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The mountain Dwarves’ home would be an ideal way to get across White Wolf Mountain safely. You should be trusted with Dwarves, The trophy is the prize for the annual Hemenster fishing competition. This Quest is Official difficulty for Novice.As well, is the best place to buy runescape 2007 gold.

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Items Needed:5-10 coins, Spade, Garlic (you can find some on a table in Seers’ Village), and a regular Fishing rod (can be bought from any fishing shop).

1 Quest Dwarves at the entrances to the tunnel that goes under White Wolf Mountain.

2 Head west to the northern edge of McGrubor’s woods, north of Hemenster, where you will find a loose railing. Find a red vine and use your spade on it, or click the “Check Vine” option. You should get a red worm. Get 2-3 worms and then exit the woods and head southwest to Hemenster, north of the Fishing Guild.

Note: Once inside, beware of level 44 Guard Dogs, as they will attack you if you get too close.

3 Go to Hemenster.Try to enter the gate to Hemenster and a man will say that you will need the Competition Pass, show him your pass and he will let you in.

4 Talk to Bonzo and tell him you want to start the competition, pay 5 gp and he will tell you that your fishing spot is beside the willow tree.

5 Put the garlic into the pipes on the south wall of the north building by the Sinister Stranger. The Sinister Stranger will complain about a horrible smell and you will change places with him.

6 Fish at the spot by the pipes using the red vine worms. You will catch a unique type of fish that you can’t catch normally, and that will be the prize winning fish.

7 Return to the dwarf on either side of White Wolf Mountain and he will reward you.

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This month, Runescape updates some changes in game, such as revolution upgrade, ninja updates and advanced cheap rs 3 gold accumulator. Look the details below!Going in game to ban bots visibly, also means that you will inevitably be asked all sorts of questions from players in the area, which tends to distract one from the actual task of bot banning.I.P banning just isn’t reliable, there’s still dial up providers which change your i.p each time you dial up, plus many other ways to change your i.p.

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Revolution upgrade

In Revolutionmode, assuming you have enough adrenaline, you can now automatically trigger thresholds and ultimate abilities. You can also adjust the size of the revolutionary window through combat settings, so play it when it appears. And, to ensure balance when fighting monsters in different modes, we increase the average damage done by traditional combat and special attacks.

You are right that unfortunately in the intervening period there are going to be a bunch of morons who will see people botting and think they can get away with it too. Then many will be very upset they threw away their account and they will come up with every lie in the book when their ban eventually comes.

In the intervening period there will be thousands of bots being banned (at the not quite keeping up rate) – all the while people will claim that we’re not doing anything about it, that we’re just eating cookies blah blah blah.Did you know in the three months before we removed balanced trading and the wilderness, we lost significantly more members due to bans, than we did in the three months after due to people who didn’t like the updates quitting? During that time many people erroneously claimed we were doing nothing.

The short termist view is that banning bots is bad for our financials. However these users who bot are quite clearly users who want to shorten their gaming experience anyway, so I’d argue we’d probably lose them sooner or later anyway and probably if we favoured them it would be at the expense of people who were planning to stick around for longer. ”

Random story for you. I remember when I was playing a MUD (MUDs were basically early text based MMOs) back in about 1996 from the university computer labs. One guy managed to misbehave enough to get the computer lab i.p banned for the purposes of creating new characters on that MUD.Ironically he was the one who also had diallup at home. So the effect of the i.p ban was the rest of us , who hadn’t done anything wrong needed to go to this guy if we wanted to create a new character.

If it was a simple case of ban their i.p and it’ll stop them from coming back, believe me it would have happened in 2001/2002.I don’t deny for a moment that bot levels are rather high right now.There have been several times before when it has been very high and we’ve taken a bit of time to improve our methods and ban them quicker, we’re aware there’s a problem right now and we’re struggling to keep up.It is being looked into.

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Free expansions, free mounts, and free character slots. Star Wars: The Old Republic has been buttering its players up lately, and that trend is not going to stop any time soon. The sci-fi MMORPG is getting ready to hand out free minipets and companions during the month of November as part of a promotion for its United Forces server merge.By the way,your guys can share cheap swtor credit on
First up with this giveaway is a Mini Mogul NM-1 battle walker pet, which is earned simply by logging in between November 8th and the 27th. A little more difficult to obtain is the wicked-looking Darth Hexid companion, which requires players to run at least three missions through the group finder (either PvP or PvE) during the same time period. (Speaking of companions, MOP’s Larry discussed some possible changes that could impact your virtual buddies.)

