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Jagex has announced that Twitch is now fully integrated with RuneScape and will allow players to buy cheap runescape gold seamlessly integrate streaming capabilities. To celebrate the announcement, the team also revealed a frightening new spider boss, Araxxor.

“Live streaming in gaming is huge and Twitch has become the de facto channel for watching other players in RuneScape,” said Neil McClarty, marketing director of RuneScape. “RuneScape is already one of the top most watched games on Twitch. RuneScape gold. Our hope is that this integration to Twitch will take our streaming to the next level and remove all barriers to players wanting to stream their gaming, but never knew how to. Launching alongside Araxxor, our most challenging boss monster ever, I cannot wait to watch all our players trying to get their first kill!”

I think the main problem of why players do not want to risk their gear is that defence is a complete joke.

You even hear of players STILL using void for high level PvM…

You can bring t90 gear and be beaten by t70…defence does nto do enough, especially with the pathetic amount of hitpoints we have…All it takes is three or even two abilities to kill someone and that’s it…It should not be like that and should never have been like that…Who wants to risk their bank knowing that they could possibly be finished so easily?

Armour has such a laughable effect on PvP…Hitpoints are so abysmal that the extra damage reduction from armour is otiose.

I think Jagex does not know how to make defence worth using at all…I think it should be its own style, like a defensive play style…However, with the updates that they are doing now(Telos) it seems as if they are going towards making defence like an extra or a support skill…Not nesseccary or essential to have.

If armour does not do enough or contributes enough to player versus player then why should players have it anyway? Why should players risk top end gear when t70 is good enough?

Fights are too short and players just simply do not live long enough to justify the risk.

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