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This week, Jagex has announced Meteor Storm’s coming, in this way you can get more than 100% extra XP compared to standard lamps and stars. Now, you can buy cheap runescape gold with 6% extra gold to get Meteor Storm on Rsorder.When Can you Get Meteor Storm?

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From 00:00 UTC on 14th June until 23:59 UTC on 19th June, you can get pick up meteorites and space dust on Treasure Hunter, which replace standard lamps and stars.

How much XP you can get from?

You can get 33% more XP or Bonus XP than standard stars or lamps. If you use them on one of your lowest five skills, the XP boost shoots up to 100%! Your five skills eligible for the 100% boost will be highlighted in the interface.

Note that if one or more of your five lowest skills is 99 and your Dungeoneering, Invention and/or Slayer are between 99 and 120, the skill(s) with the 120 cap will be eligible for the boost, except in certain rare cases where your higher-capped skills are of the same level.

Even God, they will oppose you in Menaphos. Crocodile happy goddess Karen Stan lived in the palace while she asked her and her people to ask her and her lover and laughter. She is just one of many colorful characters in Menaphos. At the end of the road, the player will challenge the greedy Pharaoh himself in the boss’s battle. His guards must first be handled well; once they are defeated, Pharaoh’s own entry, releasing a poisonous green swimming pool, is more difficult to avoid when filling the square of the fight.

You need to stock up on smouldering lamps and light a fire under your XP gains. In this way, you can get XP award like an ordinary lamp. Smouldering lamps also can convert up to the same amount of Bonus XP into regular XP, which means you’ll benefit from it immediately.Use your smouldering lamps on skills that you’ve got plenty of Bonus XP in to get the most out of them.Crafting Black Dragonhide body is a good method of earning money when you obtain hides. Perhaps the most common method to make money by Crafting is picking or buying Flax, and then spinning it in Lumbridge Castle. This method is fast & easy, and it only requires 10 crafting skills.

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