SWTOR’s United Force update is scheduled for November 8th and will merge the current 17 servers down to just five (one for each region and language). A double XP and CXP event is also planned for November 8th through the 14th.
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Fossil Island has been out for several weeks now,how you’ve been using Fossil Island, and have some improvements? and right now the Old School RuneScape team want to make some improvements according to the gathered data about how the players are all interacting with it. Don’t forget that Rsorder is your best place to buy runescape 2007 gold with fast delivery.

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Changes for Fossil gathering
Out of all players who have completed Bone Voyage, only 20% have built 1 fossil case.Most people don’t seem to know about this, and they’re only building the camp to hit a certain Kudos threshold. That’s not especially encouraging for them. OSRS team plan to make it clearer to players what they can do on the island, and offer some rewards for doing the tasks.

Extra tiers of birdhouses & the new Glistening Mermaid’s Tear item
For the most underused birdhouses, you may see some extra tiers of birdhouses created, requiring Crafting levels of 45, 50, 60, 75 and 90 for maple, mahogany, yew, magic and redwood respectively.
Regarding the underwater Agility/Thieving activity, instead of granting XP in both skills immediately, you may be given new Glistening Mermaid Tears items as additional loots, which can be traded with Mairin for XP in the skill that players prefer.

This brand new quest this month focuses on ever-lovable character – Evil Dave. Dave is a huge Zamorak fanboy, and has been busy creating a spell to grab his hero’s attention, and plans to venture from his mum’s basement to spread EVIL across the world.With no Elder Gods in sight, this quest is all about laughs, puzzles, puns and white knights, and with novice level requirements, this quest is available to almost everyone. So make sure you get involved.

In Revolution mode, players will be able to automatically trigger threshold and ultimate abilities, assuming you have enough adrenaline. You’ll also be able to resize the revolution window via the combat settings, so have a play around when it comes out. The average damage given by both legacy combat and special attacks is increased to ensure that a balance is struck when fighting monsters in different modes.

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Images of Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, snowmen, reindeer, and candy canes are seen in cards, posters, signs and other printed or marketing material associated with the Christmas celebrations. Images of baby Jesus, the Christmas star, and other symbols associated with the religious meaning of Christmas are also seen during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.A Christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas evolved over two millennia into a worldwide religious and secular celebration, incorporating many pre-Christian, pagan traditions into the festivities along the way. Today, Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together and exchange gifts.

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Not everybody who plays this game knows, but Neverwinter actually has a replay feature! It allows for capturing high quality screenshots or replaying the action of an entire dungeon boss fight. This series?first?teaches?the basics?and then goes on explaining some?advanced stuff to create stunning demos.why not to buy neverwinter astral diamond under Guide of Demo Tool Vol. 8

Greetings fellow brothers and sisters,

after long hiatus I, mega reverend of the holy church of the demo tool, have blessed you once again with another part of my guide to eternal knowledge and wisdom. May your objects never flicker and may ugly world textures never ruin your paths. For the demo tool knows many paths. But always remember: “With great renderscale comes great disk storage use!”

Especially now in dark times of the visscale bug it is of outmost importance to remain faithful in our holy trinity: the F5 menu (praise be!), the camera path editor and the demolisher.

For they hold the power to create videos and screenshots of upvote-worthy quality. Hallowed is the demo tool. Amen.

The New F5 Menu

It’s fast, it’s fun and it gets shit done. Recently the F5 menu broke and we all got really sad but then Cryptic updated it (which was the reason it broke in the first place LUL) and everything was good.

The new F5 menu (praise be!) has received a visual update with new and better structured categories. It also learned a couple new tricks Most importantly it is back faster, better and stronger than before. More on a new functionality below.

Chroma Key

What is a Chroma Key? It is the basic concept of a greenscreen. You select a colour and then that colour becomes transparent. This is most useful for cutting out characters or objects so you can use them elsewhere (example Video of Seavia’s cut out toon).

Well how do you get stuff to be one colour only in the demo tool? Let’s say you want to cut out your toon. First you will want to press F5 while in a demo and disable all rendering but characters in the objects tab. Now the game only displays characters and NPCs. The only problem is that map instance has a different background color. Some are pitch black, which sucks to chroma key in.

So the next step is to temporarily change the sky of your demo to a different colour. We will do that via the?SKY OVERRIDE COMMAND. You can either browse through skyboxes yourself in the F5 menu (praise be!) or enter it via command in the console: “SkyOverride X” where X stands for the operational sky box name.


This one is just outright weird. Not useful in any way to video/screenshot editing it baffles me that this is an actual feature. While playing back a demo press CTRL + A and look at your own character.

I know what you are thinking: “Who the hell put this here?” I have no idea. But I am still glad it exists.

Camera Path Buffer

The render tool needs time to load all assets, which is why we create a buffer before the camera path actually starts. I recently decided for myself to use the “hold” function for that instead of creating another point before my first point in the actual path. Simply insert a 5 into the hold window of the first point. The camera will stay on that point for the first 5 seconds of the rendering.

