Swtor Conquest Schedule 2017 & Bounty Hunter Companions

After Swtor 5.3 was swtor credits released, you may care about the upcoming swtor conquest schedule. The conquest schedule in the next two months is as below. Besides, here will be an analysis of Swtor bounty hunter companions. Swtor gold is on sale now to help you get the favorite swtor companion!

Swtor Conquest schedule 2017?

The following is Swtor Conquest schedule from July to September, 2017:?
July 18 – The Balance of Power
July 25 – Rakghoul Resurgence: Tatooine
Aug 1 – Titans of Industry
Aug 8 – Death Mark
Aug 15 – The Trade Emporium
Aug 22 – Relics of the Gree
Aug 29 – Flashpoint Havoc
Sep 5 – Rakghoul Resurgence: Corellia
Sep 12 – Plunder of Iokath
Sep 19 – Death Mark
Sep 26 – The Trade Emporium
Another Iokath is coming in September. It’s time to buy and sell mats!

Swtor Bounty Hunter Companions?

Many times, we players don’t really know every possible gift for our companions so that we cannot make a correct strategy. Here is a list of swtor bounty hunter companions from the most popular one to others.?
1. Torian Cadera is Melee DPS companion. It is popular among the female Bounty Hunter for his romance. His top gift is Trophy.?
2. Blizz is surprisingly enough your Ranged Tank companion. His top gift is Underworld Good.?
3. Gault, Ranged DPS companion, can cause a great deal of damage. The top gift is Luxury.?
4. Mako, Ranged Healer, can perform well with a healer pet. He is the single romance option for the male Bounty Hunter. His top gift is Technology.?
5. HK-51 and Treek are the additional companions. To unlock HK-51, you must have a level 50 character. This companion is mainly a ranged DPS type with the bonus to crew skills. So it is worth to raise his affections to the max. His top gift is weapon. Well, Treek mainly plays the role of Healer or Tank. Players can buy it with swtor gold or Cartel Coins.?
6. The ship driod, 2V-R8, can have its affection raised through gifts. But if you don’t want to send him on crew skill runs, it’s not worth to max the affection out. The top gift is Cultural Artifact.?
7. Skadge plays the role of Melee Tank. His top gift is weapon.?
It is worth to clarify that bonuses come from influence, not the companion itself. All players do not confer bonuses to specific crew skills. They would give a reduction to mission/crafting time and crafting critical chance.

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What To Wear For Jollyhers – Cute Dresses For Kids Girls

And almost as many people are trying to give advice on the matter, with the internet teeming with hundreds of articles on Jollyhers mini girl dresses free shipping .

But not all of the advice out there is reliable.

We’ve asked a few people in France’s fashion world to help sort the truths from the myths.

Advice to keep: “Save the active wear for the gym”

“We do not wear yoga pants as real pants!” Alo?s Guinut, the French personal stylist behind Dress Like A Parisian style coaching services, told The Local.

According to Guinut, wearing your comfy leggings out and about is a surefire sign you’re not a local.

Wearing “running sneakers, but actual ones not trendy ones” (i.e not the ones you wear to boxercise) is another sign you’re a foreigner in France said Guinut.

Why shun the Lycra? Apparently, French women not wearing sports clothes for anything but sport is “firstly as a sign of respect for themselves and secondly as a sign of respect to those around them,” fellow French personal stylist Anélle Coetzee told The Local.

Advice to ignore: “Always wear heels”

“I have heard that some think the french ladies wear heels everyday. Well we do wear a lot of flats too!” said Guinut. “Especially those who need to walk a lot, like Parisians for instance.”

So you can breathe a sign of relief for your poor feet and pack some black ballet flats, which former model and godmother of laid back French style Ines de la Fressange recommends as one of the five items every woman needs to own.

Advice to keep: “Forget the trends”

Yes, France may have Zaras and H&Ms selling fast fashion at every corner too, but the cornerstone of French style still rests in the classics.

