Learn RuneScape Soul Obelisk & Smouldering Lamps – Treasure Hunter

There is a new addition rs3 gold to the Menaphos, which is RuneScape Soul Obelisk. And you can gain plenty of rep with the new content. At the same time the new Treasure Hunter – Smouldering Lamps has come. That means you need to buy cheap RS3 Gold from RS3gold.

The main information for RuneScape Soul Obelisk
Each soul obelisk can last about 10 minutes, and various obelisks may be spawned in any given time in various worlds. But there is only one every world. And every day you can farm obelisks to gain a maximum of 20K rep, which will only take you approximately 30 minutes. And that’s why it’s regarded as the fastest way to gain Menaphos reputation.
According to the information some players has revealed, RuneScape Soul Obelisk is related with The Magister, the new solo slayer boss released in two weeks. And it may be end when the Magister is released. Believe it or not, you’d better gain reputation from Soul Obelisk as much as possible during this period in case you miss the great chance.

New Treasure Hunter – Smouldering Lamps
Through 23:59 UTC on 12th June, 2017, you can join in the new Treasure Hunter – Smouldering Lamps.
The smouldering Lamps gained from Treasure Hunter are divided into four types, which are small smouldering lamp, medium smouldering lamp, large smouldering lamp, and huge smouldering lamp.
Although the smouldering lamp gives you the same amount of XP as a prismatic lamp, it can change the same amount of Bonus XP into normal XP.
But if you are on a F2P World, the lamp cannot change the bonus XP into the regular one, and when you use it, you will receive a warning that you can only use up the Bonus XP by rubbing it on members worlds.

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