Dynamic FOV

Inside of the camera path editor above the time line you will find a panel with a “+”. This one lets you add another track to the timeline in addition to the camera position and look-at direction. One the of the possible additions is a FOV track. If you now right click somewhere in this track it creates a point. To the right where you can adjust your path is now a new section called FOV.

There you can adjust the field of view for a certain point in your timeline. This will not change your game options but just temporarily set your FOV inside your demo to a different value. Obviously different points can be created. This is quite useful for creative zoom-effects.

Selective Rendering Without the “Demolisher”

In part 5 of this guide I showed you how you can?render only a part of a demo. Until now I always used the 3rd party software “Demolisher” for this purpose (you can find its?introduction in part 4 of this guide).

Well it is possible to do just that with a regular command line. This line must be added into your “GameClient.exe” properties like the other lines (more on that in part 3):

“-demoplaybackrange X Y” where X stands for the start point and Y stands for the end point of the selected timeline. Both are in seconds so to start at 1:00 and end at 2:00 you have to input X=60 and Y=120.

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Thanksgiving spurred some ghostly tricks around Jagex’s office. The Ninja team patience as usual, and the collection of updated crack set, always focused on those important trivial matters:In addition to adding more Level 92 elements to a variety of weapons, Ninjas can improve the way you train for your work, making information on your lucky item more descriptive and changeable. Achievements of your achievements. However, this month’s Ninja News is probably about an advanced gold accumulator.

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Its November, and a new quest, combat pets, revolution mode improvements and the nail-biting ‘Dimension of the Damned’ finale await – plus a truckload of ninja fixes!and transformed more of your accomplishments in to achievements. However, the big Ninja news this month is about the advanced gold accumulator.Like its predecessor, the advanced gold accumulator will automatically pick up your GP loot drops. It’s permanent – bought with Dungeoneering tokens – and instead of degrading over time it charges you 10% of all gold pickups. You can also unlock the right to place it in your slayer tool belt if you’ve got the slayer points!

There’re plenty of other things going on in November: a Christmas warm-up event that’ll send you chasing after snow implings and collecting pieces of clockwork; all the lowdown on Premier Club 2018; further celebrations of the German servers’ ten-year anniversary; and, last but not least, the epic ‘Dimension of the Damned’ finale. Best of luck to everyone competing – your epic zombie slaughtering has been marvellous to watch, and no doubt the finale will be even more gruesome. Not participating? Watch the drama unfold on Twitch 19:45 UTC on November 18th to earn yourself a ‘LootScape LootChest’ containing such goodies as cash bags, lamps or even a Warborn Behemoth pet! These crates will be available for all our Tuesday and Friday live streams throughout November, including the RuneScape Showcase on the 7th November, so connect your twitch account now.

Sometimes staff go into game to ban bots, but not that often as to be honest this is mostly just useful for publicity that we ban bots, than an efficient way of dealing with them.

It is somewhat less efficient than checking logs of reported characters behind the scenes.It’s hard to tell hundred percent just by looking at someone in game to determine if they’re botting, not talking isn’t enough on it’s own.I’ve certainly been in the situation of being in a very busy clan chat which spams up my screen, then clicked back to my chat tab to see that there was someone earlier accusing me of being a bot.So when we do in game checks, they’ve tended to been more intensive than just talking to people and seeing if they answer.

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This is my personal top 5 favourite AFK money making methods.Look at guides on each of rs 07 gold cheap the OSRS money making methods are below.Getting to and the Revenant caves can be a time-consuming process. We want to offer a way for those willing to splash out the cash a faster way of travelling to the caves.If the Revenant caves are added to the game, should Revenant NPC’s within the cave have a chance to drop the Revenant bracelet as described in the Dev Blog? If this question passed, Revenant NPC’s will also drop Revenant shards, which are a guaranteed drop used to charge the bracelet. The uncharged bracelet and Revenant shards would be tradeable.

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Top 5

Cooking shark to make gp 180k-250k per hour. You need to buy raw fish,cook it (the afk part),sell cooked fish in GE. The Revenant bracelet would have an alch value of around 45k and will always be dropped on death. It can never be protected by the default 3 items kept on death when unskulled, via using the prayer “Protect Item” or a combination of the two.

Top 4

Cannon Balls,you can get 160k-190k gp per hour. An uncharged bracelet may be dismantled for a set amount of shards. Both the Revenant bracelet and shards would be tradeable, although the bracelet will need to be fully uncharged first.

Top 3

Guthans+Gargoyles,Guthan’s armour set worth 6819046 coins. You can earn 250k-350k drop per hour. Once charged, players wearing the bracelet will find that no Revenants will be aggressive towards them. In addition to this, the player will become immune to their attacks. However, each attack will drain 1 charge the bracelet. Once all of the charges have been consumed, the bracelet will revert to its uncharged form. This will allow players to stay in the caves for longer, but means they’ll be risking far more loot!