“I have French clients too and they never ask me about the current trends or what the colours of the moment are. However I get those questions a lot from foreigners, especially Americans,” said Guinut.

“French women are not fashion slaves but rather style followers. They will carefully review the new season’s trends and select one or two items to update their look, giving solid basics a new twist,” Anélle Coetzee explained to The Local.

Building a wardrobe à la francaise means saving the money you might have spent on that fluted sleeve/off shoulder (insert current trend here) top you saw in Mango last week, and going hunting for one really well cut piece that will stick by you for more than one season.

“Use the bi-annual sales to make the most of updating your basic wardrobe with the best you can afford. Or find that one-off designer piece you fall in love with,” said Coetzee.


2017 high end flower girl dresses are coming! Look and choose with 5% discount code JHERS as fast as possible here http://www.jollyhers.com/ now.

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Buy cheap neverwinter astral diamonds on safewow to know the neverwinter astral diamonds farming 2017

How to get Astral Diamonds Neverwinter is indelible among the community. Here we will introduce an efficient way of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds farming 2017 – using several characters to do dungeons, PvP and events. It may be not the fastest one, but the easiest one.

Only do 4 kinds of contents to farm astral diamonds

1. Queue up for a dungeon. You are suggested to run 2 dungeons with each one of your alts, because trying to max out all your characters is very time-consuming.
2. Do two pvps. Here you should try to cap bases and get those capped killed, and then you will be rewarded 3759astral diamonds.
3. Run to scrimmages. It would be easy if you got a good group run through there. You can go with the throne of drawing guys. Here you can get around 4400 rough astral diamonds and extra stuff, like greens, rings that you can salvage or upgrade. Especially, rings that you can salvage can be salvaged to diamonds.
4. Do the Illusionist’s Gambit event. There you will be rewarded Fleece (a campaign ring), 50 Seal of the Elements, 3000 EXP, 150 Abandoned Treasures and more.


1. You had better do all these contents twice or more time.
2. You had better use three or four characters at level 12 to farm neverwinter astral diamonds.
3. You can refine up to 36k at maximum per character a day. So for all four characters, you will gain a total of 144k per day. If you savage items, you will gain more than that.?
4. This result will vary based on your VIP status as well. With the membership, you will get a boost in exp along with a boost in astral diamonds.

This method might not be the fastest but it is easy to do if you have several characters over level 12. If you don’t want to grind diamonds by yourself, you can directly buy neverwinter astral diamonds on our safewow.

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Good Chance to Prepare 60% off Runescape gold for Shadow Creatures Slayer Guide July.17

Hey guys, first of all, thank you for checking out our Runescape Gold special offers. It is a great way for you to buy runescape gold for a low price, so thanks for checking it out. Today though, we have a quick little guide on letting you know what you need in order to get the most XP and rewards from the Shadow Creatures!

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What Your Inventory Should Have

Ovl Pray Pots Ring Of Vigor Weapon Poison Food Spring Cleaner Excal The Equipment You Need Slay Helm Scythe T70 plus DPS Gear DPS Cape Vamp Scrim Amulet Of Souls/Zealots Asylums Ring/LOTD Berserkers Aura

What To Do

Only kill Manifest Shadow Creatures and get five souls and then put them in your personal slayer dungeon.Stack them up and then use AoE’s to kill them all.

Pray Melee Turmoil and or if you are using Amulet of Zealots use leech str/atk (prot melee)

Bring a steel titan

What You Can Expect

799k Slayer XP per hour

587k Melee XP per hour

Runescape Shadow Creatures Slayer Guide 2017

As you can see, slaying Shadow Creatures can net you some great XP per hour and while this is not our most in depth guide. It is very easy to do and if you just make sure you do the steps we suggested and have the items and right inventory, you will have no trouble at all doing this.

By the way on a side note, how cool are the Shadow Creatures? They could do so much more with these! They could add more or have them be in more parts of the game as they all do have really cool designs! We would love to hear you guys thoughts on the Shadow Creatures and if you have used them to increase your Slayer XP in the comments below.

