitter that Hazelmere Signet Ring would be obtainable in game currently, through Clues and RDT.?

But this weekend, when a player asked if Hazelmere ring is only obtainable from RDT with Luck of the Dwarfs on or also from a clue. Mod Timbo said that it cannot be obtained from doing a clue scrolls.?

What is confirmed info about Hazelmere’s Signet Ring??

Now we can confirm that Hazelmere ring is a rare drop from Elite slayer mobs. The drop rate would possibly be 1/1,000,000. If no accidents occur, Luck of the Dwarf is required on task.?

Besides, Mod Timbo is inconsistent on the issue whether Hazelmere ring drops on clues, most players have no idea if Blurberry special drops are related to Hazelmere‘s Signet Ring. Now all of us are waiting for the official explanation. We’ll keep you posted as more information is announced.

Runescape Hazelmere Ring is highly sought after but very rare in game. Although it may be hardly obtainable from clues, you can get this drop through RDT. At this point, you may be able to get Hazelmere ring as long as you buy runescape gold to stock up and play hardball! Have a good luck!
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