Top 2

Woodingcutting/Fishing, Fishing guide:68 fishing woodcutting Cuid:60 WC&75% Favour.We want to introduce a new bracelet into the game which will only be effective within the Revenant caves. This bracelet would offer no stats and would be dropped by Revenants found within the cave. It will be possible to charge the bracelet with a new consumable item, Revenant shards, which will also be dropped by the same NPCs.

Top 1

Range is highest method to make money. You can earn 500k-600k per hour. We want this to be known as a high risk, high reward activity. Anyone willing to spend lengthy amounts of time in the caves should expect to earn a great amount of GP per hour via unique drops and alchables, although we doubt that will be possible with the chance of being killed by another player!Sell OSRS Gold to RSGoldOnline for real money! We are paying cash for your RS 07 Gold via Paypal, Get paid fast!

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Recently, the RS official website update some new information,please pay your attention to the following details.Meanwhile, provide cheap rs 3 gold for players to enjoy the game.never miss it to share.


1. At the end of the death animation, Araxxi Fighting Spider-Man will die.

2.Brows Brothers The right-click option generated by other players has been deleted.

3. The Max guild owner portal has been updated and added the Set Arrival option to various bosses.

4. Added the “Do not ask me” option when prompted to re-adjust the Max Guild owner portal about 100k coin charges.

5. Surge and escape can now be used during global cooling.


1.Menaphos VIP area of ??the fishing point has been close to each other, and now only in the west side of the pool spawning.

2.Fisherman Fisherman has arrived in Menaphos VIP area.

3. Fishermen fishing fishermen moved to the northeast coastline.

4. The boost and activation options on the action bar with the skill cloak are used interchangeably.

5. Member skills challenge to 5, can be improved by the free agent.

Utility updates

1.Added a right-click option to select a destination on the various fairy rings in the game world without having to first visit Zanaris.
2.Menaphos soul obelisk added the “check the progress” option.
The skill name has been added to the strange rocks and the golden rocks.
3.Now, the full complement of the Scrims thief will be stacked in the new bank.
4.Prifddinas Meilyr area of the farmer’s distance away from the bank counter has been adjusted.
5.At present, Varrock’s delivery means that the player will be slightly closer to the staff shop (depending on the Varrock task to complete the setup).
6.Lumbridge delivery means will send players closer to the combat college.
7.The following items will now always show a predator: the ghost hunter device, the ancient logo, the perfect chitin, the camel journal, the Magister journal, the Adamant dragon journal and the Attuned crystal seed.

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How To Join Dimension of the Damned with free rs gold on Rsorder quickly Nov.10?

The following is the full details about the changes to the Damned finale.Please keep your eyes on it.Have you ever been asked to jump world in some places? Do you use something? Don’t buy things for other players. Don’t accept junk as payment or collateral – their GE prices may not reflect real value! Beware of scammer teams.

RS Fans!2017 Rsorder Thanksgiving Giveaway: Free 700M rs/rs 07 gold will be offered to you for Dimension of the Damned  At 03:00 am. GMT on November 10, 2017!

Time changes

Dimension of the Damned Finale has been changed into 20:00 game time on 4 November, 2017. Probably for an hour and a half. The top 1000 players can log in the finale servers from 19:30 game time.

Other changes

Some changes for the Dimension of the Damned Finale, Jagex has be noted.

1. When logging in, your will get Steel armor and some bottle corks to spend at Zrik’s shop, plus a mithril pickaxe and hatchet on your toolbelt, but the gear you have obtained during the qualifier will be lost.

2. The large boss zombie will hit all players in front of him during his AOE attack. And the two boss will not drop Runite items any more.

3. The supply drop rewards will be changed, less of the fluff, more of the power.

4. Only the first 20 players to open the crate can get the rewards before it expires. And Runite rocks will respawn much more quickly (about 30 seconds), so you can try to craft more Runite equipment.

We also Provide your some useful security guidelines,read it now.

Fraud violates game and BBS rules. This should be penalized and will cause your account to be silenced or banned depending on the severity of the fraud crime.

It is easy to avoid fraud through common sense and awareness. This guide aims to help real players attack fraudsters’ tricks and lies. You report any person who you think is trying to cheat you is vital. The more evidence you have, the easier it is to catch bad guys and keep RuneScape world clean!

What should you pay attention to? No matter how the scam is broken, all scams can be avoided by following this advice that is summen up
1.Don’t give up or trade things you don’t want to lose.
2.Complete all transactions in a transaction.
3.Pay attention to each trade window.
4.Beware of overly complicated processes.