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Brief Introduction About Urns in Runescape

Introduction of Runescape Urns

Urns are a type of pot buy rs3 gold made using the Crafting skill, used for gaining bonus experience when training other skills. Urns are available for six different skills: Cooking, Fishing, Mining, Prayer, Smithing, and Woodcutting.

Making Methods of Runescape Urns

1. 2 soft clay in inventory are required

2. A pottery wheel must be found to mold the clay on

3. Select the type of urn to be made from a drop down menu

4. Click in the upper left hand corner to get the drop down menu

Requirements of Runescape Urns

Urns that require a higher Crafting level to create will catch scraps from higher level training activities. The Assist System can be used to craft urns that are above a player’s Crafting level.

Usage of Runescape Urns

If you keep urn in your inventory while training, the urn will be added one bonus experience point in a 20% higher for every five normal experience points gained.

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Jollyhers – Fashion Kids Clothing Free Shipping

According to the survey report entitled Jollyhers little girls dresses for sale Dividends published by HKTDC Research in 2017, clothing is the kind of goods after food most often bought by parents on the Chinese mainland. Practicality aside, parents also look for beautiful and fashionable designs when they buy clothes for their children. Many international brands have set up stores for children’s apparel on the mainland in recent years. In 2017, the 3rd Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee adopted the Decision on Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening Reforms, which proposed allowing couples to have two children if one of them is an only child. Subsequently, 16.87 million babies were born in 2014, some 470,000 more than a year ago. The National Health and Family Planning Commission estimates that 1 million more babies will be born in 2017 as a result of the two-child policy. The baby and children’s apparel market is expected to have a promising future in the wake of steady economic growth and as parents become more demanding about their children’s clothing and as the number of newborn babies steadily increases.
HKTDC Research organised eight focus group discussions in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and Wuhan in January 2015 in a bid to find out more about the spending habits and demands of middle-class parents.It also interviewed mainland brand owners to better understand the market characteristics and development trends.
There were very few famous children’s apparel brands on the mainland more than a decade ago. As China’s economy grows and following the implementation of the two-child policy, more and more big companies and foreign apparel brands have been actively trying to develop the mainland children’s market. According to figures published by Euromonitor International, total retail sales of children’s clothing amounted to Rmb130.3 billion in 2014 and are expected to increase by 10.5% annually during 2014-2018 (to reach about Rmb194.1 billion by 2018). This growth rate is much higher than that of the UK (3.4%), the US (2.4%) and even the global average (6.4%). On the whole, the demand for children’s clothing is more obvious in China than in other countries and regions.

Click here http://www.jollyhers.com/ to enjoy cute summer dresses for your little girls now! Designable and stylish look!

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Never forget to buy cheap wow gold for wow mythic dungeon invitational

World of Warcraft will reach a new e-sports height with the wow gold announcement of Mythic Dungeon Invitational. 32 teams will be stood out and compete for $100,000 prize pool. If you are itching for the rewards, mark your calendar and go ahead to the Proving Grounds from July 25 to August 8.

How to participate in WOW Mythic Dungeon Invitational?

1. Go ahead to the Proving Ground and push your way through Mythic Keystone dungeons from July 25 to August 8 in order secure an invitation.
2. Submit the top score of your team using this form.
3. Thirty-two teams will be chosen from 4 regions.
4. In September, the invited contenders will face a series of elimination rounds until just 2 are left.

What should we do to win a bigger chance of an invitation?

1. Your team must master multiple dungeons. Blizzard will judge performance across the 5 dungeons in which your team achieves the highest Keystone Level.
2. Anyone cannot submit the score before the Proving Grounds period ends.
3.buy cheap wow gold to hone your skills now, for only the best eligible teams can be invited to the Mythic Dungeon Invitational.

How many teams will be invited from each region?

Total 32 teams will be invited all over the world, and the following 4 regions will have 8 teams respectively:
Americas – Legal Resident of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, or Argentina;
Europe – Please see the official rules for the full list of eligible countries
China – Legal Resident of People’s Republic of China
APAC – Legal Resident of Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand or Australia

It’s show time for skilled and brave players! Go for $100,000 prize pool.

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Safe Way for you to Join Bonus Chests Return with 60% off RS Gold July.17

Pay attention, RS fans! Bonus Chests are back on Treasure Hunter now. In this event, you are able to get double or triple the prizes of a regular chest.Note that Ironman accounts are not accessible in this event.In RuneScape, there are a lot of runescape gold mini-games for players to play. Most of the contents of mini-games are the use of technology and the setting of the game.  More information is on mmors.com.

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Mini-game, the main sub-categories: hazardous, non-hazardous. The risk of mini-games means that when lost the game, the game character will actually die and can not retrieve the items, but will be sent back to the entrance of mini-games; rather mini dangerous means, when the output of the game, you might death, but they will not fall items, and after death, will be sent back to the entrance of mini-games.

Won the mini-game, there will be prizes. Some games reward is prize volumes that players keep enough designated mini-game prize volumes, you can specify the mini-games to designated locations to buy items. Some of the game’s bonus is the integration, the higher the score, the higher you can use the function also. The integral part of the mini-games will also be displayed in the place. Some of the game’s bonus is Runescape Gold.

When will Bonus Chests end?

Bonus Chests will end at 23:59 UTC on 17th July lasting for six-day. During this time, you are able to get double or triple the prizes of a regular chest. You also have the second chance to get the triple prize.

How can join in Bonus Chests?

You can receive three complimentary medium prismatic lamps when you log in and open Treasure Hunter. When you open a chest with a key, it will add charge to the progress bar at the top of the Treasure Hunter interface. As soon as you open five Bonus Chest, you can get doubled or tripled prize. You can open the chest, or keep opening regular chests.The contents and multiplier of the chest (which are visible) redetermines each chest you open. The bar won’t progress beyond 10, but you can open more chests to refresh the Bonus Chest’s contents. Opening the Bonus Chest – of course – resets the bar to 0.

Bigger Bosses

Ok so the Magister was really good, but we feel that Jagex could go all out with the bosses and have some much larger, more impressive and more menacing looking bosses!

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Upcoming Runescape Lizard Shamans Changes and More

Lizard Shamans Changes

Lizard Shamans can be found runescape 3 gold for sale in the Shayzien swamp. Jagex will add a new cave containing 8 Shamans into swamp. If your Slayer assignment is Lizard Shamans, Shamans will become attackable. What’s more, 2 Shamans from the swamp area will be removing.

Blast Furnace Changes

The cost of using the Blast Furnace on themed worlds will increase to 72,000 coins per hour. The dwarves would repair broken pipes, cogs, and the drive belt.

Ectofuntus Changes

Jagex will increase 65 ecto-tokens to 1000 at the Ectofuntus to benefit the training method.

In-game Sounds Removing

The sound effects from all random events and all boss pets will be removed based on the players’ feedback.

Elite clue changes

The number of elite clue scrolls will be reduced from 9-12 steps to 5-7 steps.

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Fashion Kids Clothing Free Shipping And Lifestyle Jollyhers Top 10

For someone who loves fashion, it can get frustrating having to sift through 2 clothing racks out of an entire store for my little girl. Girls typically have more variety and a bigger selection. I’m also not a huge fan of boys clothing that are generic light blue with cartoon puppies on it. I try to make sure that my precious kids clothing at Jollyhers are versatile yet up to date. I have a list of 13 stores that carry awesome, trendy clothing for toddler boys, some you’d be surprised that they even carry kid’s clothing!
This is probably my first go-to store for when my kid needs clothes. They’ll have certain things that are trendy yet super cheap. I’ve gotten shoes and boots a pair, pants for , etc. Their clothes run large (in my opinion) so if you are worried about sizing, keep that in mind.

Use Jollyhers 5% discount code JHERS to buy 2017 hot summer vintage clothing. Just go and have a try here>>http://www.jollyhers.com/.

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